FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 200!


Cool milestone people, and a cool chapter to boot. Chapter 200: The Keeper’s Request is out now, waiting for you to dive right in to the world of mutant mecha pilots. Even though this is not a sponsored chapter (i’m making up for Teusday) let’s thank these awesome sponsors who’ve been patiently waiting for their earned extra chapter. It’s much appreciated;

Master Zeth ‘Which is the Norwegian metal word for DEATH!’ K. of the U.S.

Professor An On Y’mous, of Null University

Her Majesty the Queen Claire ‘daoine a chur ina n-áit‘ C. of Ireland

and El Capitan de Increíble Eliot S. ‘as in Saint’ I. of Mexico!

Enjoy the read, see you soon.


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