SR Chapter 428–437 ⚡

Chapters 428, 429, and 433-438 are brought to you by Craxuan, Everin, doom, and alyschu.
Chapters 430 to 432 are brought to you by wyhcwe, Everin, doom, and alyschu.

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ps. Sorry about the delay, I was out all day yesterday (I’m suppose to be staying home and doing these chapters!!) and was pretty much pooped after releasing ATG. Also, SR editors are going to be too busy to keep up with my current pace so any chapters after this will be less perfect than they were before ;-;… Yours truly will probably be the only one attempting to beautify them. Everin and doom are too dazzling compared to me!

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  1. Y’all really don’t need to make up chapters. I’d be fine with the regular releases again. Everyone deserves time off at some point, especially alyschu with how series she translates.

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