Special Er Gen / ISSTH video!

Hi everyone. Several days ago here in China, a video interview was released of Er Gen, the author of I Shall Seal the Heavens. It’s pretty cool (although be warned, it contains minor spoilers…)! I translated it as best I could and posted it on youtube. If you are a fan of ISSTH (or if you are considering whether or not to pick it up), please check out the video. I’m very embarrassed to say that… I accidentally uploaded the wrong version, which has some typos and mistakes. Unfortunately, it took about 4 hours to upload, thanks to the Great Firewall of China, so I’m going to call it a day. Therefore… this is as good as it gets. Hopefully you all can forgive the typos and handful of poor translations.

In any case, it’s good enough to show to your friends and/or family who ask you about what these “Xianxia” stories are all about. Please share around to raise an awareness of Xianxia! And for any Xian Ni fans out there, if you could share with the Xian Xi community, that would be great!

If you would like to view the original high-quality video, click here.

By the way, in the video I mention that I will post the “major spoilers” in the wuxiaworld spoiler threads. Sadly, the forum has many google-based components which are block in China. Therefore, I will post those spoilers later….. Okay, it’s off to sleep for me!

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    1. You can probably watch it, I cut out the major spoilers, and the minor spoilers are just some general descriptions of the main characters. If you’re already following the novels, it wouldn’t even be a spoiler at all actually.

  1. You guys can watch it if you want, it’s not much spoilers. The only spoiler was about a chapter about Xian Ni, which from how he describes it seems like the final chapter (not sure and hope not)

  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to translate. I loved the video and I was moved by his conviction. I also liked the cheeky comments that you inserted…

  3. Thanks!
    Actually I’m not yet started reading ISSTH, but it would’ve been great if you posted the link in the index, just in case somebody wants to look for it in the future =3

    1. bah if they know even remotely how the internet works, and web pages in general once they get to the site here at Wuxia World. Then they would have to be brain dead not to be able to find any of the books though

  4. That was really cool and inspiring! But man, two chapters a day is crazy! I know translating takes a while, but coming up with the story from scratch and making sure that everything ties together in the end is insane! That Chinese work ethic…

  5. seriously, how do the authors come up with 2 chaps a day or more? there is no way i would be able to think up the ideas so quickly without dropping the quality

  6. hmmm which work was first? xian ni or issth???, cuz i freaking hate xian ni XD, it was like he was screaming the mc can get any girl but he is gay :/

    1. Uhh.. What? I don’t understand anything that you said.

      I don’t particularly like Xian Ni that much. It had some potential earlier on, but it kept going around in circles rather than just having the MC kill his arch-nemesis and get it over with and they keep inventing new excuses to drag it on further and further and further.
      The narrator goes on and on and on about how apparently “overpowered” the main character is and yet.. His still bowing down to the type of weaklings who he was bowing down to at the start of the story.

      He can finally deal with the people who were never his biggest problem across the entire story..? Oh my, how impressive.. Not.

      1. hmmm, is it a problem from the translators? i dont think so… author, as azareal says, use like 5 chapters to say owo how awesome so op, and make him lost all his power in the next chapter, and not to mention that the author already says he was awesome in 5 lines in a previous chapter

        azareal there are like tons of chapters that the author says something like this: “there is a nice girl/woman, she is interested in him but he gives shit he wants his damn drug pill” XD

        1. As a Xian Ni fan i have to respond to this.It is indeed quite different than ISSTH eventhought both MC live in the same world , but according to me the biggest difference between both work is the quality of the translation ( just see how long deathblade spend sometimes on a sentance or a word despite his chinese/english level , so you can understand how MT can’t compare with this kind of quality).Now story wise , Xian Ni is not your typical Xianxia , Wang Lin has a really bad talent from scratch ( a bit like Meng Hao) and only achieve good results in cultivation by spending decades training ( inside the bead) with a Spirit severing + level master to help him.The story is much more tragic than ISSTH and Er Gen makes Wang Lin’s life miserable ( entire familly gets butchered + their soul trapped) , but what comes out of it is a cold blooded-revenge seeking – heartless – sex unintersted MC with a unique way of cultivating ( his famous jie realm which allow him to auto kill anyone his level) and the part where he tries to kill the Nascent Soul cultivator who killed his family while being at the foundation building stage is my favorite “arc” ever from any other WN.
          Now I’m glad that we have such a good translator for ISSTH and hope Xian Ni to be seen to completion too because it’s in a league of it’s own.

          1. I really think a lot of readers still haven’t gotten used to reading Xianxia. Most of the complaints I’ve seen about Xian Ni are related to the fact that after 120 chapters the MC basically goes back to zero and loses everything.

            They don’t seem to realise that in many Xianxia (that I’ve read at least) the first 100 – 150 chapters are the prologue. It’s the bit of the movie before the opening credits roll. It’s the Shire segment from Lord of the Rings before Frodo leaves home where they are having birthday parties and handling Bilbo’s inheritance. It’s the 120 chapter training montage from CD before Linley finds out his clan has an enemy who murdered his mother and father. Those 100-150 chapters are there to set the backdrop of everything that happens in the main storyline.

            So Xian Ni’s storyline has only just begun in the translations. We’ve had the exposition explaining the various political factions, what daily life is usually like for cultivators, the MC has had his world come crashing down and only now has he decided to become powerful enough to destroy everyone who stands in his way.

            We have the same problem in Zi Tian Ji, with readers complaining in every single chapter (translation is currently up to approx chap 50) that the MC is still not powerful. Having an MC that is unable to cultivate in a world of superhumans is the entire premise of that story. There’s still another 50 – 100 chapters of prologue to go.

  7. I find it funny that he collects swords… Meng Hao, anyone?
    But really, many thanks for uploading this, Senior Deathblade! It’s very nice to have a video about xianxia on the internet…
    Er Gen really nails what it’s like to be an author in those ending lines, I think.

  8. Er Gen, mah hero!

    I dont understand how he could manage to write 2chapters\day while spending some time on hobbies and strolling around the city “for inspiration”.

    Thanks Deathblade, that was interesting.

  9. WOW! That Beseech the Devil ending spoiler.

    I personally never read the book yet, but I shouldn’t have watched the video either (I can read/write/understand Chinese). That was so sad, and yet I was so mad because that spoiler killed the whole book for me…..

    Anyways, I still read it, thanks deathblade for showing me another one of this guy’s work. I’ll check it out later tonight.

    1. Well you can’t say that I didn’t warn you ;P

      Anyway, yeah pretty cool, wasn’t it? Even knowing the ending, I feel like I might still want to read it.

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