SPONSORED Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 147

Howdy doody people,

We’re here early Monday to bring you a sponsored release! While during our little hiatus several fine people decided to donate towards the cause. I haven’t forgotten, so here’s your treat for all the help. Much appreciated guys! So let’s everyone join me in giving a big Skyfire thanks to Anonymous ‘We Are Legion’ Anonymous from the U.S., Tamashii ‘Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto’ of Austria, YC ‘DO IT!’ Hsu of Canada, and R ‘Kelly’ Lay of the U.S.!

You guys are awesome. Thank you and happy new year!

So here’s Chapter 147: I Can Save Him! courtesy of those fine ladies and/or gentlemen above. It’s a cool one, too!

Xiao Lai

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