SR Chapter 318 ? + perky perks

Chapter 318 is brought to you by Craxuan, Everin, doom, and alyschu. Enjoy~

This chapter was sponsored by Chris P, Callum S, Ryan T, Alexander R, Feburary patrons, Tony L, Thomas A, michal c, Adam S, and Patryk C! Thanks guys!

Now onto the perky perks. Early access has officially come to Spirit Realm’s Patreon! I’ve been sneaking around, attempting to bump up our pile with the team, and we have finally done it! To celebrate the launch of this event, anyone who sponsored Spirit Realm before the time of this post are eligible for early access to the Nirvana Realm tier for the rest of this month. This includes February patrons and PayPal users alike! New March patrons will not be eligible for this happiness due to the sneaky informal period they had so far this month, but March sponsors who used the PayPal button here before this post will! \o/

In order to activate this, please follow these instructions:
1) Send an email to [email protected]
2) Subject has to include the phrase “Perky perks”
3) Body needs to include the exact name you sponsored with, the exact date you sponsored, and the exact amount you sponsored/pledged. Please have the format of the date be month/day/year.

alyschu’s current response time is 3-5 business days. I’m kidding. I’ll try my best to check daily. Thanks for the support thus far guys.

ninja edit: More clarification on who is eligible for this offer. This perky perk is only available for Spirit Realm supporters who have been charged before the time of my announcement post, guys!

If you’re not sure if you’re eligible, send me an email anyways and I’ll tell you if you are!

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