Spam bot problems

Dear readers, lately, we’ve being suffering a massive number of problems in our mail servers related to spam accounts. Basically, those were caused by a LOT of spam bots registering accounts in wuxiaworld. This was somewhat common, but in recent days, the number of fake accounts was off the charts. To give you an idea, those bots made up for 50% of the total registrations.

The good news, adding a simple captcha in the registration form should reduce the impact of those bots by a huge margin. So from now on, the number of fake accounts created is going to be much lower, and I’ll be able to handle those manually by myself.

The bad news is that in the process of getting rid of the tons of bot users, some user accounts were reported as false positives, and deleted along those. So if for any reason, you are unable to log in with your account, it’s quite likely you were one of the false positives. The number of false positives should be arround 1% of the total deletions, but still, it’s not a pleasant thing to have your account deleted for no reason.

So I want to personally apologize for the inconveniences this can cause to those users, and to ask you for your comprehension. We’ll do our best so this does not happen again in the future.


EDIT: To those whose account was deleted, send me an email to [email protected], telling me your username and email, and I’ll try to manually restore them.



49 thoughts on “Spam bot problems” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Because the site is pretty popular. Spambots are a problem that every blog has, but we didn’t have the proper measures in place.

      1. true… lizards always envy the dragons… and now, Ren will put on the Coiling Dragon Ring to protect our beloved website from spam attacks… hehe…

  1. Well, those deleted accounts should just feel like the Chosen Ones 😀
    Take it easy with this kind of bother, don’t let it affect your mood ! Have a good day !

  2. thanks for your hard work. sad that we had a spam problem, apparently, i got flagged for a while while trying to post. it is fine now though, i think it was just the site telling me to get my lazy ass back to work ^^

    1. It looks like a screen from cloudflare, but they should show you an identifier in order to search for the cause. We have no control over cloudflare’s rules. Well, we can disable them, but normally there is a cause for that to happen. If you can find the identifier, I’ll gladly try to find what happened.

      Deleting your cookies usually works if you get blocked for some reason.

    2. most of the time, i got that ‘blocked’ message if i were to include html tags in the comment. not frequent though. usually happen during first hour of posted chapter or so.

      the workaround i took if such were to happen is remove all the tags, hit ‘post comment’ to let it load the comment first, and re-add the html tags later with edit comment. it works 100% of the time >.<

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe we’ve set the sentitivity of the WAF a bit too high after all those DDoS attacks.

        We’ll consider lowering it if the problem persists.

  3. Hmm well i guess i can’t be deleted as i’m using my wordpress account. Though when i tried to login it said something about a missing token? Idk what the problem was. Anyway, hope that your problem gets fixed after this, and you don’t have many false positives!

  4. I am one of the fortunate majority!
    Seriously though, spam bots, go away. You aren’t wanted here. I haven’t really seen any comments by them either… so I don’t get why they would be made in the first place.

  5. My account is fine, but i really want to know the story/meaning of your username. I mean come on, unless you just typed some random stuff in, Yn5an3 seems like it’s got something behind it. I also have realized how intrusive this might be, but curiosity did in fact…kill the cat.

    1. That’s known as 1337, or leet. It happened a looong time ago, so I don’t really remember why did I … Oh, nevermind, I remember now ^^. But it’s kinda embarrassing to explain hahah. Let’s just say it can be read as “insane”. Tthe Y is an intentional thing, but it’s not easily distinguishable in English, that’s part of the fun. In Spanish, the sound made by the “y” letter, at the present (let’s leave it at that, this is not an Spanish lecture xD) it sounds like “i”.

      133+ !5 |#|_||\\|

      That’s called “ultimate leet” xD. It’s not the most common one anyways, and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve never seen a sentence for years. It’s a remnant once thriving underground community. But I guess this, as every other aspect in life, got wiped out by homogenization. After the internet got more and more accessible, those things were left in the past. Nowadays, script kiddies use it, to try to look like hackers, or anyone wanting no search engine to be able to understand his words.

      It’s the same as asking, how many of you use IRC. Not really that many, I’m sure. And IRC is a LOT more common that leet, incomparably more.

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