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    1. Are they ‘way too slow’?

      They seem to average about 5-7 chapters per week right? Some do better [and a few like Deathblade and RWX do far better] but that seems fairly solid.

      1. Well it’s been 5 days since the last update, so I would call that slow. No explanation either. ATG on the other hand has been getting updates at least every 2 days. So yeah if they can’t handle multiple novels, then give it to someone else who can.

      2. The reality is that they set Patreon goals. Their last goal claimed that they would be releasing 9 chapters per week when that goal was achieved. If we count Sun – Sat, then there were only 3 released this last week of a supposed guaranteed 9. The patreon goal reached before that was 8 chapters per week. I believe those goals weren’t just hit in the last week or two. So, the community supported (or we could say ‘funded’) chapter amount is not being met. If you look back through the releases, last week had what looks like 9+ released but that appears to be due to making up for being behind on a different week and so it’s hard to see if that goal was actually achieved over that couple of week timetable.

        It isn’t a good idea to set goals like that if there is going to be difficulty with consistency. Despite what I said, I’m not mad (it might look that way), I’m just explaining what I see from an objective point of view.

          1. they have indeed been sluggish
            but i don’t want a quality drop just for a quick pace
            i like their work and in the end, no matter if it’s them or the next group, they will be humans after all, they will find hindrances and try to get through it.
            at least for them, quality comes first, would be terrible if they just rush it

            but in the end an opinion is like an ass, everyone has it.

            really think that they were nuts, srry for it

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