SR – Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: Erupt!

The boa had flesh, blood, nerves, and bones. Moreover, it was covered in thunder and lightning, and its eyes shone with a cold light that shook one’s soul.

This was an alien object that seemed to have been given life by four miraculous spirit arts, the arts of Blood, Thunder and Lightning, Frost, and Earth, all merged into one. It twisted its thick and long body before arriving instantly before Fan Le’s eyes.

“Boom boom boom!”

The boa opened its mouth and spat. Thunder rumbled as numerous balls of thunder fell upon Fan Le.

Inside these balls, hailstones resembling iron stones and icicles that seemed like knives of frost stabbed toward Fan Le, spilling blood on their approach.

The ground beneath Fan Le’s feet also rumbled. Geocentric power, almost like invisible shackles, instantly locked Fan Le in place.

He was just about to channel his spirit art before he started choking and a mouthful of fresh blood spilled uncontrollably from his throat.

“Thump thump! Thump thump!”

His heartbeat rapidly increased as all the blood in his body started to flow unnaturally inside his veins, seemingly attracted by some unknown force.

Fan Le was immediately thrown into confusion.

“Th-this is…” Feng Rong turned to look at Lang Xie in astonishment. Her eyes were lined with deep confusion as if she was hesitant to confirm her doubts.

“The fusion of spirit arts!” Lang Xie sucked in a deep breath with disbelief in his eyes. “The skill level of this spirit art fusion is outright stunning. I have never seen a fighting style that merges multiple spirit arts with different characteristics together.”

“I’ve never even heard about it,” Feng Rong cried out in shock.

A distance away, on top of a lush, ancient tree, Song Tingyu, who was dressed in rainbows, watched the fight from up above.

When she discovered that Qin Lie had pulled out mud to form a boa, built its bones with frost, granted it blood energy with the blood spirit art, and granted it strength with thunder and lightning, she too wore a look of disbelief.

Spirit arts with different characteristics usually reinforced or restrained one another, and it was already incredibly difficult to fuse just two of them alone, much less four.

The way Qin Lie had fused four types of spirit arts together made it seem like he had the hands of god himself. The life-like boa he had forcefully created was practically a miracle!

Not only had no one here ever seen such a thing, they had never even heard of such an exaggerated method before.

“Impossible! How is this possible!” Fan Le screamed as he subconsciously jumped back while wearing a look of fright.

However, the balls of thunder all over the sky, the icicles and hail, the bloody and storm-like light, the shackles of the earth, and the abnormality in his own blood prevented him from dodging at all.

Fan Le’s body was flooded in an instant. He was bombarded and trapped by the various spirit arts.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

Deafening roars exploded in succession at Fan Le’s position. Debris flew everywhere, and the energy in that area became twisted and chaotic. It was completely filled with a bizarre energy that shook a person’s heart.

As for that boa, it had dived head first into that area, seemingly feeding on something while making cracking noises…


Qin Lie let out a long, drawn breath. He felt much lighter and clearer after letting out the gloom in his heart. His soul shook, and even his Soul Lake seemed to have become brighter and cleaner.

There were two faint shadows deep within his pupils that resembled a lake. It was as if two lakes that were so clear one could see right into their depths was sucked into those very pupils.

A person’s eyes were the reflection of their heart. They could directly reflect the changes in one’s Soul Lake.

“The middle stage of the Manifestation Realm!” Feng Rong, who had been staring closely at him all this time immediately cried out the moment she saw the tiny change deep within his pupils.

Lang Xie’s expression also shook slightly.

During the battle, because Qin Lie had vented the depression, anger, and unwillingness in his heart, it had actually cleared up the shadows in his Soul Lake as well, just like a rainbow that saw the light of day after the dark clouds had dispersed. He had naturally attained the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm.

“Crack! Crack! Ahhhh!”

Fan Le’s bones resounded, cracking as they were being consumed within the chaotic, debris-filled area. The man was crying out most terribly.

However, the crowd could not see what was happening inside because of how thick the debris was.

Ying Xingran and the three great reverends turned ashen-faced after witnessing such a sight.

Ying Xingran especially had been feeling a faint worry in his heart ever since Qin Lie stood up and looked as if he had changed into a completely different person.

Now that Fan Le had obviously fallen into absolute inferiority and looked like he was being tortured in a painful manner by Qin Lie, he grew more and more nervous by the moment.

“Qin Lie! Fan Le belongs to Joyful Union Sect. Th-this is enough, isn’t it?!” Ying Xingran suddenly recalled Fan Le’s identity, and after his expression turned into shock, he hurriedly scolded, “Joyful Union Sect is a Copper force on Heavenly Fate Continent. Fan Le is but their vanguard. Before long, the experts of Joyful Union Sect will arrive. You must not cause us great trouble!”

“Qin Lie, you can stop now. He is a person with some background, after all. If you really did kill him, it may be quite difficult to deal with the aftermath.” After a bout of great shock, Feng Rong too came over and hurriedly said, “Take the spirit pattern pillars and leave. This Armament Sect… is not worth it for you to stay.”

Lang Xie did not say anything. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and looked at the back of the crowd.

“Why didn’t you stop him when I was heavily injured and Fan Le was about to kill me?” Qin Lie’s expression was so calm it was scary. He did not spare Fan Le even a single glance and instead walked leisurely toward Ying Xingran.

Everyone in his way stood aside the moment they saw him approaching them.

They all made way for him to reach Ying Xingran.

“I-I did remind Fan Le!” Ying Xingran exclaimed with a completely red face before he abruptly went into a fit of rage and yelled, “Qin Lie, what is the meaning of this? Also, know your place! How dare you speak to me like this?”

He was a bit terrified, which was why he used his status as sect master of Armament Sect to suppress Qin Lie in terms of forcefulness.

In his eyes, a Qin Lie without anger in either his eyes, a Qin Lie who was so calm that it was unnatural caused him to feel thoroughly uncomfortable.

He instinctively felt fear.

“My place?” Qin Lie was indifferent. He stared deeply into Ying Xingran’s eyes before saying, “A person’s place can change!”

Under everyone’s gazes, he actually stretched out an arm and grabbed Ying Xingran’s throat like lightning. With his left hand alone, he had lifted Ying Xingran into the air.

“Qin Lie!”

“Qin Lie!”

“What are you doing?”

“Have you gone mad?”

The numerous martial practitioners of Armament Sect cried out, all immensely shocked by his actions.

Even Lang Xie and Feng Rong’s expressions had turned to ones of shock.

“Mmm! Mmmgh!”

Ying Xingran’s face turned bright red as his legs repeatedly kicked in midair. He slapped Qin Lie’s left arm with both of his arms and everything he had as he struggled to pull free like his life depended on it.

However, Qin Lie’s left arm resembled a steel chain with a vice-like grip on Ying Xingran’s neck. Regardless of how much strength he used or how he struggled, he could not move it even a millimeter.

“If I didn’t asked Xue Li to save you, you would have died in a horrible manner half a year ago. If I didn’t beg Profound Heaven Alliance to save you, you would’ve also ended up dead. Oh, right, if we turn back time to an earlier point, if I didn’t asked Xue Li to stop Blood Shadow, you and the three great reverends would also already be dead.” Qin Lie grinned, and that grin was unspeakably cold and evil. He said in a low tone, “I can make you live. I, can also make you die!”


Ying Xingran’s eyeballs were about to pop out of their sockets. With wide eyes, he stared fearfully at Qin Lie as if he were about to faint, begging Qin Lie with his eyes to let go.

Qin Lie stared at him before shaking his head with a smile. Then, he looked at the three great reverends who were also struck with fear and said, “You guys once said that if Ying Xingran wasn’t awake, then I would still be Armament Sect’s sect master, didn’t you?”

The three great reverends nodded mechanically.

Qin Lie grinned and said cheerily, “Then things are simple. I’ll make it so that Ying Xingran will never awake again, right now. Then I can continue to hold my position as the sect master of Armament Sect.”

The moment he said this, everyone in Armament Sect froze.

Even the faraway Song Tingyu and Ling Yushi wore an odd look.

Was he saying that the promise would stay valid if he killed Ying Xingran again and made it so that Ying Xingran would never wake up? Was he saying that he would be able to continue being Armament Sect’s sect master peacefully like this?

What kind of crazy logic was that?

Would he really dare to commit an act as atrocious as murdering the old sect master in front of everyone’s eyes to seize authority for himself?

“Qin Lie! Don’t act recklessly!” Even Lang Xie could not control himself as he cried out in shock for the first time.

He was obviously shocked by Qin Lie’s madness earlier, which was why his reactions were dull.

“Qin Lie! Do-don’t act like this!” Feng Rong also yelled.

“Sorry. Just like Fan Le had said, it’s too late…” Qin Lie turned around to look at Lang Xie and Feng Rong and gave them a smile.


The sound of a broken neck crisply rang out from in front of him. After Ying Xingran’s neck was broken, for some reason, his entire head had exploded as well.

The blood of the exploded human head just coincidentally splashed onto the three great reverends’ heads.

Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao looked completely pale as they were covered in blood. The fear deep within their eyes was so thick that it might consume them for the rest of their lives.

He had actually ignored Lang Xie and Feng Rong’s persuasions and murdered Ying Xingran right in front of everyone. He actually murdered the previous sect master of Armament Sect! Such a violent and crazy act was absolutely unbelievable.

The three great reverends’ faces were covered in blood, yet they did not wipe it away. They didn’t even retreat a single step backwards.

It was obvious that they had gone completely stupid with fright due to Qin Lie’s violent ways.

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