Spirit Realm (灵域) – Index

Ling Yu (灵域) – Spirit Realm ⚡
a Chinese web novel by Against the Heavens (逆苍天)

Current Status: Completed in Country of Origin (1841 Chapters)
Genre Tags: action, adventure, fantasy, mature

Translated by Alyschu&Co
SR Team: alyschu, OverTheRanbow, Dabuyu, Craxuan, Scrya, wyhcwe, doom, Everin

Official Description

Thirty thousand years ago, the Heaven Fighting Race who called themselves “Gods” invaded Spirit Realm. Hundreds of races rose up in resistance, but ultimately suffered a crushing defeat. The Human Race was the first to concede, and the rest of the Hundred Races soon followed in succession.

During the subsequent ten thousand years, all of the races were enslaved by the Heaven Fighting Race. They were cruelly treated, and lived beneath the shadow of terror.

The Heaven Fighting Race’s march of conquest did not stop there. With Spirit Realm as the starting point, they invaded other secret dimensions, and spread war to all corners of existence. After greatly exhausting their combat strength, they were finally defeated by the Hundred Races who took advantage of this opportunity. With no other choice, they fled to the starry skies outside the realm.

Thirty thousand years later, in an era where the Heaven Fighting Race has already faded to become ancient legend, an amnesiac youth possessing the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline is being fostered in an insignificant household. Whilst struggling to live on, he silently awaits the day of the bloodline’s awakening.



0001: Small Town Youth
0002: Herb Mountain
0003: Probing
0004: Thoughtless Tranquility
0005: Soul Suppressing Orb
0006: Attracting Lightning to Oneself
0007: Solitary Ridge
0008: Testing the Waters
0009: Assimilation
0010: Sixth Level of Refinement!
0011: Shattered Ice Manor
0012: Thunderous Fury
0013: Windfall!
0014: Living While Being Cared For
0015: Engagement Ceremony
0016: Forced Abdication!
0017: Settlement
0018: “Ling Lie’s” Face
0019: Seclusion
0020: Who Is That Amazing Person?
0021: Four Spirit Diagrams
0022: Training Hard for Three Months
0023: Holding Hands
0024: Celestial Wolf Mountain
0025: High Grade Spirit Materials
0026: Undercurrents
0027: Imminent Danger
0028: Hunted
0029: Encounter
0030: Bloody Battle
0031: Power Revealed!
0032: Dual Powers
0033: Mind Invasion
0034: Have You All Gone Mad?
0035: Repairing a Spirit Artifact
0036: Silver Winged Demon Wolf
0037: Sculpture
0038: Heavy Encirclement
0039: Demon Wolf King
0040: Looting the Spoils of War
0041: An Accidental Meeting by the Pond
0042: Intimacy
0043: Returning to the Mountain
0044: Heavy Pressure
0045: Discipline Hall Elder
0046: All Sorts of Unfavorable Circumstances
0047: Coming Out
0048: Nebula Token
0049: Eighth Level
0050: Back Figure
0051: Practice
0052: To Keep up with Your Footsteps
0053: The First Success
0054: Parting
0055: Icestone City
0056: Armament Pavilion
0057: Li’s Shop
0058: Spirit Gathering Board
0059: First Transaction
0060: Amplification Spirit Diagram
0061: Strong Wine
0062: Nebula Pavilion
0063: Great Master Yao
0064: Target Locked
0065: Borrowing Books
0066: First Contact with Artifact Forging
0067: Creation on the Spirit Sea
0068: Study
0069: In One Go
0070: Combining Spirit Diagrams
0071: Resonance With Thunder
0072: A Reason to Move Forward
0073: Accumulation
0074: The Risks of Artifact Forging
0075: Defective Product
0076: Mend
0077: Trade
0078: Inspector
0079: Ghost Bird and Profound Nether Beast
0080: The Leaders of the Four Sides
0081: Turned Around
0082: Harsh Battle
0083: Receiving the Blade!
0084: The Heavens Haven’t Forsaken Me!
0085: Reversal!
0086: Taking With Force
0087: Soul Devouring Beast
0088: Split Mobilization
0089: Luring Them Out
0090: Variant Spirit Beast
0091: Scurry
0092: Unstoppable
0093: Novel Spirit Artifact
0094: Eight Extreme Trigram Fire Formation
0095: Vile Souls!
0096: Imminent Danger
0097: Giant Demon Mirage
0098: Activate
0099: The Sky Darkens
0100: Heaven Shaking Thunder


0101: Soul Link
0102: The First Natal Palace
0103: Ten Thousand Contribution Points!
0104: Battle Armor
0105: Pains
0106: Terminator Profound Bomb
0107: Taking Over the Artifact Forging Hall
0108: Splurge
0109: Bad News
0110: Loss of Power
0111: First Hall Master
0112: I Will Kill You!
0113: Some Laughed and Some Cried
0114: Street Challenge!
0115: Center of Attention
0116: Behead!
0117: Entire City Shaken!
0118: I Will Kill Your Entire Family!
0119: Weeds… Must Be Cut at the Roots!
0120: Rampage
0121: Let Him Come!
0122: Suffer the Consequences
0123: You Have Ten Steps, Withdraw, or Die!
0124: Ice Crystal World
0125: Frost Concept
0126: Armament City
0127: Cutting the Line
0128: Examination
0129: I’m on Fire!
0130: Bearing Curses…
0131: Lucky Fellows
0132: Wind Agent
0133: The Twelve Spirit Pattern Pillars
0134: Hard Labor
0135: Pang Feng
0136: Super Trick?
0137: Special Gift!
0138: A Foot in the Door
0139: Eclipse Insect
0140: Whispers
0141: Concept
0142: Creating a Spirit Skill!
0143: Mutual Understanding
0144: Uncalled Disaster
0145: A Grand Occasion in the Sect
0146: Improving Rapidly
0147: Step Aside!
0148: You Are Mistaken!
0149: Stepping into the Inner Sect
0150: Middle Stage of the Natal Opening Realm!
0151: Meeting Without Knowing
0152: Relentless
0153: Ancient Diagram
0154: Killing Intent
0155: Free Trade Street
0156: Crush You with Spirit Artifacts!
0157: Fight
0158: Difference in Status
0159: Fall into a Trap
0160: Phantasmagoria of the Ancient Era
0161: Abandoned
0162: I Will Help You Take Back Everything!
0163: Exterminate a Genius!
0164: Snowfall under the Blazing Sun
0165: Watched by the Entire City!
0166: I Can Do Whatever I Want From Here On Out!
0167: Beyond Miracles!
0168: An Immortalized Spectacle!
0169: Armament Sect Will Give You Whatever You Want!
0170: Blood Spear Lang Xie
0171: Unparalleled
0172: The Weight of His Words!
0173: Turn of the Tides
0174: Blood Pool Body Refinement
0175: The Body as the Artifact!
0176: Beauties Entering the City
0177: I Will Do It Myself!
0178: The Seventh Natal Palace
0179: Reunion
0180: A Familiar Feeling…
0181: Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Temple
0182: Danger
0183: Moved
0184: I Want Them Alive!
0185: Caught in a Trap
0186: Old Grudge
0187: Explode!
0188: Split Earth!
0189: I’ll Be Waiting for You to Kill Me in the Future
0190: Two Affectionate People
0191: Respect
0192: Fight to One’s Heart’s Content!
0193: Crossroads Street
0194: Nothing is Certain
0195: Sealed
0196: Tease
0197: The Final Spirit Pattern Pillar!
0198: The Mummy-like Old Man
0199: The Past
0200: Xue Li


0201: Old Demon
0202: Soul Seal!
0203: Five Forces Gathered
0204: Blood Progenitor
0205: Bloody Backing
0206: A Fiendish Aura That Reaches the Heavens!
0207: Turn the Tides!
0208: A Word for Love
0209: I Am Qin Lie!
0210: Things Are Different Now
0211: Seal Released
0212: The Knot in Qin Lie’s Heart
0213: Taking Over Armament Sect!
0214: Qin Lie’s Counterattack!
0215: The Might of Three Fingers!
0216: Identity Exposed!
0217: An Object Which Could Turn the Tide!
0218: You Are Not Qualified!
0219: Old Friend
0220: Negotiation Breaks Down
0221: Creating Another Natal Palace!
0222: The Eighth Natal Palace!
0223: Internal Strife
0224: Astral Projection
0225: Temple Envoy
0226: Dead End
0227: Wailing and Despair Abound
0228: Holy Spirit God and Giant Blood Colored Demon!
0229: All I Can!
0230: Tu Shixiong
0231: Six Loud Explosions!
0232: Nowhere Left to Run!
0233: The Spirit Pattern Pillar That Soared to the Sky!
0234: Yet Another Miracle!
0235: Stunning Change
0236: Change
0237: Reaching an Agreement
0238: Demon Armor Insects and Spirit Corroding Beasts
0239: Spatial Spirit Artifact
0240: Slipping By
0241: Poisonous Bog
0242: The Python Tattoo On His Neck
0243: Lightning Field
0244: Song Tingyu
0245: Denied!
0246: Terrifying Charm
0247: Sinking into Two Lifetimes of Love
0248: Fiancé?
0249: Acting
0250: Snuggle
0251: The Nether Demonic Energy Spreads
0252: Negotiation
0253: Hand in Hand
0254: Falling into the Nether Realm
0255: Blast out a Bloody Route!
0256: Hard March
0257: Analyzing Memories
0258: A Tale of Life
0259: Forming the Soul Lake!
0260: Those Who Seek Death
0261: Destroy!
0262: To Go Back or Not to Go Back…
0263: Turning Back!
0264: Thunder’s Divine Might!
0265: Universal Celestial Sealing Formation!
0266: Demon God Mountain Range
0267: Lightning Pool!
0268: The Mountain Shatters and the Evil God Emerges!
0269: Kid, Let Me Borrow Your Body!
0270: The Four Ferocious Beings!
0271: Gazing From Afar
0272: Almost Broke It…
0273: The Wooden Sculpture’s Change
0274: Spatial Compartment
0275: Ultimate Blood Ground
0276: Xue Li’s Temptation
0277: Blood Crystal Altar
0278: Main World
0279: End of Sky Stairway
0280: Return
0281: Seeing Wealth Provokes Evil Designs
0282: Ruthless Move
0283: Meeting Yi Yuan Again
0284: A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed
0285: Invitation
0286: Just Who Are We, Really?
0287: Herb Mountain’s Bizarre Diagram
0288: A Dust Covered Letter
0289: The Eruption of the Ling Family!
0290: Ling Yushi’s Change
0291: End of the Line
0292: Purple Blood!
0293: Song Tingyu’s Response
0294: In for the Kill!
0295: The Clash Between Two Women
0296: Odd Occurrence
0297: Blood of the Evil God
0298: Joyful Union Sect
0299: Tranny Fan Le
0300: Conflict


0301: Not Let Down Our Conscience!
0302: Fan Le’s Chrysanthemums
0303: The Him Before He Was Ten…
0304: Erupt!
0305: Wild Arrogance!
0306: Boldness
0307: Change
0308: Xue Li’s Request
0309: Spirit Arts Fusion
0310: Entering Profound Heaven City
0311: The First Stage
0312: You… Are Still Too Green!
0313: The Second Stage
0314: The Nether Realm’s Three Treasures
0315: Star Rank Foreign Delegate
0316: Determining the Direction
0317: The Mentor That Illuminated His Path
0318: Qin Lie’s Gift!
0319: Wicked Reputation
0320: Breaking the Tormented Soul Barrier
0321: Nine Hell Evil Scripture and the Blood of the Evil God
0322: Sneaking in the Middle of the Night
0323: The Imprisoned Demons
0324: Reward
0325: Dispersing the Mist
0326: White Bone Nether Spirit Altar
0327: Growth
0328: Integrating with the Evil Scripture
0329: Shocking Change!
0330: Surging Nether Demonic Energy!
0331: Came Knocking on the Door!
0332: Qin Lie’s Remedy
0333: Can’t Wait Any Longer!
0334: Evil Soul Binding Curse
0335: Standoff
0336: Nowhere Left To Run
0337: Fighting With One’s Life at Stake!
0338: Thunder of the Ninth Heaven
0339: Killing the Three Great Reverends!
0340: Creating a Diagram in Midair!
0341: Break Out!
0342: Do You Recognize This?
0343: Three Thousand Years Ago!
0344: The Dark Nether Race
0345: Pact
0346: Entering Dreams
0347: Taking Risks
0348: Fox Skin Mask
0349: The Love Rival From Back Then
0350: What’s Your Name, Beautiful?
0351: Pressuring At Every Turn
0352: Stirring Liu Ting’s Affections
0353: Revisiting Herb Mountain
0354: Spatial Teleportation Formation!
0355: Playing Tricks
0356: Endless Taunting
0357: Kill Them All!
0358: The Eye of Frost’s Wondrous Change!
0359: Entering the Late Stage of the Manifestation Realm!
0360: Exchange
0361: A Dark Night with High Winds
0362: Betrayal
0363: Fall Out!
0364: Defeated
0365: Taking on Heavy Responsibility!
0366: A New Hope!
0367: Gathering of the Three Forces!
0368: Complete Transfer
0369: The Origin of the Spirit Pattern Pillars
0370: Counterattack from Dire Straits!
0371: Self-Satisfaction
0372: Unsealing the Giant Beasts
0373: Have You Ever Thought Such a Day Would Come?
0374: Tear Them Apart!
0375: Giant Thunder Lightning Ball!
0376: You Can Die Now!
0377: Forbidden from Taking a Single Step In!
0378: Wielding a Heavenly Sword
0379: Meeting Li Mu Again
0380: Reconciliation
0381: Five Sword Tokens
0382: Saying Farewell
0383: Long Journey
0384: Half a Soul Destroyed
0385: The Giant Hand That Stretched Out of the Sea
0386: Dead Men’s Riches
0387: Disrupting the Situation!
0388: The Corpse of a Headless God Under the Sea!
0389: Soul Extraction
0390: The Bloody Battle Under the Sea
0391: Rampage!
0392: Eight God Corpses!
0393: Snatching the Tombstone!
0394: Song Tingyu’s Resentment
0395: Relieved
0396: Blood Progenitor
0397: Blood Aura Body Reconstruction
0398: Sea Moon Island
0399: Spirit Artifact Store
0400: Astral Thunder Hammer


0401: The Scream in the Darkness
0402: Making Out Like a Bandit
0403: Netherpassage!
0404: Scanning the Island
0405: The Sixth Heavenly Sword
0406: Reunion
0407: Together
0408: Remember My Face!
0409: Black Jade City
0410: One Cult, Two Mountains, Three Sects, Three Families
0411: Blood Cloud Mountain Range
0412: Survivor
0413: Half of the Blood Codex
0414: Lost Contact
0415: Floating Island
0416: The Top Nine Genius Ringers!
0417: Things Unknown
0418: Graveyard of the Gods!
0419: Friend or Foe?
0420: Burning Soul Firebeam!
0421: The Tombstone That Flew Back On Its Own!
0422: Bitter Battle!
0423: Blood of the Fire Qilin!
0424: Fire Demon’s Rampage!
0425: Refining Blood Essence!
0426: Voodoo Toxin
0427: Head-on Clash!
0428: Burning the Voodoo Insects!
0429: Eight-winged Centipede Queen
0430: Thunder and Lightning Soul Refinement
0431: Chance
0432: Attack First!
0433: Meeting
0434: Joining of Multiple Forces
0435: Winning Respect!
0436: This is a Misunderstanding!
0437: Illusory Demon Orb!
0438: Lock On!
0439: Ambush
0440: Intolerable!
0441: Bloody Fight!
0442: Fearsome!
0443: Trading Injury For Life!
0444: Accumulation Pill
0445: Soul Control
0446: Paranoia
0447: Breakthrough
0448: Suppression
0449: Joint Attack
0450: Out Of The Way! Allow Me!
0451: He Did It For A Woman…
0452: Controlling the Crux!
0453: Quarrel!
0454: I Won’t Give!
0455: Curing the Voodoo Toxin!
0456: Luo Chen Kneels!
0457: New Lease on Life
0458: Recovery
0459: Deference
0460: Flesh Sacrifice
0461: The Forest of Death
0462: Difficult to Avoid One’s Enemies
0463: Collision!
0464: The Wooden Sculpture’s Change!
0465: Demon Sealing Tombstone!
0466: Wood Spirit
0467: Spring of Life
0468: Seal
0469: Difference in Opinion
0470: Beauty Over Friendship?
0471: A Present from the Demon Sealing Tombstone
0472: Hallucination
0473: Hidden Pawn
0474: Black Crystal Sky Scorpion
0475: Forbidden Land of Thunder
0476: Hunter!
0477: Having Ulterior Motives
0478: The Seven Spirits!
0479: Thunder Lagoon
0480: Breaking the Facade
0481: I, Qin Lie, Am The True Master
0482: Lightning Controller
0483: One Against Many!
0484: Let Bygones Be Bygones
0485: Pure Soul Spring
0486: Three Miraculous Uses
0487: New Cracks
0488: To Each Their Own!
0489: Detecting the Thunder Spirit
0490: Summoning the Strong
0491: Luo Chen’s Choice!
0492: Relationship
0493: So What?
0494: Arrogance!
0495: He Wei’s Regret
0496: Soul Break!
0497: If You Can Do It Yourself, Then Do It!
0498: Staying Out
0499: Unknown Enemy!
0500: Eastern Barbarians


0501: Kill Them Slowly
0502: Colorful Arrow Rain
0503: Thunder Crystal Beast
0504: Electrical Dampening Field
0505: Seal Broken!
0506: The Thunder Spirit’s Confession
0507: Sudden Change!
0508: Putting A Matter To Rest
0509: Absolute Frost Concept
0510: Merge!
0511: Nurturing the Soul
0512: Great Danger
0513: Weak
0514: Frozen to Death?
0515: Leave!
0516: Out of Control
0517: White Barbarian Girl
0518: Let Them Go!
0519: We Will Be Enemies When We Meet Again!
0520: Finally Free!
0521: Devious Invasion
0522: Arrival!
0523: Meteor Shower
0524: The Power To Topple Mountains
0525: Bloodthirsty Dragon!
0526: Intense Battle!
0527: Soul Curse
0528: Force Feed
0529: Ice Storm!
0530: Great Calamity!
0531: The Rampaging Bloodthirsty Dragon!
0532: The Remains of the Blood Progenitor
0533: The Remains of the Voodoo Progenitor, the Evil God, and the Arrow God
0534: Five Progenitors and Three Emperors
0535: Soul Suppression!
0536: Wave of Destruction!
0537: Terrible Scourge
0538: Blood Energy That Reached The Sky
0539: Watching From The Sidelines
0540: Blood Puppet
0541: The First Voodoo Creature!
0542: Colossal Collapse
0543: Jiang Zhuzhe
0544: Twisted Ideals
0545: Blood Web!
0546: Soul Pagoda
0547: Shatter
0548: Escape of the God Corpses
0549: Ruling For A Hundred Thousand Years!
0550: Return
0551: Consequences
0552: Following Him Like a Shadow
0553: The Search of the Nine Forces
0554: What Have You Come For?
0555: Evil God
0556: Dead End
0557: Sixteen God Hands!
0558: Eaten Alive
0559: Not Completely Dead…
0560: Splitting the Spoils
0561: The People of God
0562: Gold Sun Island
0563: Xing Shengnan
0564: Three Wives
0565: Flustered
0566: Nine New Essences!
0567: Outsmarted!
0568: Resolution
0569: New Life!
0570: Feeding
0571: Utmost Care
0572: Heart-breaking
0573: Playing with Fire
0574: Actually Doing It
0575: You Cannot Kill This Person!
0576: Cannot Forget Your Roots
0577: A Clever Plan!
0578: Rebellious
0579: Provocateur!
0580: The Right Move!
0581: Direct Disciple of Forefather Terminator
0582: Significant Change In Attitude
0583: Mutual Understanding
0584: Inside Job
0585: Setting Sun Islands
0586: Falling Out
0587: You Need to Die!
0588: A Surprising Turn of Events!
0589: Leave None Alive!
0590: Stealing Food from the Mouth of a Tiger
0591: You Are My Big Sister
0592: A Sky Filled With Blood Energy!
0593: Bloody Intimidation
0594: Black Heaven Swallowing Art
0595: I Can Do It!
0596: The Carrot and the Stick
0597: The Die is Cast
0598: Subdue!
0599: New Direction

0600: Released!
0601: Absorb!
0602: Thunder God’s Roar
0603: The Third Space!
0604: Soul Sealing
0605: Spirits of Void and Chaos!
0606: The Price of Evolution
0607: Undercurrents
0608: Blue Moon Valley
0609: The Miao Family Makes Trouble
0610: Shock!
0611: Break Free!
0612: Breakdown in Negotiations
0613: Great Sect Protecting Formation!
0614: Banquet
0615: Preparation
0616: Seven-level Soul Altar!
0617: A Difficult Choice
0618: Facing the Future Head On



71 thoughts on “Spirit Realm (灵域) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Interesting story, great translation team, can’t wait to dive in!

    Only problem is i have a big appetite… I need more chapters to binge. I don’t read a new novel until the chapters reach at least 100-200.
    So I’ll be waiting for that moment! See you in a few months 🙂

      1. Haha. I knew I wasn’t the only one. I’ve read most novels on this sight except for the ones that haven’t passed 200 chapters or the ones that hv slow updates.
        I have low patience in waiting too long mostly cuz i will forget what happened last time

    1. The synopsis confuses me.
      It tells us the “Heaven fighting race” are basically a bunch of douchebags, and our MC is one of them.
      …Are we supposed to root for him to enslave everyone, because he can, or is that just a very complicated way to shoelace the MC’s cheat, and in fact has nothing to do with the idea that “every Heaven Fighting person should die horribly”?

      1. I’m very confused as well. Does he want to clean the Heaven Fighting race’s name and stop the discrimination because they aren’t douchebags anymore or does he want to be a douchebag like his ancestors? I don’t know if I can root for this novel’s MC because I think his race deserves what they are getting.

      2. If I were you, I would ignore the synopsis or treat it as “hearsay” or a fairytale.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to find what we thought of as established fact being overturned as a conspiracy later on.

        besides, all we know is his race enslaved people in the distant past. so what? just by living in America or Europe chances are your country is guilty of condoning slavery of foreigners at some point in its history. if not your country then the country of one of your ancestors.

        what we don’t know is how they were overturned, or the where’s and what’s of that race before they started on a conquest.

        1. Yeah but they were enslaved for ten thousand years. I’m pretty sure the treatment that the Heaven Fighting race received would have happened with the white race too if our ancestors had enslaved the black race for the same amount of time.

        2. So I’ll just take the synopsis as a way to “explain” (excuse) why the MC is so stronk, nothing other than that. Aiight.

          That’s all fine, depending on how the author will be able to execute something so simple — but if you’re trying to compare our own history with theirs…Well, I’m not sure you can actually do that.
          From my basic understanding of history, people had slaves because they actually needed them. They did not had the ability to support their expanding territory and infrastructure with the demand for labor compensation. So labor-free peeps were the perfect solution for continual expansion (or should I say, because they didn’t had to compensate their workers, they could freely expand.)

          In fantasy, on the other hand…Why do you need slaves, when every individual person by oneself, is a god? Why do they need a slave?
          In fiction, we only rarely get a good purpose for slave ownership, other than Corruption. And I can’t see a reason as to why these heaven-peeps would need slaves for 10,000 of years, for any other reason other than corruption.
          So, no, from that point of view, they’re not really sympathizable. But we can ignore that perspective, since as you put it, it’s probably not a very important detail in the story. At all.

          1. In my opinion, slaves were never a necessary existence in and of themselves. they were made to be necessary to justify their existence. many of the “benefits” of slavery proved to be very short-lived and even downright unproductive beyond a certain point. ultimately, slavery was more effective at acting as a social standing to put others beneath oneself to feel important. just because they don’t get paid, doesn’t mean they are the same as free-labour, as unlike a worker the slave owner becomes responsible for funding and managing the slaves entire life, and not being able to ignore it after handing out a few coins.

            the only reference I am going to make (which is one of my references, and not a pure support for my statement to say ‘I am right’):


          2. I think the main appeal of slavery was manpower. And the fact that slaves were considered more disposable than citizens. With a small population, every slave is a huge increase in available manpower for dangerous or menial tasks. It also frees the non-slaves to do other important tasks.
            But yeah, as the population and technology increase, employing your own citizens to do the work with good tools is probably more efficient on the general economy.

            In fantasy settings? In those settings, there are generally magic or something that can truly binds slaves. I see it as a way for them to delegate tasks while preventing the obvious treason… Also it’s a form of status, which is highly important in these types of novels. And slavery or not, the conquerors rarely treat the conquered nicely.
            As for the 10k years, they can wage war through realms and dimensions, so they are probably extremely long-lived. Those 10 000 years are probably only a few generations for them; it’s probably like 100 years on earth.

            In any case, slavery is not necessary, but it always end up showing up when absolute power is centralized due to human greed.

      3. Well, the saying ‘History is written by the winner’ might be true on this one. Who knows what happened back then, it might be the Hundred Race that were bad and since the Heaven Race is the losing side, they cant say anything since they are dead.
        There is also possibility story that this bloodline of his will be a life struggle for mc to be hunted down and temper his cultivation.

        I’ll wait to binge read it too and see if it’s my kind of read.

      4. i just finish binge read the whole thing on the raw. I all i can say i read on, you guys will love it. As what is with all book ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover’ in this case the synopsis 😉

  2. Hi is it possible if you can tell me more about the genres like for example is it a harem? You dont have to tell me who is in the harem or who is the female lead since it is a spoiler. Thank you

    1. Yes, it is a harem. There also seem to be half-humans in the world…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Some arranged marriage stuff or other in there too…figures

        1. Well so far so good, I didn’t catch any hint of harem yet but I imagine that as soon as I do.. I won’t think as highly of this novel as before.

          For now, it’s quite entertaining despite all stretching.

        2. Truth my brother. I f** hate the Harem trope. It’s just stupid. Honestly I don’t fantasize about having 10 different “beautiful wives”. So un realistic and just breaks the narrative to me. {“Omg you found another hot girl, now we can be best friends like we’re sisters and we all f** you” – Every female character.}

    1. then i will read this novel. GOS and GDK are my fav novels. he is the only author tha i like all his novels, good and interesting story, awesome mc, a bit dark, with a hint of nsfw. (^^)v

    2. Thanks for the info !

      I really really like this novel and went on a binge for the last 5 days. Now I can’t wait to read chapter 200…

      So I will have a look to those 2 novels. Like Anna said this author is kind of unconventional and unlike TDG or ATG there’s no repeatition in inch chapter. Even if the ysnopsis is far from amazing, the story is ! Lots of real cliffengers, MC is not too clinché. He is smart, have some darkness but he’s not a dick. I think this novel is now my top favorite of the moment.

      I still like TDG or ATG (less and less) but I can’t stand it anymore ! Do those Authors think readers have red fish memory ???? Why the hell they constently have to remind us of evident fact and statement. The worst of all is TDG’s author. He continue this bad habit with Rebirth of a Thief. In inch chapter, one fouth of it is used to remind us how MC is rich and awesome for his level !!!!!!

      1. No well… Sometimes after I take a break from reading I forget some of the stuff I read so I honestly appreciate the ‘repetition’ that comes from those type of novels. To each their own though.

  3. I am looking forward to this novel. I’ll just wait a few more chapters before starting it. Good luck to Alyschu, OverTheRanbow, Scrya and ThePolarWife.

  4. Just wondering, Qin Lie, the MC, is obviously the amnesiac youth with the Heaven Fighting race’s bloodline in the official description. So does that mean that the Heaven fighting race’s people all look like humans, or do all the races look the same? If it’s none of those, does that mean that someone from the Heaven Fighting race and a human had intercourse together and produced human looking creatures with the Heaven Fighting race’s bloodline?

    1. It’s quite early to ask that question don’t you think? I feel like we won’t know for many months to come.. Maybe a little over a year. And that’s assuming we will know that in the first half of the novel which is a bit unlikely. (I read above that the story is a little over 1800 chapters so my estimation is based on that number.)

      But who knows.. Maybe his bloodline awakens much sooner and we get the whole deal. I’m treating it as a big reveal so that’s why I think it will take time.

  5. Thank you for translating this novel Alyschu&Co. It’s so far so good and has my interest already within the first 3 chapters along with ATG i’ll definitely read this!

  6. Just a little reminder to add the newest characters to the glossary if you’re intending to go for a thorough one.

    Maybe create a wiki that is updated regularly since we’re still at the beginning of the story, it would be nice to see it full by the end of the story, gives you more sense of accomplishment. I imagine it won’t be too hard to start it now and update it like every 5-10 chapters.

    I don’t know if this is an appealing idea though..

  7. Just finished reading Coiling Dragon, reached the last released chapter from Desolate Era, Against the Gods, Martial God Asura, and ISSTH… Is this any good?? usually I don’t read anything with less than 200 chapters because some novels are too slow at the beginning like ATG and ISSTH. Is this worth to start reading now, or should I wait for more chapters to accumulate??

    1. Ehat do you mean ATG was slow? He got the strongest in the continent in 3 years. Like even including the strongest place before profound arc the Divine pheonix island princess was only half a realm stronger. He got to half a realm away from the biggest genius known the first 300 chapters in 3 years.

  8. To anyone unsure if they should pick this up, don’t let the generic description fool you. In fact, everything from that intro hasn’t even been mentioned yet.

    It’s actually really good so far. I quickly dropped a lot of series (MGA, DE, …) that I felt had characters that were too boring (no motivation beyond “must get more powerful, because reasons!”) but this series’ main character is in my opinion pretty interesting beyond just being a power hungry maniac. The author does a good job of fleshing out side-characters as well and explaining their abilities. It’s still early so we will see how that goes but so far I enjoy it.

    I was pleasantly surprised that the character is multi-faceted in that he’s learning other things beyond just fighting. I really enjoy characters that have an interest in crafting and beyond USAW (which is not very good so far but remains to be seem if it will develop) there really isn’t all that much in this genre that I’m aware of that has such a character.

    As far as I’m concerned I enjoy reading it as much as CD, iSStH and ATG which are some of the series I enjoy the most that I currently read or have read.

    1. They are even the same author, of course, they are not in the same universe. TGR,WuDongQianKun, and Fight Through the Heaven is in the same worldview, the MCs all gonna meet each other in TGR’s world. Actually if you keep reading, that is going to happen around chapter 1200.
      Hope you enjoy it. :3

  9. I almost started reading this novel again, i have read the RAWS once before.
    I need a new xianxia to read, guess it’ll take me more time to find one.
    Though this story is absolutely phenomenal and is a must read.

  10. I’ve heard the mc acts like a ret*rd (sorry if that was offensive) but yeah not sure if I’ll enjoy this might leave it for when I’m in the mood to read about an idiot

  11. One of my favourite novels on ww so far.
    I especially like how after nearly 500 chapters now, the MC still really fights with his life on the line. Sure, he is exceptionnally strong, but he is the only MC here, apart from Meng Hao (before he became an immortal…) who doesn’t casually crush every opponent he meets. He isn’t cheated and he doesn’t eats tons of pills for breakfast, and for me, that’s precisely what makes him one of the best MC out there.

    On the other hand, someone really needs to change that synopsis. Best case, it’s totally useless, worst case, it’s a major spoiler…

  12. 400 chapters in so I’ll voice my opinion the summary is more of a sneak peek into who the MC really is. The mature tag is for the violence and there is a lot of it (MC is brutal). His character does stand out from your stereotype MC so its a little refreshing. People in the comments say harem I say no, there’s flirting and its nice but there’s no romance with it it bugs the crap out of me. Only said this so you don’t expect anything when your reading the flirting part I would even say some intimate moments. Its well written and the writer does go into detail with other characters like the potential harem and a few friends. If you want a strong MC that is brutal with no romance then this is the novel for you. Sadly I am losing interest so I’ll probably pick it up again when I’m bored.

  13. STAY FAR AWAY!! If you’re expecting an mc who is in control of the situation like emperors domination. This mc is one of the most frustrating characters I have read, he gives up things that play a big role to his cultivation for his ‘friends'(who tried to kill him in the past but couldn’t.) when they are in danger. His intelligence for an mc is average considering his ideas are created with the input of his friends. Plus, if you’re expecting an mc to dominate people by himself and be far above the rest then RUN. This mc has his friends around him always during the major moments to fight his battles. Lastly, forget about getting any satisfaction from the deaths of antagonists, especially when he’s not the one killing them( which is frequent), it becomes a pattern with him to find reasons not to take revenge or is too weak to take it. Overall, if you’re into xianxia, stay away from this novel or you’ll have a blood clot from all the rage and frustration this story induces in its readers.

    1. Haha, everything you just wrote is precisely why I love this title so much.

      What’s wrong with a MC who really has to struggle when facing a challenge instead of just casually crushing everything and everyone with his absolute knowledge like LQ or a new technique he learned two days prior but has already fully mastered (Lin Dong, that one’s for you !) ? Or by totally ignoring the realms and different ranking systems the author put 3 chapters explaining but which seems to apply to everyone EXCEPT the MC ?

      With a MC who manages to make a few friends (each one very different and with their own personnality) instead of living for centuries without talking to anyone like Er Gen’s MCs (whom I really love too, by the way, not criticizing ^^) ?

      What’s wrong with a MC who cultivates roughly at the same pace as everybody else instead of experiencing one breakthrough every 5 to 10 chapters like Lin Dong (yeah, him again. Not a big fan, but that’s not the matter here :p ) ?

      Or with a story where every enemy he meets isn’t conveniently at the same realm as him or at a realm he can’t fight against.
      And I could go on, but I guess the only difference is how you like your MC. I personnaly grew tired of heroes who are too strong too quickly, always know everything, never make any mistake, can fight 4 realms above their own, on their own, who never need any help (except for their old secret master imprisoned in some kind of jewelry who tell them everything, what to do, when and how to do it etc. (yeah, little marten, here you are again, and I know you’re not the only one, but I just can’t criticize Linley or Wang Lin ^^ ) )

      So that being said, if you want a story with some real challenges, on the contrary, I really recommend this one. If you don’t, then yes, stay far away, as some might say xD

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