SR Chapter 218 ? Happy 4

Haikus are 3 lined poems with a 5-7-5 syllable format guys!! Oh well, it’s fine, none of us are haiku gods or anything. I can’t wait to make Yn5an3 read through all this… lol.

Chapter 218 is brought to you by wyhcwe, doom, and alyschu.

This chapter is out because of deceived, JustAReader, jman253, geassaye, and bkcherryl.

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  1. actually, it’s 5-7-5 pronounced syllables, with a reference to a nature, time of year or the weather, with a twist/surprise at the end…

    but yeah, some of us didn’t hold true to the simplified form, and it’s indeed abit hard and it’s more fun if we are being abit lenient…

    (goes to look for my poetry class book to pull out my more pretentious haikus from writing school)

    Do you accept non english haikus?

    1. You haven’t been pretentious enough as a poet until you climb to the top of a tree to write haikus about the last rays of sunlight falling through the autum leafs… ^^

      i hasselnöten
      skugga över stenens skarv
      bland löven falla

      Vind i trädets topp
      ruskar om i gula löv
      ljusspel på gången

      The pretentiousness!!! it is over 9000!

  2. love ly A ly schu trans lates;
    nine ty free chap ters;
    in the cold dark win ter nights

    in a vi ci ous wor ld;
    Spi rit rea lms Qin;
    is a vi ci ous us man

    bra ve A ly schu houn ded;
    cli ck ty cli ck;
    E F Fi ve Se k t

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