SR Chapter 392 ⚡ + message

I can’t make good jokes… s-sorry..

Current planned releases (we are on the bolded part): MEN -> ATG -> SR -> MEN -> ATG -> SR (good night guys!)

Chapter 392 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by Craxuan, Everin, doom, and alyschu. Enjoy~

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7 thoughts on “SR Chapter 392 ⚡ + message” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Wait what? I didn’t know that Spririt Realm was in Gravity at all. I was there when SR started here, was reading ATG at that time. Plus SR was here since November or before? That was way earlier than the mass transfers. And I didn’t really notice SR in Gravity even if I was reading 3 novels there xD

    1. The English translation of Spirit Realm started on Wuxia World, not Gravity. With all of the commotion that the licensing contention has caused, and considering that Qidian published Spirit Realm, I can see how you might be confused.

      1. Lol Alyschu said it was a joke 😂 She edited her first message.

        Alyschu! Defend me! I don’t want people to say I’m confused! Halppp! DDD;

        1. yeah I was confused too. I only asked about ATG because that was the only one I did not start reading from the start. 😛

          (but man all these drama with that site and other sites.. wish I knew how to cyber attack them >:D)

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