SR Chapter 377 ⚡

Hey guys, my internet died last night right as I was publishing the previous chapter so I had to ask OverTheRanbow to post it for me. However, there was one slight error in his posting—chapter 376 is the 1st regular chapter of this week, not 9th of last week. There is no 9th regular chapter as we didn’t reach that goal at the beginning of this month. I’ve already edited the post, but this is just a heads up o/. We should be able to catch up and get back on schedule next week.

Chapter 377 is the second regular chapter of the week brought to you by shihao, Everin, doom, and alyschu. Enjoy~

ps. Spirit Realm’s Patreon helps increase the rate of regular chapters! Any excess pledges that have not cleared a milestone will be moved into the sponsored queue, so don’t be afraid to pledge!

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