SOTR Glossary

Jiang family

Jiang Chen (江塵): Main protagonist. Son of the Celestial Emperor in his past life and son of a duke of an ordinary kingdom in his current life. Born with a yin constitution and thus could not train in his past life, but gained the potential to do so in his present life

Jiang Feng (江楓): Father of Jiang Chen and duke of Jiang Han province in the Eastern Kingdom

Jiang Fu (江福): Head steward of Jiang Han manor

Jiang He (江賀): Direct grandson of Elder Xi

Jiang Tong (江桐): The younger brother that Jiang Feng relied most heavily on, Jiang Chen’s third uncle. Honest, sincere and contained.

Elder Xi (溪老): Clan elder with the longest record of service

Jiang Xiong (江雄): Son of Elder Xi

Jiang Ying (江鷹): Jiang Feng’s right hand man and loyal vassal. Leader of the Jiang family Iron Guard

Jiang Yu (江雨): Jiang Tong’s son. Fragile and slim, calls Jiang Chen brother.

Jiang Zheng (江正): MC’s long suffering steward/body servant

Yinglan Tribe (應藍): Tribe of Jiang Chen’s mother, controlled by the Lan family

Jiang Chen’s Personal Guard

Bi Yun (畢云): Iron Mountain Tribe of the Jiang Han territory

Guo Jin (郭進): Grandson of royal tutor Guo Shun. Father was labeled a deserter and thus he grew up in abject poverty and shame

Ke Mu (柯牧): Summer Tribe of the Jiang Han territory, six meridians true qi

Qiao Chuan (喬川): Qiao Baishi’s nephew, brothers with Qiao Shan

Qiao Shan (喬山): Qiao Baishi’s nephew, brothers with Qiao Chuan

Shen Yifan (沈一帆): Jade Dragon Tribe of the Jiang Han territory, six meridians true qi

Wen Ziqi (溫子琪) : Newest disciple of the North Sect of the Star Argus Palace. 15/16 years old with a delicate and exquisitely wrought body

Xue Tong (薛同): Son of Jiang Chen’s mother’s younger sister


Celestial Emperor: Father of Jiang Chen in his previous life

Sectmistress Jade (玉夫人): Sectmistress of the North Sect of the Star Argus Palace in the Large Rock County

Jing Cai’er (荊彩兒): Daughter of Jing Man, seven meridians true qi

Chief Jing Man (酋長): Chief of the Redbud Tribe

Han Li (韓力): An ordinary person in Jiang Chen’s past life who had been born without a spirit base, but became the strongest in his world and ascended to the world of immortals in the end

Lu Boyu (陸伯鈺): Disciple of the South Sect of the Star Argus Palace

Ma Datong (馬大同): Du Ruhai’s best friend

Mang Qi (蟒奇): Spirit level beast in the Boundless Catacombs, swore an oath of allegiance to Jiang Chen if Jiang Chen could free him

Ouyang Fei (歐陽菲): Disciple of the North Sect in the Star Argus Palace. Flighty, lovesick personality

Qian Ji (千機老人): An old man with wondrous fortune telling abilities. His divination sent Elder Shun and Huang’er to the Eastern Kingdom

Shen Rong (沈戎): Sectmaster of the South Sect in Star Argus Palace. 40 years old

Sheng brothers: Four brothers from commander Tiandu’s Sheng battalion

Spirit alchemist (靈藥師)

Xiao Ma (小馬): Man loyal to Du Ruhai

Xie Qiang (謝強): Member of the South Sect of Star Argus Palace

Xue Sha (血煞): Boss killer of the Hidden Hand killers hired to kill Jiang Chen

**TL Note regarding names: Most character surnames are tied in with their dukedoms, ie. Hubing Yue and Hubing dukedom, Jiang Chen and Jiang Han dukedom (his dukedom name is separated into two words because he’s the MC and only Jiang is reflected in his name). For Xuan fatty, Xuan is his name and fatty is his game (™ by Kidyeon). I would surmise his full name is Jin Xuan Xuan (gosh that’s so girly)

Eastern Kingdom Dukes and Nobles

Bai Zhanyun (白戰雲): Heir to White Tiger Dukedom

Boss Song (宋老闆): Owner of Turquoise Hall

Courtmaster Wang (汪苑主): Grand Courtmaster of the Pill King Garden

Du Ruhai (杜如海): Assistant Keeper, one of the main organizers of the Hidden Dragon Trials. Second in command but first in terms of actual power

Duke of Tianshui: Nameless duke who has a strong rivalry with Jiang Feng

Examiner Hua (華考官): Examiner in charge of “The Papers of Military Strategy” (兵道篇)

Examiner Zhao (趙考官): Examiner in charge of “The Articles of Spirit Medicine”

Minster Fan (兵部范尚書): Minister of War

Guo Shun (郭順): Princess Gouyu’s first martial dao tutor

Hong Chunlei (洪春雷): Duke of Vermillion Bird dukedom

Hong Tiantong (洪天童): Heir to Vermillion Bird dukedom

Hubing Yue (壺丘岳): Best friends with Jiang Chen and heir to Hubing dukedom

Organizer Ma (馬總管): Middle aged organizer for the Hidden Dragon Trials

Ouyang Ping (歐陽平): Heir to the Sunchaser dukedom

Shui Qingshu (水青樹): Heir to Tianshui dukedom

Xuan Xuan (軒軒): aka Fatty Xuan. A person shaped like a meatball and best friends with Jiang Chen. Heir to Jinshan dukedom

Xuan Yuan (宣袁): Six meridians true qi, sudden contender for heir to Jinshan dukedom

Yang Zong (楊宗): Former best friends with Jiang Chen, didn’t support him in the beginning of the novel

Yan Jiuzhuang (燕九莊): Duke of Yanmen dukedom, at odds with Jiang Han

Yan Yiming (燕一鳴): Bully and heir to Yanmen dukedom

Yi Taichu (易太初): Heir to Black Tortoise Dukedom

Vice Minister Zhang (戶部張侍郎): Vice Minister in the Ministry of Revenue

Zhou Tan (周坦): Young boss of a the premier Zhou money house in the capital, from which Guo Jing borrowed money from for his mother’s illness

Eastern Royal Family

Ceremonial guards (金瓜武士): Guards wielding a weapon in front of the Aurum Imperial Hall. Symbolizes royal power

Eastern Lin (東方麟): Eastern Lu’s son

Eastern Lu (東方鹿): King of the Eastern Kingdom

Eastern Jun (東方駿): Gouyu’s elder brother, heir to the kingdom when he fell to betrayal and an ambush

Eastern Zhiruo (東方芷若): The princess of Eastern Kingdom and Eastern Lu’s daughter, suffering from a body with a yin constitution

Gouyu (勾玉): Eastern Lu’s sister, main organizer of the Hidden Dragon Trials

Wei Tiandu (衛天都): Trusted commander of the Tiandu army for Eastern royal family

Xia Ting (夏庭): Eunuch to Eastern Lu

Sixteen Kingdom Alliance: Purple Sun Sect

Ceng Shi (曾師): First senior brother/personal disciple beneath Master Shuiyue

Chu Xinghan (楚星漢): Second ranked personal disciple of Master Shuiyue

Hai Tian (海天): Third ranked personal disciple beneath Master Shuiyue

He Yan (何晏): Fourth ranked personal disciple beneath Master Shuiyue

Lei Gangyang (雷罡陽): Strongest disciple amongst the younger generation. Born with a soul of fire and thunder essence (炎雷靈體)

Luo Huang (羅煌): One of the genius disciples of the sect, one of Master Zhenyang’s disciples

Ouyang Jiang : First level candidate in the earth quadrant, number 23 out of 60 first level disciples. Cheng Lan and Cheng Zhen’s older cousin

Master Shuiyue (水月大師): One of the nine great elders of the sect, ranking in the top ten of the sect

Xu Zhen (徐振): One of Master Shuiyue’s ten major disciples. Long Juxue’s junior brother

Yu Jie (余玠): One of Master Shuiyue’s ten major disciples, low ranking. 22 or 23 years old. Long Juxue’s senior brother, wields the Autumn Water Sword (秋水劍)

Spiritual Master Zixu (紫旭真人): Sect head

Eastern Kingdom Soaring Dragon Family

Long Er (龍二): Long Yi’s younger brother

Long Juxue (龍居雪): Daughter of Long Teng, invited to join the Purple Sun Sect, possesses an azure phoenix constitution (青鸞之體)

Long Yinye (龍吟野): Son of Long Teng, Long Juxue’s brother

Long Zhaofeng (龍騰): Number one ranked duke in Eastern Kingdom, great ambitions to take over the kingdom

Long San (龍三): Soaring Dragon underling, ten meridians true qi. Sent to kill Jiang Chen

Long Yi (龍一): Long San’s brother and hired Hidden Hand to kill Jiang Chen in the third Hidden Dragon Trial

Zhang Qi (章七): A death warrior under Long San’s command. The only one to escape Jiang Chen’s initial attack of throwing daggers

Eastern Kingdom Hall of Healing

Administrator He (何執事): Administrator (acts like a store manager)

Elder Blue (藍長老): Elder in the Hall of Healing

Huang’er: Eldder Shun’s granddaughter, suffering from internal ailment

Qiao Baishi (喬白石): Third hallmaster in the Hall of Healing

Song Tianxing (宋天星): Lord hallmaster in Hall of Healing

Third hallmaster (三殿主): Third highest ranked person in the Hall of Healing

Elder Shun (舜老): Foreigner, resident expert in the Hall of Healing

Wang Li (王離): Fourth hallmaster in the Hall of Healing, previously overshadowed by Qiao Baishi

Elder Ying (應無憂): Ying Wuyou, good friend of Qiao Baishi

Yue Qun (岳群): Second hallmaster in the Hall of Healing

Darkmoon Kingdom

Qi Can (齊參): Envoy from the Darkmoon Kingdom

Ren Feilong (任飛龍): First general of the kingdom, known for his godly tactics in war and brutality

Skylaurel Kingdom Royal Family and Related

Dan Fei (丹妃): Girl adopted by Tutor Ye since young and treated like a grandchild

Gu (古): Captain of the eleventh team of the Yellow Winged Dragonteeth Guard, commands ten thousand men

Ling Feng (靈風): One of second prince Ye Qiao’s men, adept in the habits of spirit creatures

Ling Shi (靈石): One of second prince Ye Qiao’s men

Ling Xuan (靈玄): One of second prince Ye Qiao’s men

Tang Long (唐攏): Wyvern Knight on the border, home within the capital

Tang Zhong (唐重): Tang Long’s younger brother

Wyvern Knight (翼龍騎士): Aerial border guards

Xue San (血三): Part of the Hidden Hand killer organization, here to avenge Xue Sha’s death

Ye Chonglou (葉重樓): Spirit king protector of the kingdom, tutor of the princes

Ye Dai (葉岱): First prince of the Skylaurel Kingdom

Ye Hao (葉壕): Fifth prince of the Skylaurel Kingdom

Ye Qiao (葉橋): Second prince of the Skylaurel Kingdom

Ye Rong (葉融): Fourth prince of the Skylaurel Kingdom

Ye Zheng (葉錚): Third prince of the Skylaurel Kingdom

Yellow Winged Lesser Dragons (黃翼牙龍): Steeds for the Wyvern Knights

Yu Dui (余隊): Tang Long’s comrades in the Wyvern Knights

Skylaurel Kingdom: Four Great Sites

Bei (貝大人): Administrator in charge of penalties and punishments for the Northern Palace

Fei Xuan (費玄): Head instructor of the Qingyang Valley. Eccentric personality, later promoted to senior executive

Feng Yan (封炎): Disciple of the Myriad Treasures Palace

Senior brother Kuang (鄺師兄): Of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace

Lin Qianli (凌千里): Core disciple of the Southern Palace. Accompanied Prince Ye to Tutor Ye’s birthday banquet

Liu Can (劉燦): A womanly youth who chased after Jiang Chen during the latter’s trip to the capital and has just entered the spirit realm

Liu Chengfeng (柳乘風): Head of the Northern Palace

Ning Qingyan (青煙): Elder of the Southern Palace who had a wish of wanting to remain youthful forever and fell in love with Qiao Baishi. Her mother disapproves of the match

Shi Xiaoyao (石逍遙): Vice head of the Myriad Treasures Palace

Xiao Yu (蕭羽): One of the three great geniuses of the Northern Palace, wanting to marry Elder Ning

Yi Qiansui (易千隨): A senior disciple of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace

Zhang Meng (張蒙): Northern Palace disciple that sought to make trouble for Jiang Chen and was beaten to death

Zhuge Yan (諸葛言): Head of Myriad Treasures Palace

Skylaurel Kingdom: Dragonteeth Guard

Dragonteeth Guard (龍牙衛): Guard is divided into ten troops with a general and vice general assigned to each troop. There are ten large squadrons beneath each troop, with each squadron numbering ten thousand. There’s one commander and two vice commanders for each squadrons. General director > three vice directors > ten generals > ten vice generals > commanders > vice commanders (副大隊長) > lieutenants > captains (commands a team 小分隊)

Members start off as interns > ninth rank >>> first rank > captain (小隊長) > lieutenant (中隊長) > commander (大隊長)

Lu Wuji (律無忌, 律都統): Vice general of the Dragonteeth Guard, close relations to a vice director of the Guard and with the Northern Palace

Qi Fengxian (戚奉先): General of the seventh troop and Yang Zhao’s confidante

Qi Tiannan (齊天楠): Vice director of the Dragonteeth Guard, ranked number three

Shangguan Yi (上官翼): General director of the Dragonteeth Guard

Tian Shao (田大隊長): A commander in the Dragonteeth Guard

Xin Wudao (辛無道): Dragonteeth Guard

Yang Zhao (楊昭): Vice director in the Dragonteeth Guard. General Lu’s uncle

Zhou Kai (周圭): First vice director of Dragonteeth Guard, second to only the general director

Shangyang Kingdom

Wu Hong (巫鴻): Crown prince, very ambitious

Wu Tan (巫坦): King, very ambitious, honorary Purple Sun Sect elder

Tian Shu, De Qi, Lie Feng, and Cheng Yun (天樞、地奇、烈風、乘云): Nationa’s four great warriors

Skylaurel Kingdom: Precious Tree Sect

Members of the four great sites are outer disciples. Disciples within the Precious Tree Sect were divided into: true > personal > core > inner. Each level was further divided into one star to nine stars

Chen Li (陳立): Second level spirit realm. Hired by Ye Dai during the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt

Four Esteemed Elders (太上長老): Four venerated elders within the Sect

Four Seasons Hall (四季堂):

Hall of law enforcement(執法堂)

Han Xianke (韓仙客): One of the five pill geniuses of the Four Seasons Hall

Iron Can (鐵燦長老): Elder in charge of overseeing the end of the Autumn Maze, threatened to blacklist Jiang Chen

Iron Chuanfeng (鐵傳風): Fourth level disciple in the mystic quadrant of the second selection

Iron Dazhi (鐵達志): Nephew of Iron Can and grandson of Iron Long, wields the Black Dragon Halberd (黑龍長戟)

Iron Long (鐵隆): Father of Elder Iron, one of the four esteemed elders within the sect, head of the Long family

Iron Yong (鐵墉): Iron Can’s older brother who accidentally passed away when Iron Dazhi was young

Li Yuan (李遠): Vice sect head, ninth level spirit realm

Xie Tianshu (謝天樹宗主): Head of the Precious Tree Sect, head of the Xie family

Wang You (王侑): Senior executive of the sect, Elder Iron’s man

Yang Xiaoqian (楊小倩): Yang Zhao’s younger sister and wife of Elder Iron

Zhou Yi (周逸): Elder Iron’s personal disciple and of the earth spirit realm before the age of 30, nicknamed Sword of Cloud and Wind (風云劍)

Sixteen Kingdom Alliance: Myriad Spirit Sect

Luo Xi (羅夕): Myriad Spirit Sect genius, sky quadrant

Wang Tuo (王駝): Vice head

Yuan Qinglu (元青鹿): Final 16

Sixteen Kingdom Alliance: Flowing Wind Sect

Icemist (冰嵐): Origin realm forefather

Jiang Rou (江柔): Vice head

Shi Yunyun (師云云): Top sect genius, sky quadrant

Great Selection

Senior brother Cheng Lan (成蘭師兄): Fourth level spirit realm. Purple Sun Sect

Cheng Zhen (成真): Senior brother Chen’s older cousin. Purple Sun Sect

Daoyan (道言): Senior uncle in the Purple Sun Sect

Guo Ren (郭仁): First seed in the mystic quadrant. Purple Sun Sect

Lian Canghai (連滄海): Fifth seed in sky quadrant. Precious Tree Sect
Liu Wencai (劉文采): First level candidate in the mystic quadrant, seventh seed. Myriad Spirit Sect

Lu Yali (陸亞離): Little fatty of the Myriad Spirit Sect, often called Lu Pear (陸鴨梨) because his body is shaped like a pear

Tang Hong (湯洪): Precious Tree Sect, sky quadrant

Xiao Fei (小飛): Candidate number two in the first selection

Xie Yufan (謝雨凡): Genius of the Xie family, Precious Tree Sect

Myriad Domain

Dark North Sect (北冥宗)

Great Cathedral (大圣堂)

Sacred Sword Palace (圣劍宮)

Walkabout Sect (逍遙宗)


Long Xiaoxuan (龍小玄): Dragon that Jiang Chen runs into

Myriad Domain: Regal Pill Palace

Chang Feng (長風): Elder

Dan Chi (丹池): Palace head. His body slender and his complexion as clear as jade, as if a baby’s face. He had a natural pair of phoenix eyes and looked quite gentle and tender, giving one the impression of a girl when they first looked at him.

Jin Gu (金谷): Elder, Hallmaster of the Hall of Spring and Autumn

Gong Yue (龔玥): Inner disciple, ninth level spirit realm

Hall of Might (本武堂): One of the top three halls in the sect

Hall of Spring and Autumn (春秋堂): Hall to request missions

Jun Mobai (君墨白)

Lian Cheng (連城): Hallmaster of the Hall of Might, Shen Qinghong’s master. Owns the Skypeak Cauldron (天極鼎)

Ling Bi’er (凌壁兒): First in pill dao before Jiang Chen and Mu Gaoqi appeared. Resident in the Sovereign Area, one of the four kings

Ling Hui’er (凌惠兒): Little girl highly favored to win a residence in the Sovereign Area, Ling Bi’er’s younger sister

Ling Su (凌肅): Ling Bi’er and Ling Hui’er’s father, afflicted with the Divine Befuddlement Miasma after venturing into a forbidden area by mistake

Linghu Xian (令狐閑): Elder in charge of the Herbal Hall (本草堂), white hair and a young face

Linghu Feng (令狐風): Lineal grandson of Linghu Xian, top three favored to win the contest for residences in Sovereign Area

Lu Duan (呂端): Hallmaster of the Hall of Refinement

Mt. Great Drum (大鼓山): Residence of the inner disciples

Mt. Rippling Mirage PIll Battles (幻波山斗丹)

Rippling Mirage Hall (幻波大殿): A great hall erected by the Myriad Empire

Mu Gaoqi (木高棋): Newest core disciple to enter the Rosy Valley before Jiang Chen, natural born wood constitution (天生木靈體)

Nie Chong (聶沖)

Ouyang Chao (歐陽超): Lineal grandson of Ouyang De, favored to win contests for residences in Sovereign Area

Ouyang De (歐陽德): Elder in Herbal Hall

Hall of Refinement (煉器堂): Specializes in weapon forging. It ranks sixth amongst the nine halls of the Regal Pill Palace

Regal Pill Palace (丹乾宮): Possesses five treasured cauldrons: Skyscatter, Skyweave, Skypeak, Skyorigin, and Skywood Cauldron (天衍鼎,天梭鼎,天極鼎,天元鼎,天木鼎)

Rong Zifeng (戎子峰): Eight level origin realm

Rosy Valley (丹霞谷): Valley in which the sect cleaved out multiple residences for their core disciples, contains the Soaring Clouds, Peerless, Sky Pillar, and Sovereign areas (凌云區、無雙區、擎天區還有至尊區)

Skyweave Cauldron (天梭鼎): One of the top five cauldrons in Regal Pill Palace history

Shen Qinghong (沈青鴻): Regal PIll Palace genius in the Sovereign Area

Shen Anyang: Shen Qinghong’s follower, refined three sources of fire into himself. Also known as Shen Trifire (申三火)

Wang Yue (望岳): Vice Hallmaster of the Herbal Hall

Wen Lang (聞朗): Elder sent to the Precious Tree Sect to talk of an alliance

Xuan Zhen (玄針): Vice head, second level sage realm. He has a head full of silver hair and a face as expressionless as a zombie’s

Yan Hongtu (言宏圖): Master of the Soaring Clouds area in the Rosy Valley (丹霞谷凌云區)

Yun Nie (云涅): One of three venerated elders on the elder council, Hallmaster of the Herbal Hall (本草堂)

Zheng Le (張烈): Inner disciple, ninth level spirit realm


Myriad Domain: Sacred Sword Palace

Feng Wanjian (馮萬劍)

Myriad Domain: Great Cathedral

Xu Gang (許罡): From the Sacred Lion family

Yue Pan (岳蟠): From the Sacred Lion family, earth origin realm

Myriad Domain: Tristar Sect

Gao Yi (高逸)

Lin Feng (林鋒)

Senior sect head Zhu (祝): The most senior out of the three sect heads

Star and Moon Glyph (星月符)

Myriad Domain: Walkabout Sect

\aster (上人)

Upper Eight Regions: Sky Sect

Ninesuns Sky Sect (九陽天宗)

Feng Beidou (封北斗): Tenth rank inspector

Purple Light Division (紫光分舵): Former Purple Sun Sect of the sixteen kingdom alliance

Gu Xiong (古雄): Second rank inspector, peak of spirit realm

Hua Qianxhan (華千山): Ninth rank inspector

Wu Chen (武辰): Ninth level spirit realm, one star embroidered on his chest

Zuo Lan (左藍): Rank four inspector (四級巡查使者)

Sixteen Kingdom Alliance General

“The Annals of Mountains and Rivers” (山河志)”: A book recording the structure of Jiang Chen’s world and chronicles the territories, powers, and cultures as well.

Azure phoenix constitution: A rare constitution that first needs to have the evil humors of extreme yin purged from it (

Bell of the Waking Dragon (醒龍鐘)

Carnal Prayer Mat: Ancient Chinese porn novel

Da Yu bow (大禹弓): Four times refined bow that Ye Rong gave to Jiang Chen when recruiting him

Drum of the Shocking Dragon (驚龍鼓)

Enigmatic cloud wood (玄云原木): Wood that possesses a yin character

Ethereal Soothing Melody (仙籟妙音): Same effects as the “Sacred Liberation Mantra” but can be performed by multiple instruments

Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon (鳳蛟五翼獸): Dragon’s head, two wings on its back, but its tail was like a phoenix with three wings on its rump

Four treasures of the study (文房四寶): Writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper

Great selection of the sects (宗門大選): A regular selection held by the four great sects of the sixteen kingdoms that comes about once every five or ten years. Jiang Chen happened to run into one in which three thousand mundane practitioners would be selected to enter the sects, a great increase compared to the usual one thousand. The great selection has been divided into the first and second selection.

The first selection is open to mundane practitioners, in which ten thousand would be selected from four hundred thousand people. There are five trials within the first selection, first – trial of the heart, second – trial of talent, third – trial of potential, fourth – trial of combat and fifth – trial of fortune.

Trial of the heart was to pass the path of rebirth in ten days.

Trial of talent was to choose several tests to ascertain one’s talents. The test of martial dao talent tested one’s control, grasp, and mastery of the five elements. Participants are to choose between difficulty levels of easy (lesser spirit potential), intermediate (intermediate spirit potential), and difficult (superior spirit potential). The difficult level caverns are embodied with a spirit vein of the heavenly attribute.

Trial of endurance and potential takes place on the Endless Mountain. There are ten thousand steps in the mountain, divided into ten floors. The level of floors and steps you can take will partition your endurance and potential. 5th floor: pass. 6th floor: above average. 7th: excellent. 8th: genius. 9th: on par with geniuses of four sects. 10th: not even the geniuses of the four sects can make it here. Refining the magnetic heart (元磁之心) after passing the test on the tenth floor will allow one to refine the mountain.

Trial of combat – a stone marker displays the martial art technique called “Obscure Seal of Life and Death” (青冥生死印). Candidates have three days to mentally practice it, and enter the Great Hall of Life and Death (青冥大殿) after three days to be tested. Seals of the “Obscure Seal of Life and Death”: Seal of Hellfire (地獄幽火印), Seal of Frostchill (寒冰凝真印)

Trial of fortune – Valley of Destruction (明滅谷) in which fortune and risk were equally scattered. No one was eliminated in this trial, and there were no rules. The only goal was to stay alive. The Divine Tree of Dreams (夢神之木)

Once selected, the victors will enter a second selection with the sect disciples. This stage will run for three years and select the best 64 disciples, with a final 16 being chosen from that and gain the status as the personal disciples of the origin realm forefathers of the sects.

Earth quadrant – candidates fight in the following five rings: ring of gravity, ring of fire, ring of ice, ring of thorns, and ring of spirit devouring

Sky quadrant – foundation exam of the heart takes place in the Divine Maze Tower (迷神塔)

The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement (諸天萬靈鎖神大陣): A formation starting from the fourth level of the Boundless Catacombs downwards that prevents any creature within spirit dao from leaving

Heritage of memories (傳承記憶)

Hidden Death (追命暗門): Killer organization not from Eastern Kingdom, employed to kill Jiang Chen

Hidden Dragon Trials (潛龍榜): Examinations that take place every 20 years testing the heirs of each dukedom. Dukedoms were retained only if the heir passed. The four great dukes were allowed to have two candidates each, with the more optimal score being recorded

First foundational exam: Candidate must be at least the true qi realm

Second foundational exam: Practice Eastern Amethyst Qi until candidate reaches perfection level and maintain it for an hour in a room filled with level four sword aura

Third foundational exam: Theoretical exam testing “The Articles of Martial Arts”, “The Articles of Spirit Medicine”, “The Papers of Power and Influence”, and “The Papers of Military Strategy” (《武學篇》、《靈藥篇》、《權術篇》、《兵道篇》)

Final examinations: Candidates receive two chances to apply for missions of 1 – 9 different ranks. Failure to complete both applications leads to automatic forfeiture of the dukedom, to be replaced by an aristocratic family. Once the initial ranking is determined, combat competition commences to determine final rankings

Maze Realm Autumn Hunt (迷境秋獵)

Message glyph (傳音符)

Millionditch Stonenest (萬壕石窩): Unique dimension that can hold millions of Goldbiter Rats in the space of a fist sized lump of rock

Myriad Spirit Sect (萬靈宗): One of the four great sects in the sixteen kingdom alliance. Origin realm practitioner Ninelion (九獅尊者)

Nine Magnificence Dew Wine (九華玉露酒): Properly known as Nineflower Dew Wine (九花玉露酒)

Phenomenon of Dragons and Tigers (龍虎氣象)

Purple Sun Sect (紫陽宗): Lead sect of the four sects of the sixteen kingdoms, venerated elder Sunchaser (追楊) who possesses a fire spirit constitution (火靈之體)

Rare Jade Fruit (玉奇果): A fruit that grows in Mang Qi’s quarters in the Boundless Catacombs, will raise the level of training of ordinary practitioners by one level, no strings attached

Royal engraved dragon medallion: A token that allows the holder to freely enter and exit the palace, does not have to kowtow when meeting the king

Sacred Deliverance Mantra (梵音渡魂咒): suppresses interference within the soul and calms souls when chanted

Skysilk Armor: Gift from Princess Gouyu, made from the silk worms in barbarian territory

Six Panel Door (六扇門):

Swordteeth Flying Fox (劍齒飛狐): A cub was offered as a birthday present to Ye Chonglou

Tempered body (金身之體): a body which has been forged and trained, a natural line of defense

Yin constitution: a body in which yin and yang are out of balance. Yin reigns supreme in a Yin body and the owner cannot be a practitioner

Myriad Domain General

Myriad Domain Hidden Dragon Trials (萬象潛龍榜):

Myriad Empire: The Myriad Domain used to have a royal family until one of them raped a girl from the Upper Eight Regions, leading to the royal clan’s demise

Myriad Grand Ceremony (萬象大典): Memorial for the late Myriad Empire, held once every thirty years

Paramount Realm (萬象極境): A place in which the emperor realm experts enter at the end of their lives, releasing the final essence of their existence, and leaving behind their own heritage, their life’s work, treasures, and matters of their life. The top 100 in the MD Hidden Dragon Trials may enter


A universe of a thousand universes, 32 lower regions, 16 middle regions, and 8 upper regions (大千世界大,下域三十二,中域一十六,上域共有八)

Aquarius Maze Realm (寶瓶迷境): One of two maze realms held by the Precious Tree Sect of the Skylaurel Kingdom, with 3 – 5 times difficulty of the regular Maze Realm

Aurum Imperial Hall (金鑾殿): Eastern Lu’s throne room

Autumn Crane (松鶴樓): Tavern in which Three Laugh Powder was slipped into Jiang Chen’s food and drink

Azure Heaven Northern Palace (乾藍北宮): One of the Precious Tree Sect’s secular places where rites are performed in the Skylaurel Kingdom. Its people are arrogant and domineering

Bayun Valley (巴云谷): Mountain valley on the Darkmoon Kingdom border next to the Eastern Kingdom

Black Tortoise (玄武): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom, ranked fourth. Name is also one of the four major constellation divisions

Boundless Catacombs (無盡地窟): Located in the northeast of the Eastern Kingdom, endless catacombs that had never been fully explored.

Darkmoon Kingdom (黑月王國):One of the members of the sixteen kingdoms alliance, contiguous to the Eastern Kingdom, it’s always eyed its neighbor coveteously

Eternal Spirit Mountain (不滅靈山): Located within the legacy realm and accessible after passing the first selection, three years of cultivation within it is equivalent to thirty years in the outside world. Further divided into four quadrants, sky spirit quadrant, earth spirit quadrant, mystic spirit quadrant, yellow spirit quadrant (天靈區,地靈區,玄靈區,黃靈區). Candidates are further divided into first, second, third, fourth levels (甲乙丙丁)

Four great sites of the Precious Tree Sect in the Skylaurel Kingdom: Azure Heaven Northern Palace (west), Azure Heaven Southern Palace (south), Qingyang Palace (central), and Myriad Treasures Palace (多寶道場) (capital)

Legacy Territory of Ancient Times (遠古遺境): Where the second selection of the sixteen kingdoms were held

Million Range Bluesky Mountain (萬里青冥山)

Myriad Domain (萬象疆域): Territory of humans and has more than ten large factions within it. Desolate wildlands (荒蠻之地) – the label given to areas that are deemed useless and kicked out of the Myriad Domain, becoming the food for alien races

Pill King Garden (丹王苑): Competitor to Hall of Healing, used to have a business deal with the Jiang Han duchy. Hierarchy: Grand courtmaster (大苑主)

Garden of Returning Spring: Brothel

Hall of Healing: Pharmacy and place of healing. Market leader for pills in the Eastern Kingdom. Hierarchy: Lord hallmaster > second hallmaster > third hallmaster. Hallmasters > Administrators

Hall of the Nine Underworlds: A time honored store that specialized in printing paper money to burn for the dead

Hubing (虎兵): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom

Jian Han (江漢): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom

Jinshan (金山): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom, has suffered successive years of flooding recently

Myriad Treasures Palace (萬寶宮): One of the largest marketplaces in the Eastern Kingdom. Pill King Garden held a pill exhibition here

Purple Cloud Peak (紫云峰): A small mountain in the Redbud region of the Jiang Han territory

Qingyang Valley (青羊谷): A valley within the Skylaurel Kingdom where trouble makers are seized to work as medicine slaves for ten to twenty years

Red Moon county (赤月府): County in the Tianhu territory in which a serial rapist appeared

Redflame Kingdom (赤炎國): Third rate kingdom where the legacy territory of ancient times is located

Second Crossing (二渡關): A mountain pass in the Eastern Kingdom bordered by tall and rugged mountains. Easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Shangyang Kingdom (商陽王國): One of the four great kingdoms within the sixteen kingdom alliance. The Purple Sun Sect is its patron

Soaring Dragon (Long Teng) (龍騰): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom, ranked first. Name is also one of the four major constellation divisions

Star Argus Palace (星鸞宮): A palace in the Large Rock county of the Tianhu territory in which the North and South Sects fight over the right to live in it every ten years. North Sect (北宗) consisted of all women, and South Sect (南宗) consisted of all men

Star City (星城): A city built in the 50 km surrounding Star Argus Palace

Temple of the Farmer God (神農堂): Competitor to Hall of Healing

Tianlang Library: Library in the Celestial kingdom

Tianhu (天湖領): Territory comprised of ten counties, including Red Moon (赤月), Black Forest (黑森), Large Rock (巨石)

Tianshui (天水): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom

Thousand Horse Hall (萬馬堂): Does business with the Star Argus Palace

Turquoise Hall (松石館): Retailer specializing in spirit and strange stones in the capital of Eastern Kingdom

River Wave City (波江城): City in Jiang Han territory

Upper Eighth Region (上八域): The place where Jiang Chen’s mother came from

White Tiger (白虎): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom, ranked second. Name is also one of the four major constellation divisions

Vermillion Bird (Zhuque) (朱雀): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom, ranked third. Name is also one of the four major constellation divisions

Yanmen (雁門): Dukedom in the Eastern Kingdom

Yunmeng Kingdom (云夢王國): Neighboring kingdom to the Skylaurel Kingdom, unfriendly relations

Martial cultivation

Martial dao: Chinese martial arts, the path to strength in this world. There are twelve major acupoints in a person’s body, and twelve meridians (internal passages) that flow through them. One clears a meridian by clearing an acupoint, and coalesces the body’s energy into one level of true qi.

Basic Martial dao – True Qi

Meridians True Qi


1 – 3 Initial Realm of True Qi
4 – 6 Intermediate Realm of True Qi (進階真氣境)
7 – 9 Advanced Realm of True Qi (高階真氣境)
10 – 12 True Qi Masters (真氣大師)
12 Supreme True Qi Master
Dao of Spirit – Converting True Qi to Spirit Qi
1 – 3 Small Spirit Realm (小靈境)
4 – 6 Earth Spirit Realm (地靈境)
7 – 9 Sky Spirit Realm (天靈境)
9+ Spirit King (靈王)

Spiritual energy (神元)

Inner energy (真元之力)

Life essence/internal energy (真元)

Venerated origin realm practitioner (元境尊者)

Minor origin realm (小元尊者)

Earth origin realm (地元境)

Sky origin realm (天元境)

Sage realm (圣道)

Mortal sage realm (人圣): First to third level. When one broke through to the mortal sage realm, three flowers would blossom over their heads.
Earth sage realm: Fourth to sixth. Golden lotuses would surge out of the ground when one broke through, presenting a most impressive sight.
Sky sage realm: Seventh to ninth. Blossoms would rain down from the heavenly maids, the delicate fragrance of a cascade of flowers would travel for hundreds of kilometers.

Emperor realm (皇道): After sage realm. Those at the peak of the emperor realm are hailed great emperor (大帝), with Titled Great Emperor (封號大帝) for those who have two victories over two other Titled cultivators or have four other Titled cultivators vouch for them.

Martial Dao Methods

Martial dao methods were divided into five great degrees of ‘mortal’, ‘spirit’, ‘saint’, ‘earth’ and ‘heaven’ degree (凡級,靈級,圣級,地級,天級). Divine (神) sits on top of heaven. They are then further divided into minor ranks ‘inferior’, ‘middle’, ‘upper’, and ‘supreme’ rank (下品,中品,上品,極品).

Proficiency in methods divided into five achievement levels of ‘minor achievement’, ‘skillful’, ‘perfection’, ‘flawless’ and ‘great perfection’ realms (小成,純熟,大成,無漏,圓滿). Legendary Realm (傳說層次) sits on top of “Great Perfection”.

Cultivation deviation (走火入魔): When a practitioner unsuccessfully battles their internal demons and their training backfires on them

Generation Binding Curse (百世同心咒): The caster would refine their own soul and meld it into the unborn child of their pregnant love rival.

Jiang Chen’s Martial Methods

Eight Trigram Assimilation Formation (八荒攝靈陣): A battle formation in which eight people become one. The formation locks down the eight trigrams (directions) with spirit power and divides the air into eight sectors, completely locking the space down. Participants are able to attack and defend within and without the formation.

Moonshatter Flying Daggers (碎月飛刀): A throwing dagger technique that could pierce the sun and moon and destroy the stars. Four accompanying abilities to be trained: “God’s Eye”, “Ear of the Zephyr”, “Boulder’s Heart”, “Psychic’s Head”. Also combined with two great techniques at an initial stage of power.

  • Flying Eagle Form (鷹飛式): mandates comprehension of the mysteries of wind, since it used the rhythm of wind to inflict bizarre and unexpected injuries
  • Pouncing Tiger Form (虎撲式): emphasizes the unbridled fierceness of water. It was as if the surging waves and sea were pouncing like a springing wolf, completely swallowing the opponent
  • Brilliance Form (流光式)
  • Lightning Form (閃電式)

Nine Gates Incineration Formation (九門焚天陣)

Nine Variations of Buddha’s Warrior Attendants (金剛九轉神通): Also known as “The Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods” (神魔九變). Body refining technique, the first five refine the skin, flesh and blood, bones and tendons, five organs, vital essence, the last four for art.

Secret of the Nine Laughing Oceans (九笑滄海訣): Accompanying martial arts technique

Vast Ocean Current Splitter (滄海逆流刀) with seven total forms

  • Wave Slash (劈波)
  • Wave Breaker (斷浪)
  • Wave Surge (驚濤)
  • Soaring Dragon (升龍)
  • Withering Ocean (海枯)

– Divine Aeons Fist (枯榮神拳): Boxing method that manipulates yin and yang qi. Its mysteries are many times greater than the Vast Ocean Current Splitter, encompassing the mysteries of nine cycles of blooming and wilting (life). Comprehension of each successive reincarnation cycle would double the technique’s power

  • Yin Yang Obliteration (陰陽磨)

Supernova Point (爆星指): A point that can destroy planes of existence and continents

The first: Skyblaze Supernova Point (天炎爆星指)

The second: Profound Dark Supernova Point (玄冥爆星指)

The third: Galaxy Supernova Point (銀河星爆指)

True Acupoint Resonance (真穴共振): Method to locate acupoints within the body

Vast Waves Method (滄浪訣): Jiang family hereditary method. Middle grade, could be practiced to nine meridians true qi. Offshoot of the “Secret of the Nine Laughing Oceans” (九笑滄海訣). Accompanying martial arts techniques of

– Wave Breaker (破浪刀)

– Sea God Fist (海神拳)

Sixteen Kingdom Alliance Methods

Divine Corona Fist (日冕神照拳): Moves are as if the corona, filling the air with divine glow and destroying all

Eastern Amethyst Qi (紫氣東來訣): Created by an ancestor of the Eastern royal family. Method used in the process of founding the kingdom. Foundational portions encompass two martial arts techniques

– Amethyst Cloud Palm (紫云掌)

– Eastern King Point (東王指)

Fire Python Sword (火蟒劍)

Gangyang Thundersnake (罡陽電蛇): Lei Gangyang’s move

Glamor (魅惑之眼): A way of attacking one’s consciousness

Heaven Scorching Sutra (焚天大日經): Prized method of the Purple Sun Sect. Once this method is activated, meridians will go up in flames and the practitioner’s battle strength will increase explosively to become on par with the peak of the earth spirit realm, but with horrible after effects

Lunar Vortex Illusion (水漩幻月波): Move containing 70%-80% of Yu Jie’s strength

Prison of Heaven and Earth (天地牢籠): Iron Dazhi’s family legacy halberd technique. Makes use of strong spirit power to carve the air into countless prisons in a short amount of time, sealing off an opponent’s avenues of retreat and shutting them into the prison, setting them up for a ruthless trampling

Raging Tide of Flames (怒焰狂潮)

Sixteen Blows of the Raging Python of Flames (怒焰狂蟒十六擊)

Scorching Green Ray (烈日青瞳): Radiant splendor shot from the eyes that can cut through the void and make it so that enemies hiding in the shadows and darkness have nowhere to hide

Rushing Solar Thunderpalm (大日奔雷手): Top five technique in the Purple Sun Sect

Star Harvester (摘星手): A Shuiyue faction technique. Frosty sparkles of light freeze the opponent solid

Sword from the West (一劍西來): A way of concentrating true qi onto the fingertip and attacking the opponent with currents of true qi

Tristar Incantation (三星訣): Three Stars Surround the Skies (三星拱天)

Volant fire meteors (飛火流星): Locking onto a predefined area and raining down qi attacks

Willow Step: Yanmen exclusive heritage, allows practitioner to move elegantly and quickly through the air

Yin Yang Lotus (陰陽蓮花): Move from Xu Zhen, carried out by his chain knife


Goddess Smile (天仙笑): Tasteless, odorless powder to aid the pleasure between men and women. Once imbibed, the masculine, yang energy within one’s body will be elevated to an explosive level and it must be vented on at least five girls. Created from nine items of extreme yang that are all incredibly lewd in nature

Mind Enchantment Powder (迷神香): Given to Dan Fei by Ye Chonglou, she used it to put the adult spirit creature guarding the babies to sleep

One Buddha Powder (一佛散): A type of mind calming medicine twice as effective and at half the price of similar products on the market

Spirit Restraint Powder (鎖靈真一散): Prevents person afflicted from gathering their qi

Pills (medicine)

Pills: Specially refined medicine in the shape of a ball

Dao of pills: The art of researching and refining pill medicines

Aeonian Dream Pill (大夢千秋丹): to temper the consciousness and strength of heart

Great Dao Berserk Pill (大道瘋魔丸): A pill that enables true qi masters to double their strength or more in a short period of time

Pill of Dragon and Tiger Blood (龍虎化血丹): Qi replenishing pill from the Pill King Garden in an attempt to supplant the Hall of Healing

Divine Returning Qi Pill (一神回氣丹)

Ennearune Heaven Grievance Pill (九紋問天丹): Upgraded version of Hexarune Dragon Pill, specifically used in tribulations

Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill (五龍開天丹): Offers ninety percent surety that no accidents will occur when assailing the spirit realm. It coalesces the five types of qi within a person’s body and helps them cleave open the spirit ocean

Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill (四季常青丹)

Hexarune Dragon Pill (六紋玄龍丹)

Heavenly Karma Pill: Gold standard for healing physical hurts. Jiang Zheng holds a 60/40 split with the Hall of Healing

Immutable Profound Heart Pills (不動妙心丹)

Jade Iceheart Pill (碧玉冰心丹): Soothes burns

Origin Fostering Pill (培元丹): Enhances the effects from cultivation in the origin realm

Peaceful Ruler Pill (明王凈心丹): Clears away internal demons created by cultivation deviations

Profound Celestial Pill (仙靈柔玄丸):

Pill Trial Warrior (試丹勇士): A high risk profession undertaken by low level practitioners looking to make a quick buck with no hope on the path of martial dao. They would test pills on themselves whenever a new one was introduced.

Renewal Purity Pill (洗塵素心丹)

Seven Star Coalescence Pill (七星聚元丹): Will instantly recover half of your origin energy after prolonged battle

Six Daos Pill (六道丹): A pill that soothes the soul and calms the heart

Spirit Consolidation Pill (固靈丹): Quickly raise a spirit realm cultivator’s level like the Divine Fruit from the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn

Sun Moon Pill: Grants long life. The Celestial Emperor refined it for Jiang Chen so that he could enjoy life as long as the sun and moon

Vast Ocean Pill (滄海丹): A qi replenishing pill that can instantaneously recover forty to fifty percent of a practitioner’s true qi

Vitality Pills (正氣丹): cures poison

Yang Coalescence Pills (聚陽丹): Dispels frigid air

Spirit Creatures

Copper-headed crocodile (銅頭鱷): Spirit animal within the maze realm

Fire Raven: spirit rank creature in the Valley of Destruction

Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon (鳳蛟五翼獸): Dragon’s head, two wings on its back, but its tail was like a phoenix with three wings on its rump

Goldbiter Rat (噬金鼠): Branch of the ancient Goldbiter Kingrat (噬金王鼠), bloodlines diluted since then. Located in the maze realm

Redscaled Firelizard (朱鱗火蜥): Offshoot of the ancient dragon lineages. Located in the Valley of Destruction

Silvermoon Monsterape (銀月妖猿): Found in the maze realm, babies captured by Dan Fei

Swordteeth Flying Fox (劍齒飛狐): A cub was offered as a birthday present to Ye Chonglou

Yellow Winged Condors (黃翎神鷹): Spirit creatures belonging to the Northern Palace

Yellow Winged Lesser Dragons (黃翼牙龍): Flying steeds belonging to the Dragonteeth Guard

Spirit Ingredients

Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice (冰火妖蓮): The lotus at the bottom of the chasm in the maze realm that all spirit creatures fought over. Its heart is the Flaming Heart of Ice (炎心冰髓). Also known as the Illustory Lotus of Fire and Ice (冰火幻蓮)

Black Spirit Wood (烏靈木): Needed to gain admittance to the Azure Heaven Southern Palace’s public clinic

Black Tortoise Crabapple (玄武海棠): Supplemental ingredient of the Hexarune Dragon Pill

Bluelily Grass (藍萱草): Ingredient to make Nine Magnificence Dew wine

Buddha Water Fruit (佛水九嬰果): Supplemental ingredient of the Hexarune Dragon Pill

Cloudflame Flower (云炎之花)

Cloudflower Grass (云英草)

Jade Faced Buddha Grass (玉面佛陀草):

Heavenly Net Ganoderma (天羅九芝): Main ingredient of the Hexarune Dragon Pill

King of Mauve Jade Ginseng (紫玉參王)

Millenium Brightfire Grass (千年火熠草)

Mystic Ruler Grass (通心明王草): A key ingredient for refining the Peaceful Ruler Pill

Nine Tribulation Mauve Bamboo (九劫紫竹):Supplemental ingredient of the Hexarune Dragon Pill

Purple Moon Demon Flower (紫月妖形花): Found in the giant ape’s cave in the maze realm, it created a poison in the giant ape’s skin and hair

Requiem Wood (安魂木): A wood that will purify one’s soul and remove a Generation Binding Curse

Sweethua Grass (甘華草): Supplemental ingredient of the Hexarune Dragon Pill

Three Immortal Grass (三仙草):

Thundercloud Tree (雷云木): Residing on the ninth floor of the magnetic golden mountain, a Thundercloud Cicada lives on it (雷云金蟬). The cicada possesses a heritage of the “Cicada’s Disappearance” (金蟬脫殼)

Wooden Pellets (木杌子): Ingredient to make Nine Magnificence Dew wine

Formation Materials

Aubergine gold (紫烏金): Needed to make the formation flag in the Nine Gates Incineration Formation

Starcloud dust (星云沙): Nine Gates Incineration Formation ingredient

Vermillion cinnabar (赤丹朱砂): Nine Gates Incineration Formation ingredient


Bronze Dragon Ironthreaded Halberd (銅蛟鐵線戟): Eight times refined spirit weapon that’s a family inheritance of the Long family

Sword of Raging Thunder (雷霆之劍): Lei Gangyang’s weapon, a fully refined one capable of annihilating all spirit level weapons in a second


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