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Chapter 161: Abandoned

Returning to the house within Armament City, Qin Lie was still in shock as the wondrous ancient scenes repeatedly played in his mind.

The images of the spirit beasts which were as large as mountains, the giants which pierced through the clouds, the incredibly high level practitioners, and their ruinous, heaven destroying earth extinguishing battle…

One scene after another emerged, causing Qin Lie’s blood to boil and him to hate himself for not having been born within that ancient world, for not being able to witness the ferocity and terror of the peak practitioners of this ancient era.

The broken bones within his chest had mysteriously healed as not the slightest trace of pain could be felt any more.

Using his mind’s eye to observe his dantian’s spirit sea, two completely new earthen-yellow Natal Palaces were now floating within his spirit sea. Densely clustered on top of them, tiny words flashed and emanated a thick earthen aura.

“Records of Geocentric Magnetism!” Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

At the start, the giant, spirit beast skeleton, frozen within the glacier, had shown no abnormalities. It had shown not even a single point of interest.

But when it had been illuminated by the radiance from within the Soul Suppressing Orb, the ancient characters hidden within the skeleton had emerged. Furthermore, those characters had entered his spirit sea and condensed into two completely new Natal Palaces—two domains filled with an extremely thick earthen energy.

“Could it be that Records of Geocentric Magnetism is some kind of spirit art used in cultivation from the Ancient Era? The energy of Records of Geocentric Magnetism… it should be gravitational energy?” Qin Lie’s expression was full of emotion.

He had originally only wanted to clearly map out the grounds of the Arctic Mountain Range and figure out how many ancient spirit beasts had been frozen and sealed within the ice. He hadn’t expected that, within the last colossal spirit beast’s skeleton, there would actually be the imprints of a mystical cultivation spirit art and it would be discovered by his Soul Suppressing Orb, resulting in the formation of Natal Palaces from the thick, earthen energy.

Currently, all of the wounds on his body had healed. His chest bones were once again as hard as metal.

Within his spirit sea, there were now six Natal Palaces. It was the sign that he had reached the pinnacle of the middle stage of the Natal Opening Realm!

A smile emerged on his face as he focused his mind and looked at the tiny ancient words on the Natal Palaces, trying to firmly imprint the Records of Geocentric Magnetism within his mind.

Two days later.

A earthen-yellow halo suddenly appeared above his head as a gravity-distorting magnetic field suddenly formed within the house.

“Bang! Bang!”

Many of the copper bowls and stone pots, as well as the urns which contained special unique spirit materials all suddenly, due to the change in gravity, wobbled and came crashing to the ground, breaking into tiny fragments.

Qin Lie opened his eyes. Feeling the increased gravity, he satisfactorily nodded.

“Liang Shaoyang!” he shouted.


Armament Sect.

“Siqi, control your temper. Listen to Sect Master’s words and forge the six spirit artifacts designated by Dark Asura Hall.”

Within Tang Siqi’s smelting cavern, Lian Rou was repeatedly trying to persuade Tang Siqi, trying to get her to stop being so capricious and obediently do as she was instructed.

It had already been several days since Tang Siqi had returned from Fire Prison Cliff. During this time, she had constantly shut herself within her cave and ignored Ying Xingran’s several instructions.

At this time, the elders were all busily refining the spatial rings, and Mo Hai was focused on comprehending the ancient diagram within the Spirit Gathering Board. Because Sect Master Ying Xingran had injuries on his body, he couldn’t personally work on it. For the six spirit artifacts which had been requested by Dark Asura Hall, it was only suitable for her to forge them.

However, Tang Siqi had constantly refused, saying her body felt unwell as she angrily refused to forge the six spirit artifacts. Day after day was wasted.

“Last time Sect Master called for me and ordered me to persuade you, his complexion was already not so good.” Lian Rou, locking her brows, thought about Ying Xingran’s expression. Feeling worse, she said, “Siqi. If you act like this, it will only cause them to believe that you don’t care about the sect and make it increasingly likely that they feel that you are unsuited to be the next Sect Master.”

“I never had much interest in that position in the first place. It was only because they begged me that I couldn’t help but agree,” crooned Siqi.

“You don’t care, but others do. Once Sect Master and the three great reverends give up on you, then they will begin to spend all of their resources on Liang Shaoyang and raise him as the next Sect Master. This is precisely what he wants. The more you fade away, the happier he is.”

Lian Rou sighed.

“You don’t know this, but these last few days, Liang Shaoyang has become increasingly domineering. He has already personally insulted First Senior Brother several times in his presence. When First Senior Brother gave notice to Sect Master, Sect Master’s only response was that he hadn’t matured yet. Furthermore, he requested that First Senior Brother give him some leeway. Because of this matter, First Senior Brother’s face has been used to sweep the ground. The prestige that he gained after so many years has been ruined all at once.”

“If he wants to become Sect Master, then let him become Sect Master. Either way, I will not submit to Sect Master!” Tang Siqi’s expression was rather ugly as she said, “After coming out of Fire Prison Cliff, I very calmly went and found Sect Master and told him that Qin Bing and I were attacked on Free Trade Street. I told him that it was definitely ordered by Liang Shaoyang.”

Tang Siqi’s expression was dark as she disheartenedly said, “His response was that I was intentionally slandering Liang Shaoyang, that I was afraid that Liang Shaoyang would take away my position as Sect Master and was thus using any means possible to deal with him. Moreover, he said that I was oblivious of the larger picture because I wanted to chase Liang Shaoyang away from Armament Sect.”

“It seems like Sect Master is gradually leaning towards Liang Shaoyang.” Lian Rou gently sighed, her voice bitter as she said, “This fellow is indeed terrifying. In such a short time, he has won over all future authority. Sigh, if in the future he truly gains that position, I wonder in what direction he will bring Armament Sect.”

“Qin Bing still hasn’t returned yet?” suddenly asked Tang Siqi.

“Nope,” replied Lian Rou as she shook her head.

From outside the cave, the sound of footsteps emanated over. Before long, Ying Xingran’s voice could be heard saying, “Put it down!”

“Yes.” Several Armament Sect practitioners put numerous baskets of spirit materials in front of the entrance to Tang Siqi’s cave. Waving his hand, Ying Xingran motioned for them to back away and then said in the direction of the cave entrance, “All of the needed materials for forging those six spirit artifacts are all in front of the entrance to your cave. I shall give you ten days. If you still refuse to realize the error in your ways after these ten days, then in the future, the sect will no longer use its resources on you.”

Lian Rou’s expression changed.

Tang Siqi’s body stiffened as if she seemingly didn’t believe that Ying Xingran had actually said those words. A trace of terror finally emerged within her eyes.

She opened her mouth about to say something, but in the end, no words came out.

Ying Xingran didn’t give her any time to respond either as he casually walked away as soon as his final remark was said. When he left, his expression was also rather ugly.

“Sect Master actually… actually said those words.” Lian Rou had also become horrified. “He’s decided to abandon you! Siqi, I think you should give in! If you continue to resist, the sect will no longer let you freely use its spirit materials. I’m afraid they won’t let you continue comprehending their high level spirit diagrams either.”

Tears emerged within her eyes as she stubbornly grit her teeth and said, “I don’t care!”

On the other side, within a great hall inside a mountain peak.

“Xingran, have you truly made a decision?” asked Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang.

Second Reverend Fang Qi and Third Reverend Jiang Hao were also within the great hall. The expressions of all three of these white haired elders were all solemn.

“The decision is in her hands.” Ying Xingran’s expression was somber as he said, “I gave her ten days. If after ten days she persists, then in the future, the sect’s resources will be directed towards Liang Shaoyang.”

“Xingran, you must not forget that Liang Shaoyang is Liang Yangzu’s son,” said Fang Qi, narrowing his brows.

“I know what Liang Shaoyang’s intentions were before he came to Armament Sect.” Ying Xingran looked towards the three reverends. He pondered for a moment, then said, “But Liang Yangzu doesn’t only have one son. Furthermore, Liang Yangzu is only the tower lord of Shadow Tower. As long as Di Shijiu doesn’t die, Liang Yangzu will never be able to attain the position of Dark Tower’s tower lord.”

The three reverends were stunned.

“Even if Di Shijiu dies and allows for Liang Yangzu to become Dark Tower’s tower lord, Liang Yangzu still might not be able to give Dark Shadow Tower to Liang Shaoyang.” Ying Xingran continued, “Explaining it after taking ten thousand steps back, even if Liang Yangzu is able to smoothly become Dark Tower’s tower lord and plans to give Dark Shadow Tower to Liang Shaoyang in the future, tell me, between Dark Tower’s tower lord and Armament Sect’s Sect Master, which one is more alluring?”

The three reverends were silent.

“Liang Shaoyang has talent as well as wild ambition. He has more means to accomplish things,” evaluated Ying Xingran. “Once he becomes Armament Sect’s Sect Master, there is absolutely no way for Liang Yangzu to control him. In the future, as long as we slightly guide him along, he might also be able to leverage his status within Dark Shadow Tower and, conversely, take control of Dark Shadow Tower.

“That’s reasonable.” Luo Zhichang was the first to nod his head.

Fang Qi and Jiang Hao contemplated for a while, then also followed suit and nodded their heads as their doubts towards Ying Xingran’s proposition had been cleared away.

“Tang Siqi has been spoiled since she was young and has become too used to it. Furthermore, she still has the temperament of a little girl and has yet to experience any true difficulties. It will be very difficult for her to adapt to any sort of future conflicts. Originally, I had no other people to choose from, but now…” Ying Xingran shook his head, “From my point of view, Liang Shaoyang is a little more suited than she is. As long as we can get Liang Shaoyang to understand what we can give him, he will forget about his status within Shadow Tower and begin to do things in Armament Sect’s interests. If he becomes Sect Master, Armament Sect’s interests will in turn become his interests. He is a smart person and should know what choice to make.”


“I also believe that the boy is better than the girl.”

“A ruthless practitioner is indeed more qualified for your position than a softhearted one.”

The three great reverends successively stated their own positions, each one agreeing with the course set by Ying Xingran. They would rearrange the sect’s distribution of resources and focus them around Liang Shaoyang.

Ten days later.

As Tang Siqi didn’t have a single spirit artifact to give, Ying Xingran and the three great reverends completely gave up on her. Other than Mo Hai, they found the rest of the great elders and conversed with them, informing them of the sect’s new approach.

When each elder learned of the sect’s decision, they were all extremely shocked and were unable to understand just what had happened.

All they knew was that in the period of the last ten days, Tang Siqi, the person whom they had all considered to be the future successor, had been ruthlessly abandoned.

Now, the sect was exhausting all of its resources to assist Liang Shaoyang to break through to the next realm and help him quickly accumulate experience in forging artifacts.

In the following period of time, whenever a elder met Tang Siqi, they would all have looks of pity.

However, their pity was only pity as they still acted as ordered by the Sect Master and three great reverends, taking back the things that they needed to take back.

“This is a detailed list of all of the sect’s most profound and intricate spirit diagrams. In the past, they were all handed to you for you to analyze and study, but now the Sect Master is ordering us to take them back and give them to Liang Shaoyang,” said Elder Tan Dongling. He stood in the entrance of the cave, his face full of helplessness as he said, “Siqi, please don’t blame me. I can only do as I am told.”

“I understand.” Tang Siqi’s face was expressionless as she retrieved many beautifully wrapped diagrams and books from within her spatial ring and silently handed them one by one to Tan Dongling.

“Ah.” Tan Dongling shook his head as he gently sighed. Carefully packing up all of the scrolls and books, he began walking towards Liang Shaoyang’s cave.

This transfer of scrolls and books meant that the position of future Sect Master had already been taken from Tang Siqi and given to Liang Shaoyang.

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