SR Chapter 323 ?

Chapter 323 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by Craxuan, Everin, doom, and alyschu. Enjoy~


ps. Spirit Realm has a Patreon! Any excess pledges that have not cleared a milestone will be moved into the sponsored queue, so don’t be afraid to pledge!

6 thoughts on “SR Chapter 323 ?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    How come the chapter counts per week have been less lately. Last week was only 4. Doesn’t inspire much confidence in Patreon support.

    1. The number of Spirit Realms chapters released on Wuxiaworld is determined by the milestone reached on the Spirit Realm Patreon. Once the pledges that reached the milestone are properly charged on the first of that month, the release rate is confirmed.

      For the month of March, the Patreon reached the $250 milestone and confirmed a release rate of four chapters per week. This is explained in this ( Patreon post.

      Five chapters were released this past week. Four were guaranteed by the Patreon and one was sponsored through PayPal.

      1. Thanks for explaining, Now that the counter is over 1200 I must have thought that it insta charged but it looks like nothing came out yet now that I’ve pledged. Some novels charge right away and some the first the next month.

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