Special Announcement – ISSTH art release

I’m happy to announce that I’ve added character art links to the ISSTH glossary. Click on the Spirit Stone next to an entry to view the picture. Most of the pictures come from the ISSTH mobile game, which I’ve been playing lately specifically to get art to share with all you Fellow Daoists! Depicted characters include Fatty, Han Bei, Ultimate Vexation, Grandmaster Pill Demon and more! Keep in mind most of it is game art, so… take it with a grain of salt. Also, the image of Han Bei is PG-13, so young fans must get the permission of your parents before looking at it. Not doing so would be immoral, and I cannot condone such actions.

35 thoughts on “Special Announcement – ISSTH art release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Cool Thanks!!!

    I was searching desperatly for some ISSTH pics in the internet ( the dao protector of meng hao is so hard to imagine) and now my search is finnaly over ^^.

  2. nice plots there. definitely waifu material. i wonder how she managed to pretend being a man. with boobs like that you can make a village of men happy for two lifetimes.

  3. “Also, the image of Han Bei is PG-13, so…”

    *immediately goes to see the picture before reading the rest*

    Haha, thanks for the art, it’s interesting

  4. I couldnt help but notice that lots of the illustrations looks similar to the dynasty warriors game and i couldnt help but see that the fatty illustration and the grandmaster demon pill illustration are both dynasty warriors characters illustrations (fatty been from wei and grandmaster from shu)

  5. Chu Yuyan – Pretty
    Song Jia – Elegant
    Li Shiqi – Handsome
    Xu Qing – Beautiful
    Han Bei – how the hell that thin piece can stay hanging!?
    So based pic, their sizes ranking Han Bei>Chu Yuyan>Song Jia>Xu Qing>Li Shiqi(?)
    IMO, Fang Mu picture is best Meng Hao picture – a scholar alchemist with robe embossed with cauldron symbol!

  6. Thanks for sharing the cool pictures!
    Amongst Meng Hao, the fang mu version and second MH picture (on a mountain with the bird) are very good depictions. They give of feelings of scholarly wisdom. On the other hand the 1st picture is too express full, gives off a feeling of a master martial artist. The third just does not fit him at all, makes him look like some general going to war.

  7. Talk about disappointment. None of the girls even comes close to Xu Qing.

    As for Meng Hao, I remember seeing one that’s his upper body with a hair ornament. I don’t see it here though.

  8. Wow…Han Bei caught me by surprise….as did Fang Mu. I dig the art style so far 🙂 but i’d personally love a depiction of Meng Hao Mad as hell! Like when he went to save Xu Qing, after all in all of his other depictions he looks so scholarly and calm. I ‘d like to see a different side of him :)…P.S Han Bei for Waifu 2015!…P.P.S Xu Qing for Waifu 2016….P.P.P.S Just go for the harem i’m indecisive…just do it!!!!!!

  9. that picture of Li Fugui…that’s literally Xu Zhu from Dynasty Warriors. If you google “xu zhu dw8” you’ll see that’s 100% Xu Zhu…so is the game just stealing art from other sources?

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