SR – Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: Those Who Seek Death

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu hid deeper within the tree’s foliage and looked down at the Horned Demon town close by.

Song Tingyu’s shoulders shuddered slightly, a cold expression on her face. Her body emanated a terrible killing intent. “We may not even compare to nether beasts in the eyes of the Nether Realm’s evil races. If they get their hands on us, our fates will be worse than death!”

Sadness shimmered in Song Tingyu’s eyes as she watched the captive human girls and imagined their horrible fate.

Qin Lie said nothing, his face grim. He finally realized what kind of horrible fate would await everyone on the Scarlet Tide Continent if their martial practitioners lost the war against the evil races of the Nether Realm.

It would probably be exactly as Song Tingyu said—a fate worse than death!

He had learned the life experiences of several Horned Demon martial practitioners, and before he formed his Soul Lake, his mind had been shaken and he once thought of himself as a clansman of the Horned Demon Race.

From the perspective of the Horned Demon Race, he felt sympathy in his heart and thought that there was nothing wrong with the Horned Demon Race wanting to attack Scarlet Tide Continent.

However, it was only when he saw the circumstances of the human captives that he finally understood what would happen to his friends and acquaintances if Scarlet Tide Continent ever fell into the hands of the evil races of the Nether Realm.

“That day will never come!” Qin Lie suddenly exclaimed.

“The evil races have already entered the Scarlet Tide Continent…” Song Tingyu sighed deeply.

“Then we shall kill them all! We will force them back to the Nether Realm and permanently seal all the paths to the Scarlet Tide Continent!”

Song Tingyu’s eyes lit up slightly as she looked deeply at him. “There are actually a lot of things that we can do right now.”

“Like what?” Qin Lie turned his head and asked.

“While their elites are in the Scarlet Tide Continent, we can siege and kill the Horned Demons in the Nether Realm. With your Terminator Profound Bombs we can find bigger cities, go to their fortresses, ruin their equipment and supplies, kill their young beasts, destroy their food…” Song Tingyu’s eyes flashed with coldness and she gradually grew more and more excited as she spoke. “With the Terminator Profound Bombs we can do a lot of things! I suddenly realize that you and I may be able to do a lot more here in Nether Realm than we would outside!”

Qin Lie’s eyes also lit up as he said with excitement, “I still have a lot of Terminator Profound Bombs with me!”

“Excellent!” Song Tingyu grew more excited as well.


It was at this moment a Horned Demon martial practitioner inside the city killed a human with a single stab.

Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s faces went cold again as they returned to watching the Horned Demon town. They realized that, while they were talking, the Horned Demon clansmen had rounded up dozens of human in the small plaza with the upright stone slabs.

Fresh blood gushed out of the stomach of the human who had just been killed. A Horned Demon martial practitioner lifted a wooden pail and gathered the fresh blood that poured out of his stomach.


Another human girl was beheaded while her hair was grabbed, and the fresh blood spraying out of her neck splashed against the many stone slabs.

This seemed to be a kind of priest’s ritual in preparation for war. The Horned Demons were offering fresh human blood to the demon gods they worshipped, asking for protection and a great victory. They also seemed to be wishing for acquire some kind of blessing from the demon gods.

Qin Lie’s expression was dark. A murderous intent suddenly gathered in his heart as he watched the Horned Demon clansman who killed the two human slaves.

The two murdered human slaves had shown no resistance whatsoever. The human who had been stabbed even let out a relieved expression—it was as if he had wanted to die a long time ago.

The dead eyes of the rest of the human slaves actually shone with expectation. They seemed to be wishing for their own deaths as well.

“They were originally powerful martial practitioners! They were captured alive by these evil races when they fought them in the Nether Battlefield. How were they reduced to this miserable state?” Song Tingyu suddenly screamed, her usually calm demeanor forgotten as she lost a bit of her control.

Before Qin Lie could react, she pulled his hand, flapped her rainbow wings and actually flew straight out of the tree’s foliage, heading towards the Horned Demon town like a beam of light.

“Qin Lie! Show no mercy!” Song Tingyu exclaimed through clenched teeth.

“Alright!” Qin Lie took out a Terminator Profound Bomb, aimed at the Horned Demon men at the perimeter of the ritual, and threw it.

The Terminator Profound Bomb flashed with deep green electricity, letting out an intense, thunderous energy. Like a meteor, it crashed at the center of the dozens of Horned Demon men.


An earthshaking explosion erupted forth, immediately followed by a terrifying tidal wave of force.

The houses built from bone and wood shattered instantly. Amidst the shards of bone and splintered wood, the painful cries of the Horned Demon men resounded instantly.

Many bloodied corpses were scattered around the center of the blast site. The few lucky survivors howling on top of their lungs had their throats cut by Song Tingyu’s sharp sword just as they entered the blast site’s perimeter.

Rays of colorful rainbow light crisscrossed and decapitated the many Horned Demon clansmen into tiny bits of flesh.

“Into the plaza!” Song Tingyu charged straight for the plaza, her figure dancing lithely.

Qin Lie followed her closely from behind.

“Uoooh! Uooooh!”

All of the Horned Demon warriors in the entire town howled madly at the skies when they heard the explosion and rushed over from all directions.

“Qin Lie! Blast the place that has the most people!” Song Tingyu shouted.

“Alright!” Qin Lie took out another three Terminator Profound Bombs and threw one out at the Horned Demon warriors charging towards him.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The entire town shook as if a tremendous earthquake was in progress, causing many houses to crumble to pieces.

One deep pit after another abruptly opened up in this small town. Every one of these deep pits had many bloody corpses in them.

There weren’t many Horned Demon warriors in this town in the first place, and their ranks were obviously somewhat low as well. Most of them had only two or three horns and, after four Terminator Profound Bombs had exploded, almost all the warriors in this town were dead.

There were only some women, elderly, weak, and sick Horned Demon clansmen who had no combat capabilities left at the edges of the town. They did not dare to get closer and only stared at Qin Lie and Song Tingyu with extreme hate.

After gazing for a while and realizing that the only fate waiting for them here was death, they quickly escaped.

In just a few minutes, there was no longer a single living Horned Demon clansman in the entire town. The few Horned Demon warriors who had killed the two human slaves at the plaza had also been killed by Song Tingyu’s earlier charge.

After looking at his surroundings and confirming that there were no longer any Horned Demon warriors in sight, only then Qin Lie turned around and moved to the plaza.

There were still dozens of human captives left in the plaza. A trace of light flashed across their dead eyes. They shivered and pulled pieces of beast skin and cloth from the Horned Demon corpses to cover up their bodies.

“I belong to Profound Heaven Alliance. You… when were you imprisoned in the Nether Realm?” Song Tingyu watched their terrible appearance and felt unbelievably sad.

“I am a martial practitioner from Cloud Sky Mountain. I was originally at the middle stage of the Manifestation Realm. Fifteen years ago, during the great war at the Nether Battlefield, I was knocked out and imprisoned by a Horned Demon clansman after we had been defeated.” A person answered.

“I am a martial practitioner from Dark Asura Hall. I used to be at the early stage of the Netherpassage Realm. I was a commander. Twenty years ago, I was given a mission to scout the movements of evil races in the levels beneath the Nether Battlefield. I was caught unaware…” Another person answered.

“I am a martial practitioner from the Blue Feather Association. I was also in the Manifestation Realm. While I was hunting a Nether Giant Tail Lizard on the Nether Battlefield, I ran into a Horned Demon warrior and was dealt a grievous injury. I was captured alive.” A woman clad in green and purple said sadly.

“I am…”

“I am…”

These people softly talked about their experiences with lowered heads. Once they were finished, they all fell into silence.

While they were on the Scarlet Tide Continent, they were once the elites of various forces. Even the weakest of them were at the early stage of the Manifestation Realm. They had all participated in countless bloody battles on the Nether Battlefield and fought against many nether beasts and evil races.

However, they were tragically captured and imprisoned in the Nether Realm since, hence experiencing the darkest moment in their entire lives.

When they recalled their former lives, their hearts bled.

“We can take you back to the Scarlet Tide Continent!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“No, we can’t… and we won’t return either.” The woman said with her head bowed. Without looking at Qin Lie and Song Tingyu’s expressions, she spoke quietly. “Our bodies were infested with a kind of boring insect that prevents us from even committing suicide. The moment we have such thoughts, these parasites will activate and paralyze our bodies, making us unable to even lift a finger.”

Qin Lie recalled the way they collapsed while walking and suddenly realized that they had planned to killed themselves at that point. Yet their intentions were discovered by the borers and they were subjected to intense pain that caused them to writhe in terrible pain.

“Without the world’s spirit energy to cultivate, without spirit stones to replenish our spirit seas, our bodies and hearts were corrupted by nether demonic energy long ago. The fact that our blood has been consumed by demonic beasts, that we have parasites in our bodies, all the things that have happened… we cannot live with such a past. It is impossible for us to go back. We only want release.” A person said softly.

“Release is all I want.”

“I just hope to die painlessly.”

“We can never go back.”


Their eyes had no will to live. There was only a strong desire for death. Their minds seemed to have withered a long time ago.

Qin Lie could not feel the slightest bit of life from their bodies. As for their hearts… they were long dead.

Small pools of tears welled up in Song Tingyu’s eyes. Biting her lower lip—not even realizing that it was bleeding—she looked deeply at these people before suddenly throwing down a bottle of pills. With a choked voice, she stated, “These pills… can help you on your way.”

She suddenly turned around and moved swiftly towards outside. “Let’s go, Qin Lie.”

Qin Lie watched them quietly pick up the pills on the floor and swallow them one by one. He watched them walk towards their deaths willingly…

He gripped his fists quietly and sucked in a deep breath. With icy coldness filling the bottom of his heart, he too turned around and left with newfound resolve.

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  1. This Song Tingyu seems awfully inconsistent.
    -She has no problem seducing men, basically making them devoid of anything else but love for her, but seeing these people devoid of anything but a will to die makes her cry? Her targets are a lot worse off, they’re slaves with no will, these guys are slaves, yes, but at least they have their own will.
    -She’s been on the battlefield so long, she seems to be a badass fighter, but she’s unused to death of fellow humans?
    -She got counterattacked by Qin Lie, but feels no ill will what-so-ever? She almost became a puppet herself, who the hell just forgives and forgets?
    -They’re all alone here and she can easily kill him and extract his memories about the Bomb, blaming the nether region for his death, but she protects him and strengthens him? Yes, she thought of the plan to devastate the Nether Realm with Bombs, but she made him stronger before she thought of it.
    Granted, she can’t activate the Bombs, so Qin Lie still has his uses, but it would be fair game to expect her to try and off him as soon as he runs out of them.

    I just don’t like that the author is pushing this character into the harem. No one fought him for Ling Yushi cuz she wasn’t exactly a beauty and that was fine. In fact, it was perfect!
    Then comes Tang Siqi, the hottest babe in Arm. Sect and everyone is jealous of him and fight him for no reason. At the very least, I like her so far. If everyone who ever approached you wanted something more, of course that’d what you’d expect.
    But Song Tingyu? Girl so hot every single guy will be tempted by her and will thus create problems for Qin Lie yet again. She literally has some kind of charm concept! Please, author, just save the Qin Lie the trouble and either make her an enemy or kill her off, would you kindly?
    I say that would make one hell of a character development, the death of potential harem member. And it’s only in xianxia that I have to mention this, but this only works if she stays dead till the end of the novel -.-

      1. There’s a difference in seeing a fellow companion in arms dying on the battlefield or getting executed in a sacrifice; also, the slavery, the suffering these people have endured would make anyone sick or angry, granted they’re not a sociopath. It was stated that Tingyu had never really thought about the effects of her concept, but after having experienced them firsthand, she realises it’s not a very nice thing. Also, why should she bare ill will towards Qin Lie? She attacked first and was done in by her own “weapon”: it’s all her fault. For once, I’m glad to see someone admitting their faults, not like the people from for five forces who got angry because their comrades got killed. “You dare do this to us?!” “Ehm… you guys attacked first and murdered over half of our people.” “So?! You should just take it without retaliating!”. It’s war: if you have the nerve to attack, you should have the decency to accept the consequences.

        As for her not taking Qin Lie’s memories, it’s surely as you said: he has his uses because the bombs are a big help to her, right now, and without them, she might not make it out alive. Also, why should she kill him? She’s literally just said she doesn’t like violence and prefers to act in ways that don’t require bloodshed: by saving him from Mo He with the story of the engagement, she’s basically established an alliance with Armament Sect and has him in her grasp; at this point, there’s not need to kill him and take the construction method. Doing so is just being a d**k, which, as we’ve already established, is what the Temple is, much more so than the Alliance. Plus, Qin Lie must be awfully interesting in her eyes, right now, being one of the few (if not the only one ever) to have resisted her charm.

        I agree with you on not wanting a harem member forced into the story, but I don’t share your same complaints, as I’ve responded to all of them.

        1. For once, I’d like to see a potential harem member just become friends with the MC. It seems like in these novels the girls always have to be love interests, but he already has a fiance and a crush. Just leave it be at this point. It would be such a better story if they just had the MC trying to sort out his feelings for two different people while Tingyu becomes a friend/party member and finds her own man.

    1. Song Tingyou seems inconsistent…

      This is actually realistic. Song Tingyou is a member of elite of the elite on her continent. Thus disregard for the lesser people is very natural to her, but she also feels responsibility. This is how the elite thinks in our own continents. You may find the combination of disregard and responsibility inconsistent, but this is a typical complication of human psychology.

      Concerning ill or good will toward Qin Lie, she is forced to be a fiancee for political reason, a fate she expected since she was a little girl (an elite responsibility), so she probably counts her blessings that he is not an awful person.

      About the troubles of Qin Lie with women, he is supposed to be a demigod type of person, so this is but the mildest kind of “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that he has to overcome. In any case, I looked into machine translations a bit, and I did not find death of harem members yet.

      1. She’s not really a fiancee, that was just a lie she told Mo He so he wouldn’t kill Qin Lie. At least for now: she may very well have her father set the engagement up once they return home.

        1. Fiancee means that you publicly announced that you are a fiancee. The intent to marry can be a lie, but as long as it is politically needed, they cannot marry other persons. Additionally, she is about to spend a long time with Qin Lie with nary a chaperone (long trip to Nether Battlefield). Of course, they are not a pair of lovers, but there is a potential for “upgrade” that Tingyou has to consider.

  2. This whole point in the story is real triggering for me. Like it just shown that the demons were people too with his or her own life, then goes into a justification that this will be the fate of humans if the demons win (though I doubt the author would lie that humans also wouldn’t capture and torture demons too) so they just go off and destroy a town of demons which might as well be the same as a human town which goes to show when it mentioned the surviving people of the town look at them with hate then leave.

    Though, I’m going to hate it if he keeps going on with the “we will beat the demons back and seal them!” line of thought, since we all know that if the humans can win and push the demons back they won’t just stop and move into the nether realm and go and kill many towns of demons and do the same thing. I ranted a bit but meh, wonder how long they will actually be in the nether realm.

  3. Well people are talking about what bothers them here so I’ll give it a shot too. The slaves have just said they have been implanted with some shit that makes them unable to kill themselves and to help them with that she gives them pills… I don’t see how they would be able to use them. If it was that easy they should have been able to kill themselves long ago.

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