SR – Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Explode!

The Eye of Frost could instantly teleport Qin Lie the area beneath the Arctic Mountain Range, but every time he returned, it would always be in the same place he departed from.

That was why Qin Lie had appeared on the spot where he had left earlier, the spot right in front of Yi Yuan and Blood Shadow.

Blood Shadow was obviously caught by surprise.

He was confused by Qin Lie’s sudden disappearance and appearance.

But it was only for an instant. Blood Shadow instantly regained his cool and chuckled, “Brat, you’re on the must kill list, so I won’t let you go like Yi Yuan.”

Blood Shadow softly whistled in a low tone.

There were originally many colorful snakes scattered across the various corners of the yard and beneath Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s feet.

As he started whistling their colorful and twisting bodies flicked their tongues with hissing sounds, their eyes shining with a poisonous and sinister light before immediately charging towards Qin Lie.

“Eat him,” Blood Shadow smiled nastily.

Qin Lie’s expression abruptly changed.

He did not expect to face such a scene when he came back again, nor did he think that he would have to face Blood Shadow alone.

According to his promise with Lang Xie and Feng Rong, as long as he endured a single direct blow from Blood Shadow, then Lang Xie would immediately attack Blood Shadow so that he could never attempt the next strike.

Meanwhile, Feng Rong would then seize the opportunity to rush towards Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s side and release them.

That was the plan they had come up with earlier.

Qin Lie had gone to and from the Arctic Mountain Range and successfully avoided Blood Shadow’s attack. He had thought that once he came back Tang Siqi and Lian Rou would’ve escaped danger and that Blood Shadow would’ve been executed…

Reality had gone way out of his expectations!

“Yi Yuan! Where is Lord Lang Xie and Instructor Feng?” Qin Lie shouted.

A trace of bitterness appeared on Yi Yuan’s face, who was about to arrive by Lian Rou’s side. But still, he headed towards Lian Rou. “Lord Lang Xie has been slowed down by Di Shijiu and Yuan Tianya. If there are no accidents… there is still Liang Yangzu in hiding nearby. Instructor Feng is still around, she was just chased out by a shadow conjured from Blood Shadow’s blood and left the yard before you came back.”

While he was speaking, Yi Yuan had arrived beside Lian Rou.

“Ngh! Ngh!” Lian Rou shook her head repeatedly while fiercely glaring at Yi Yuan. A muffled voice kept coming out of her mouth as if she was forcing Yi Yuan to do something.

Meanwhile, the colorful strange snakes controlled by Blood Shadow slowly gathered beneath Qin Lie’s feet.

Blood Shadow smiled nastily from the side. He no longer attacked Qin Lie himself. He was obviously waiting to see Qin Lie being bitten to death and devoured by the spirit snakes until not a bone was left.

“I can’t help Qin Bing.” Yi Yuan shook his head bitterly and looked at Tang Siqi beside him. The bitterness on his face grew thicker as he said, “I’m sorry, I can’t save you as well…”

Sadness and helplessness appeared inside Tang Siqi’s eyes. When she saw Yi Yuan looking at her, her left pinky finger trembled and pointed continuously at her own heart, sending some kind of signal to Yi Yuan.

There was beseechment in her eyes.

“You want me to kill you?” Yi Yuan’s body trembled.

Tang Siqi’s eyes shone with confirmation.

“Brat, take your ugly girl and leave already. You had better not cause any trouble for me.” Blood Shadow’s cruel eyes were still focused on Qin Lie. When he heard Yi Yuan’s voice from behind him, he hmphed coldly.

The beseechment inside Tang Siqi’s eyes grew thicker.

Lian Rou was also fiercely glaring at Yi Yuan.

Yi Yuan just stood there while frozen. He did not save Lian Rou, nor did he act according to Tang Siqi’s words and kill her.

He frowned deeply as his expression turned extremely heavy. He was wavering between two difficult choices.

“Sss sss!”

The colorful snakes agilely gathered over. They flicked their tongues and exposed the sharp fangs in their mouths.

With Qin Lie’s acute perception, he sensed that each spirit snake held an incredible amount of life energy inside them.

He guessed that these spirit snakes surrounding him were all Rank Two spirit snakes. The ones that had exquisite patterns on them and even brighter colors were probably Rank Three.

Rank Three spirit beasts were the equivalent of Manifestation Realm martial practitioners. They were definitely not something he deal with right now.

His other hand hidden inside his left sleeve had tightened its grip around the Frost Eye once more. Seeing the snake slithering at his direction, he was ready to enter the land of absolute zero once more.

“The land of absolute zero! The frozen ancient giant beasts!”

When he thought of the land of absolute zero, he experienced something flashing through his head. Weren’t those terrible and fearsome giant beasts of ancient time frozen by ice as well in that cold and frigid world?

He had also learned the frost concept. If that person in the past could freeze those ancient beasts, then why couldn’t he freeze these little snakes?

When he thought of this, he suddenly sat down and even closed his eyes.

His left hand was still holding onto the Eye of Frost. His mind consciousness sank amidst the frost concept as if he had stepped into the coldest place in the world. With a cold heart, he had brought the most extreme cold to the world beneath his legs!

A terribly cold concept that would freeze the world and freeze every living being in the world solid gradually spread out with him at the center.

The maximized frost concept unleashed its true coldness, attempting to turn this land into one of ice and snow.

While sensing the frost concept and channeling Frost Arts, Qin Lie was going to unleash all of the frost energy inside his Natal Palace.


His left hand gripped the Eye of Frost tightly. Just as he was entering the frost concept, a cold aura several tens of times colder than his personal aura gushed out from his body!

“Krak krak krak krak!”

The many colorful little snakes that were twisting their bodies suddenly turned rigid.

Crystalline and sparkling ice formed swiftly in mere seconds and directly froze the little snakes, turning them into exquisite little ice sculptures.

At a glance, all the little snakes were like little trinkets frozen inside ice jades.

Not a single one of the Rank Two spirit snakes could resist it. By the time they had felt the frost concept spreading towards them, their bodies were already frozen.

The Rank Three spirit snakes on the other hand managed to realize the danger of that frost aura in time before it enveloped them and turned about to escape from the area around Qin Lie.

However, their slithering bodies obviously grew slower and slower until ice gradually appeared on their bodies.

A mere dozen or so seconds later, they too were frozen solid.

Qin Lie opened his eyes. Both of them were completely white with not a hint of emotion in them, thoroughly chilly and terrifying.

All the spirit snakes that could be seen had been frozen into ice sculptures in all sorts of poses.

The frost concept on his body had spread out and caused this yard to feel like it was in the most frigid winter since the dawn of time. There were icicles beneath the eaves, and the top of the roof had been covered with a thick sheet of ice. The stone ground beneath their feet had also been covered…

“Shiver shiver!”

Yi Yuan had shrunk down beneath his big umbrella and was trembling all over. His teeth were chattering and his face was a little pale.

He might be slightly farther away from Qin Lie, but underneath the coverage of this terrible frost concept, he also felt uncomfortable all over. Only by using the big umbrella could he keep the frost concept from affecting him too much.

Tang Siqi and Lian Rou’s bodies were obviously covered with a layer of frost, and their long hairs were frozen as well. From these events, surprise appeared inside their eyes.

The eyes underneath Blood Shadow’s hideous mask let loose a fierce and brutal color. He was obviously not too affected by it. Seeing that the spirit snakes had been frozen, he frowned and said darkly, “You truly are a genius who has learned a concept. Concepts are something that even I do not have the talent to learn, and yet a Natal Opening brat like you actually managed to learn it. How unfortunate…”

As Blood Shadow approached Qin Lie—

—a thick bloody aura gushed towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s eyes were disturbed, and his mind shook a little. Seeing Blood Shadow walking towards him, he had the feeling that he was facing an endless sea of blood surging and flooding over him.

This was an instinct that came directly from his soul. It was also the mental attack formed by the bloody aura on Blood Shadow. It could strike straight into the depths of his soul!

“Prak prak prak!”

Blood Shadow walked towards him, one step at a time, and the ice on the frozen spirit snakes exploded at once.

The little snakes immediately regained their freedom.

Clutching the Eye of Frost, a thin layer of ice formed on Qin Lie’s body. The frost concept he had unleashed upon his surroundings was so terrible that even the air itself had gradually stopped.

But this level of power seemed to be far from sufficient against Blood Shadow!

At the Netherpassage Realm, Blood Shadow was a top notch expert even among the surrounding Black Iron forces. He was someone who could be considered on equal footing with Jiu Liuyu and Yuan Tianya.

This kind of character was obviously not someone whom he could face right now.

His eyes were as cold as ever, but his mind was spinning quickly for a way to deal with Blood Shadow.

A wisp of mind consciousness had also slipped into spatial ring and searched continuously…

All of a sudden, a metallic ball fell into his mind’s eye. An idea flashed through his mind as his eyes flashed with a strange light.

The Terminator Profound Bomb!

He still had one Terminator Profound Bomb left. It was the Terminator Profound Bomb that Li Mu had provided him with a detailed list for and that he had forged with his own hands!

He attempted to activate the Terminator Profound Bomb inside the spatial ring.


As his wisp of mind consciousness moved it inside the spatial ring, a dull rumble came from inside the Terminator Profound Bomb.

The light in Qin Lie’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.

“Your talents are extraordinary. If we allow you to continue cultivate like this, you will definitely become another Mo Hai in the future. Perhaps you may even become another Lang Xie.” Blood Shadow moved closer with his entire body boiling with a thick, bloody aura that destroyed all the ice along the way and freed his spirit snakes.

“The hybrid of Mo Hai and Lang Xie may really lead Armament Sect to glory and turn Armament Sect into the third Copper force in Scarlet Tide Continent.” Blood Shadow’s pupils were like bloody crescents. The blood clouds squirmed above his head. “This is something that no one wishes to see. That is why you are on our must kill list and why I will kill you.”

When he finished saying those words, Blood Shadow had arrived within seven meters in front of Qin Lie. The blood cloud on his head was incredibly thick, and the blood aura on his body gushed out madly.

Blood Shadow himself seemed to have turned into a bolt of bloody light that shot straight at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s aura abruptly changed.

The frigid coldness in his eyes abruptly turned violent and crazy. He suddenly lifted his hand as the Terminator Profound Bomb abruptly flashed into his palm. “Explode!”

He threw out the Terminator Profound Bomb and retreated swiftly. He evacuated at top speed in the direction he came from outside the yard.

Blood Shadow watched the rolling metallic ball with disdain in his eyes. He actually extended a hand to grab it. “Cheap tricks.”


A violent thunderous rumble that would shatter the world, followed by many thick and long streaks of lightning abruptly exploded from Blood Shadow’s chest.

With that, a scream so terrible that it would hurt one’s eardrums pierced through that black sky.

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