SOTR Chapter 650

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Chapter 650: Sent Flying With One Kick

Even when compared to the rest of the Sacred Sword Palace’s younger generation, Wang Jing was shockingly powerful when his ire reached its maximum. With exception of those solidly in the sage realm, not even ninth level origin realm geniuses were willing to fight against a berserk Wang Jing. He fought like a madman when he was in a rage. And right now, he had without a doubt gone berserk.

Vast waves of whale king qi spewed into existence once more. However, their form was markedly different from before. Wang Jing seemed to have learned from his lesson and decided against multiplying waves to crush his enemy. This time, the waves spread to become rivers of iron locks and chains that sealed off the space in many tiny compartments. “Let’s see how many defense talismans you have left this time, brat!”

At the heart of it all, Wang Jing believed that his enemy had broken through the lockdown of his enormous waves earlier through defensive talismans rather than their own strength. Jiang Chen was as calm as ever as he watched the enormous tidal waves lock down all space on the ring. Wang Jing’s hands grabbed at the air, and a broadsword materialized between his hands. This sword flickered between a bright gold and an eerie white.

“Tsk tsk. It would seem that junior brother Wang Jing is truly furious this time!” When Wang Han saw Wang Jing’s demeanor, he knew that Wang Jing had unleashed his trump card.

Using currents of whale king qi to seal off the airspace and the Whale King Sword Aura attack to strangle the opponent—Wang Jing had executed a seamless attack. There were absolutely no gaps to be found in the entire ring. Even if his opponent could break through the first layer with defensive talismans, he would not be able to break through the second and third layers. This ability to lock down space itself was achieved through Wang Jing’s understanding of formations, and a hint of the profound mysteries of space. Even Wang Han wouldn’t want to face such a method. Even at peak second level sage realm, he would have no choice but to try and strike out first. If he failed to mount an attack before he was locked down by Wang Jing, the only way out would be to break through this lockdown via force. When he looked down at Mu Gaoqi again, Wang Han was simultaneously angry and pleased to discover a look of fearless recklessness. He was angry because Mu Gaoqi was still cocky even though he was about to meet his doom. And yet, Wang Han was also pleased because this kid wouldn’t be able to strut around for much longer.

“Mirage!” Wang Jing executed a series of hand seals, causing ripples of light to shimmer throughout his qi currents. They merged with each other at random, forming various mirages. Soon, Jiang Chen was completely surrounded by those illusions.

The moment Jiang Chen was surrounded by the rippling light mirages, the broadsword in Wang Jing’s hand rose up. “Yaksha 1 Explores the Sea!” The golden sword aura shot into the sky, taking tangible form, and becoming a fearsome, fiendish Yaksha brandishing a trident. The evil spirit then stabbed fiercely down at Jiang Chen from above. From where he stood, Wang Jing’s sword aura continuously conjured many tangible dharmas.

“Two Dragons Toy Pearls.”

“Tiger Devours the Sky!”

“Erlang Shoots the Sun!” Wang Jing had used his understanding of the profound mysteries of space to seal off the space with his qi currents with one hand, and had concentrated the metallic attributes of his sword aura into dharma attacks on the other. This absolutely exquisite combination of both skills was without a doubt Wang Jing’s trump card.

He had challenged and defeated many ninth level origin realm experts beyond his level with this move. Even sage realm geniuses had to admit that Wang Jing’s finishing move was extremely hard to deal with.

More spectators gathered beneath the stage as the monstrous aura rose, their voices tinged with awe as they praised the technique.

“The Sacred Sword Palace’s martial heritage is truly impressive. While this Wang Jing is not yet the topmost genius of them all, his abilities can possibly even take down a genius of ninth level origin realm!”

“Mm. It is said that the Sacred Sword Palace’s martial heritage is stronger than even the Great Cathedral’s. The Great Cathedral is stronger only because it holds the advantage of merging bloodlines.”

“Considering his strength, we must be careful if we encounter Wang Jing in the future.”

“I wonder if Mu Gaoqi still has a chance? This isn’t something that can be settled with a single defense talisman.”

It was obvious that everyone thought that ‘Mu Gaoqi’ had used a powerful defense talisman to break out of his predicament earlier. However, this time they were sure that a defense talisman was nowhere close to sufficient even if he were to use them again. However, Jiang Chen’s next move was something that stunned all spectators into a jaw-dropping silence. Jiang Chen lifted his arm slightly, put his thumb and middle finger together, and snapped them once.

Snap! The snap was so crisp that it sounded like a clap of thunder.

It was the events that followed that left all others gaping. The dharmas conjured from the boundless sword aura deflated instantly, like balloons popped by a needle. Nothing but tendrils were left drifting in the air, and they too soon faded away into nothingness. All of the golden qi currents in the air suddenly arced into Jiang Chen’s hands. Jiang Chen’s open palm faced upwards as the qi currents landed in his hand and condensed into a single ball of golden light. It grew brighter and brighter like a gold candle as more and more qi currents gathered into one spot. When all of the qi currents had gathered into his palm, Jiang Chen folded his fingers and squeezed softly. The candle-like ball of golden light vanished between his fingers like a waning flame doused by water, disappearing into complete nothingness.

“What?!” This time, even Wang Jianyu himself could barely hold onto his seat. Behind him, Wang Han staggered, almost falling to the ground. He rubbed his eyes fiercely. His first thought was that he had fallen prey to an illusion. After all, these dharmas formed from the condensed sword aura were so powerful that even Wang Han himself would not dare to treat them recklessly. In addition, the thought of destroying all of the dharmas with a single snap of his fingers and then absorbing all of the sword aura with an open palm was even more ludicrous. This wasn’t something that a seventh level origin realm cultivator could perform! In fact, not even the head of the Sacred Sword Palace, eighth level sage realm Wang Jianyu himself, could replicate this feat so easily.

“How could this be?” The elders of Sacred Sword Palace were astonished beyond words. To a man, they had all leaped to their feet upon seeing the outcome.

“Sect Head, how has this happened?”

Wang Jiangyu too frowned, but kept silent in the face of the torrent of questions. In the end, he opened his mouth, “Wang Jing’s Whale King Sword Aura is made of the crushing power of the metal attribute. Its edge is extremely sharp. Therefore, there is no way this kid could’ve broken these dharmas so easily with his own strength. If my guess is correct, he likely possesses some sort of treasure that specifically counters this type of art.”

“A treasure?” An elder sucked in a breath in shock, “And just how shockingly powerful this treasure must be!”

Wang Jianyu sighed, “It must be absolutely incredible. I doubt that even I could destroy all of those dharmas as easily as he did.”

It was true that even sage realm experts couldn’t have destroyed all of the sword aura dharmas with a snap of their fingers. Of course, they could break through them or destroy them with their fist or palm. However, ‘Mu Gaoqi’ hadn’t executed any hand gestures, martial arts or techniques. Just how perverse was his strength if he could break all of those dharmas with just a snap of his fingers? It was absolutely impossible for anyone beneath emperor realm.

Therefore, Wang Jianyu held fast to his view that it wasn’t Mu Gaoqi’s strength that had won him the exchange. It just so happened that Wang Jing’s art had been perfectly countered. Beside him, Wang Han was fuming with rage. His teeth ground against each other as he spat, “The Regal Pill Palace is a bunch of losers who are good for nothing but their luck!”

Unlike those in the Sacred Sword Palace, the rest of the audience was completely stunned by this sight. Even the proudest person had to admit that Mu Gaoqi’s move had been filled with dashing flair.

He’d destroyed thousands of dharmas with just a snap of his fingers.

Aren’t you powerful, Wang Jing? Aren’t you overbearing? Weren’t you having fun showing off all those fancy moves? Your opponent had literally stood there unmoving and destroyed all of your attacks with a single snap of his fingers. And he’d done it as easily as blowing out a candle.

What was true strength? This was true strength!

The person in question, Wang Jing, was also greatly shocked by this outcome. In fact, he had even spent some time in the battle to prepare a victory speech, before that shocking reversal. Lines to humiliate his opponent, lines to humiliate Regal Pill Palace, and lines to show off his status as the victor. The only thing he had left to do with his scripts was to use them.


However, reality had stolen his innocence as his opponent used an almost humiliating method to give him and the Sacred Sword Palace an enormous slap to the face.

Wang Jing had doubted his eyes as well when he saw those dharmas shattering. And yet, the loud commotion of astonishment beneath the arena confirmed again and again that his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. There was no doubt anymore that the opponent he had completely looked down upon had indeed used a humiliating method to easily crush the final ace he had taken so much pride in.

While he stood there in shock, Wang Jing’s face turned so pale that it was as if all the blood in his body had been drained away. Then, his pupils abruptly shrank, and a bit of fear and bewilderment in his eyes appeared in his eyes. “What… what are you doing?!”

Sadly, the whale king qi currents that he’d laid down as intersecting locks were as if paper as his opponent lightly swept an arm across the arena.

Rip, rip.

The white qi currents that were supposed to be as heavy and durable as manacles were torn and ripped apart like daisy chains.

Dong dong dong.

His enemy’s footsteps didn’t slow at all as Jiang Chen took one measured step after another towards Wang Jing. Right now, Wang Jing looked like a frightened rabbit, despite possessing a body comparable to that of a small hill. His slim and short opponent continued to exert a pressure on him that was as if he was the real giant. Wang Jing’s heartbeat pounded faster with every footstep his opponent took. “Don’t… don’t come closer!”

Jiang Chen smiled indifferently as he looked straight at this Sacred Sword Palace disciple who was all show and no skills. Smiling disdainfully, he abruptly darted forwards like lightning and kicked Wang Jing right in the chest.


Wang Jing’s large body immediately tumbled from the stage like a kite with a broken string. Blood gushed madly out of his mouth, and the people beneath the arena could hear his bones crack while he was in midair.

With an ashen look on his face, Wang Jianyu vanished from where he stood and caught Wang Jing in his arms. Wang Jiangyu’s expression contorted when he examined Wang Jing’s injuries. A chilly light exploded from his eyes as he glared at Jiang Chen, standing on stage, “You destroyed Wang Jing’s dantian and qi sea, boy? Aren’t you afraid that you will be punished by the heavens for destroying another person’s dao foundation?”

Jiang Chen smiled indifferently, “No one is exempt from death in the world of martial dao. One might even say he had good karma from his past life since I only went so far as to destroy his dantian.”

The words were said gently, but the youngsters in the Sacred Sword Palace all felt their hair on their neck rise because of them. Their Regal Pill Palace opponent was instantly shrouded in mystery to them.

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