totally not a good announcement

Not an interesting announcement here.

did you know that we have new Patreon tiers? Also, for every patron to the highest tier during these two months, I’ll add one chapter to the queue!


**Tier chapters will only be released in October-Mid October, but ‘effects’ still apply now.

(7/7) + (2/2) Potential Patreon Chapters for the week!

Chapter 50.1

Chapter 50.2 Preview

Translated by: Godbrandy

Edited by: GNE and Kidyeon

We’re at $1290/$1500 towards our next milestone, where I’ll add 1 chapter to the weekly queue (based on that current week’s).

34 thoughts on “totally not a good announcement” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Let’s not get those “clickbait jokes” a generality, I was waiting for an announcement by Ren about the HJC situation plus if it was me I wouldn’t like having my name used to advertise a patreon …

        1. Yep, definitly it is a joke where people laught even if it is a little, it may be simple, but it is fine if it is just done from time to time, some people are here even waiting to see the next one. Your little funny bone needs to grow more and stop being so stiff.

          1. The donators parts wasn’t mean to be the funny part, if i have to tell you even that then i’m spechless. The donators it is just a extra and the translators ALWAYS asking, so you should be used for that, it isn’t like it anyone is forcing you to do anything, they had even give you 4 chapters for free today. If you want to complain for something like minor you as the donation parts you should read the story in its original languaje yourselves.

  1. I really do wanna read all of those DD books but they haven’t finished the translation of the first book so I can’t read them but I surely will in a year when those other guys finish it 😀

        1. bluesilvertranslations is 30 chapters aways from full completion and the other wuxiasite have completed it long ago being translated by Tomato, currently the site has few other novels but still holds DD1 from roughly half till end

  2. RWX wasn’t entertained by translators posting childish post titles before, he won’t be entertained now. I hope you prepared something to soothe your buttocks after he’s done with you…

  3. Okey – heres the thing.
    I think i’m not the only one here who is thinking the same.
    And i do think that translaters should have some ethics too. Especially when theres money involved.
    I do spend 30 dollars total on patreon. Not because i do want to read some hours and some days before others some chapters. Guess what its against buddhism. To get stuck in the same loop , circle or whatever you call it. But i do patreon translators on patreon because i do want some of these novels to get translated. Yeah theres thing that theres some novels which has been dropped which i would like to continue to read – but harsh reality can’t. And we all know that past months Patreon donators has been “dumped ” by RWX and some other translators here. By not getting chapters and get reduced. well. yeah **** that allot. but in the end wuxiaworld is more bussiness.
    And then there comes translators who make some crappy western alt-left movement – like etvolore. And because of her – don’t know what problem was that she started asking oh oh whats my gender. and then started to **** on some of those comments. yeah – it does influenced me not to read anymore SOTR. I can’t stand this alt-left , alt-right bull**** whats going in USA – im not living in USA thanks good, so thats one of reasons why i like reading chinese light novels. I do like reading books .
    Anyway – havent read UTS not so much – just first 20 chaps – yeah kinda was not the best. Well – coiling dragon, stellar transformation first chapters kinda was not the best thing too.
    There are people who can patreon some dollars , and theres allot people who don’t have so much money.

  4. Oh and Qidian – it’s good that it came in market . More light novels. And smart people will still read for free in qidian phone app for free. just need to know loophole.

  5. No hate or anything, but i never understood your patreon goals, it’s like…. you get more money, so you can add 1 more chapter to the queue which you also get paid for? what’s that? moneyception?

    1. As far as I know, it’s like adding on an chapter to the schedule (3 chapter a week becomes 4 chapters a week or whatever). You have to keep in mind that translators lead normal lives and have bills to pay and family to support and with Patreon people can pay the translators a constant income and it becomes more like a job, where they can drop their previous job (if they had one) and have more time to translate more chapters. It’s like the difference between part-time and full-time jobs. IDK, that’s how I see it anyway.

    2. (Kidyeon) Nobody has to pay us anything to receive chapters. We release (normally) 7 chapters a week at base. However, people can choose to pay a certain amount of money to read ahead x chapters (based on how much they pay). This is so that we get at least some renumeration for the hours it takes to translate and edit these chapters.

      These patreon goals are bonuses we provide as a sort of thanks to those who’ve chosen to support us, which affects everyone who reads the novel. This special thing we’re doing right now is us trying to temporarily add a bit of icing on the cake for those that support us, in that for every single person that DOES pledge the required goal, we’ll add another chapter to the bonus queue.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Okay enough with the complaining here about the money here is the truth. Some of us enjoy UTS and others however due to the fact we have only two choices to read it online we have to deal with their patreon habbit. is decent for getting the right words but they don’t have someone adjust the sentences so that it doesnt sound like a two year old trying to talk. and our other choice is here. which is good but takes forever however atleast its able to be translated. since there doesnt seem to be anyone else out there translating it.

  7. There is nothing wrong with announcing things about patreon; infact you have all rights to do that. Anyone who says otherwise will be flooded with comments from others.
    I dont follow this novel. But I saw two posts like this in one hour. Fine. But if you use ren’s name, it starts becoming irksome. So..this might have become a little overboard.

  8. Hi!

    $50 Patreon here. It’s great that you have added new Patreon tiers but can you post the chapters owed to the current Patreon tiers?

    Time spent on keeping your current word/Patreon tiers chapters updated (ex.. always 10 chapters ahead) rather than coming up with new tiers would be greatly appreciated.


    1. No worries. In fact, I actually have.
      If you take a look at the current tiers, I’ve always been ahead of the current translations by 10 chapters. I tend to update Patreon a teeny bit earlier than the actual release so you guys are 12-13 chapters ahead so that Kidyeon can post the chapters whilst I sleep. Even though i haven’t updated it in Patreon yet, you guys are actually ahead of the TLs.

      EDIT: My bad. I actually forgot to update it this time around. I’ve always kept my Patrons updated within 5 hours of the actual chapters released.

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