SR Chapter 152 ?

Chapter 152 is brought to you by Craxuan, doom, and alyschu.

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5 thoughts on “SR Chapter 152 ?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Bless ya ‘chu! Get bet… we.. I wish you quick recovery. >.<

    offtop rant: Do you say "get better" or "get well" in english? O.o Translating into english my native blessings sounds strange…

      1. Get well soon…usually I hear that when you are wishing someone sick well.
        Get better seems like passive aggression towards someone lacking skills.
        Me? A native US English speaker.

    1. Either is fine. You can say ‘Get better soon’ or ‘Get well soon’, it depends on the version of English you are around most often. Source, native English speaker and linguistics student.

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