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Chapter 643: Alliance Proposal

His tone rapidly dropping, Wang Han stared straight at Jiang Chen. “It looks like I’m too easy to talk to normally, hmm? Even a stray cat or dog like you dares throw its weight around in front of me?”

It was apparent that Wang Han also hadn’t realized that Mu Gaoqi was the person he hated with a fiery passion—Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen laughed easily, “Wang Han, who doesn’t know how to talk big? Looks like you’ve forgotten when you had to slap yourself?”

One didn’t have to reveal someone’s shortcomings when cursing at them, just like it was entirely possible to humiliate someone without denying them face. Jiang Chen’s words were more effective than any variant of curse word he could come up with. When Wang Han had targeted Jiang Chen back then, he’d ended up being mocked in return and had to slap himself in the end. He’d always viewed this occurrence as a great humiliation. It was both a taboo topic and open wound for him.

With Jiang Chen bringing up those old matters, those who’d witnessed it back then couldn’t help but feel smiles creep up their faces. Although they hid them well, someone as perceptive as Wang Han still felt enormously humiliated. He grew so angry that all of the hairs on his body started to rise.

“Kid, you… you’re called Mu Gaoqi right? Innate wood constitution, right?” Wang Han’s tone had dropped to a new low as he stared at Jiang Chen like a viper homing in on its prey.

Jiang Chen felt a bit apologetic. Gaoqi ah Gaoqi, don’t blame your brother for making enemies for you, alright? His expression wooden, Jiang Chen responded noncommittally, “So what if I am?”

“So what if you are? Wang Hang spoke through gritted teeth. “I once said that in the world of martial dao, pill dao is nothing but a side dish. You were glorious without parallel in Mt. Rippling Mirage, but martial dao is king in the Great Myriad Ceremony. Kid, I hope you can still talk this tough after you meet me in the ring!”

Now that they had erupted into open hostility, Wang Han didn’t bother concealing his murderous intent at all.

“Martial dao is king, hmm? Those in the know recognize you for what you are, a minor character in the Sacred Sword Palace. Those who don’t would actually think you’re the true inner disciple of some first rank sect.” Jiang Chen was completely contemptuous of Wang Han’s threats.

Jiang Chen had heard too many similar threats since the first time they’d met in Mt. Rippling Mirage. Wang Han in particular had voiced his promises of violence four or five times. It was just that with Jiang Chen’s current level of cultivation, he wouldn’t be afraid even if he faced off with Wang Jianyu of eighth level sage realm, much less Wang Han.

You think you’re strong? You’re cocky? Was he stronger or more arrogant than Cao Jin? No one was surprised that Wang Han was throwing his weight around, but everyone’s impression of Mu Gaoqi was that he was a notable little sheep. When had this kid developed such personality? Was boldness something that was contagious? Jiang Chen’s strength and his ways had left a deep impression on those of the six great sects on Mt. Rippling Mirage, and now that they saw Mu Gaoqi acting thus, they were all reminded of Jiang Chen.

Mu Gaoqi was Jiang Chen’s follower from the beginning, but had he also inherited Jiang Chen’s style since Jiang Chen hadn’t emerged from Mt. Rippling Mirage? The usually quick-witted Wang Han, the one who’d jeered the Regal Pill Palace geniuses into speechlessness just moments ago, was now flushing a purple-red in his rage by the unknown Mu Gaoqi.

Wang Jianyu sneered when he saw this charade, “Dan Chi, your Regal Pill Palace spends most of their time cultivating verbals arts, doesn’t it? All of them are so sharp-tongued, but these little unorthodox methods are all just jokes at the Myriad Grand Ceremony.”

Dan Chi said noncommittally, “It sounds like your Sacred Sword Palace wishes to dominate the ceremony this year? I’ll await your results with bated breath.” He turned around to lightly admonish his people, “Alright, this is the ancestral temple; there’s no need for verbal sparring.” He then smiled at Honored Master Tian Ming. “Ole brother Tian Ming, the Longevity Pill that we promised you in Mt. Rippling Mirage has finally been refined. My apologies for the wait.”

Delight blossomed on Honored Master Tian Ming’s face after a stunned moment. “What? It’s been refined?”

The Regal Pill Palace hadn’t taken out any Longevity Pills over the past few years, making the Myriad Domain feel that only Jiang Chen, and no one else, had the ability to refine the Longevity Pill in the Regal Pill Palace. Everyone gave this matter solemn attention when they heard, complex looks appearing in their eyes.

Tian Ming had readied the price for the pill and carried it on him every moment for all these years as he waited for the pill to appear. Those assembled watched them complete the transaction with complicated emotions. The other second and third rate sects of the Myriad Domain all arrived at this time.

“Alright, the hour for the ceremony to commence is arriving. Prepare yourselves, everyone!” Xiang Wentian of the Great Cathedral announced.

The Great Cathedral was the first sect of the Myriad Domain and the strongest, so none of the other sects objected when he started things off. In reality, everyone knew that the remembrance and memorial ceremony was just a formality. After hundreds of years, it was unrealistic to expect everyone to still have deep feelings for the Myriad Empire royal family. As opposed to remembering the royals, one might as well say that this was more about honoring the glorious history of the Myriad Domain.

The procedure for the ceremony was extremely complex, and the process full of grave pomp. There were numerous large and small sects in the Myriad Domain, and more than a hundred with the right to be present here. With several thousand people gathered, it lent a very solemn air to the entire proceedings. It took two hours before everything wrapped up.

“Everyone, there is a tradition of a martial arts segment at the end of every Myriad Grand Ceremony. I have something to announce before that segment kicks off.” Xiang Wentian’s tone was determined. “The Tristar Sect betrayed the Myriad Domain and has already been struck from our list of brothers. There is no more Tristar Sect from now on. Even if they rise from the ashes, they will forever be traitors to us, and everyone should condemn them. Because of this, I must remind everyone that what the Myriad Domain is to us. It is our mother, and as such, we must be loyal to it. Whoever becomes a traitor will be nailed to the pillar of shame of our region for all generations to come!”

The Great Cathedral had always been domineering, but its loyalty to the Myriad Domain wasn’t any less than that of the Regal Pill Palace. Xiang Wentian’s gaze was flint hard as he expanded his consciousness to cover the entire gathering, shocking all those present. Xiang Wentian’s cultivation level was at peak of ninth level sage realm! He had the right to assail the emperor realm! The changes of turning back time that the Longevity Pill had brought Xiang Wentian were simply too stunning. It had turned a decrepit old man who’d been on the verge of losing his cultivation into one glowing with the vigor of youth, enabling him to take another step further in his cultivation and earn the right to potentially ascend even higher!

“Can it be that after hundreds of years, an emperor realm cultivator will finally appear in the Myriad Domain again?” Everyone felt great emotion surge in their hearts. One had to know that since the empire had fallen, and all sky sage realm cultivators in the Myriad Domain had been slaughtered, another emperor realm cultivator hadn’t appeared for the last six hundred years. If Xiang Wentian could break through to the emperor realm, it would mark a new page in the Myriad Domain’s history.

Honored Master Tian Ming in particular was feeling quite fervent. He was the second oldest present, and although he wasn’t in as much of a hurry as Xiang Wentian, he itched to swallow the Longevity Pill immediately and refine it when he saw the stunning changes in Xiang Wentian.

“Alright, let’s head to the Rings then!”

The Myriad Rings were an emblematic structure of the Myriad Domain. But of course, they too were lying half in ruins at the moment. Even so, that didn’t present much of an issue to use for martial competitions.

Every Myriad Grand Ceremony would hold the martial competition here, and a new Myriad Hidden Dragons Ranking would be generated each time. The competition for a spot on the rankings was exceedingly fierce at each ceremony, because there was a direct correlation between one’s ranking and the quotas for entering the Paramount Realm. There were a hundred slots available, and only a hundred names on the Hidden Dragons Ranking.

Therefore, earning a spot on the rankings would bestow one the right to enter the Paramount Realm. This was the final resting place of the many emperor realm cultivators in Myriad Domain history, and it contained the countless martial dao reflections of those experts, their martial dao essences, and even essences of life. It was full of fortuitous occurrences and held great temptation for the young disciples.

This was also why that even though all the sects had guessed that some unexpected happenings might occur during the ceremony, they had still brought large numbers of geniuses to attend. They were all aiming for the Paramount Realm. Therefore, the Regal Pill Palace stood out in a very bizarre way by only bringing a few young disciples. Even the fifth rank sects had showed up with more disciples than the Regal Pill Palace.

“Everyone, I’m sure you’ve heard a few rumors lately in regard to the Myriad Empire’s Imperial Jade Seal and Guardian Dragon Seal. Regardless of the veracity of those rumors, we should face them with courage.” Xiang Wentian stood at a high vantage point as he looked over the assembly resolutely. “The betrayal from the Tristar Sect and the fact that unknown forces are stirring to action means that the survival of our Myriad Domain is at a critical moment. Therefore, I call upon everyone to set aside our own ambitions and unite together. If the Imperial Jade Seal and Guardian Dragon Seal really do reveal themselves, then that means the fortunes of our Myriad Domain have yet to decline. As long as we unite, we’ll be able to withstand the strongest enemies and the most difficult situations.” Although Xiang Wentian didn’t voice it clearly, it was obvious that he was already styling the Great Cathedral as the leader of the Myriad Domain.

Jiang Chen didn’t think there was anything untoward about this, and even rather admired Xiang Wentian for his speech. It took courage to step forward at a time like this. Even Palace Head Dan Chi was ready for the worst case scenario in disbanding the sect. No matter what their considerations were, the Great Cathedral’s bravery in standing out and sounding a call to action at a time like this was commendable.

“Heh heh, why don’t you speak plainly, old brother Xiang?” Wang Jianyu suddenly spoke up. “I rather think the appearance of these two treasures is a bit amiss.”

“Indeed, Brother Xiang, tell us if you have any thoughts so we can all think about them.” Wei Wuying of the Walkabout Sect piped up as well.

Xiang Wentian looked at Dan Chi and Honored Master Tian Ming, nodding when he saw that the two weren’t protesting. “Alright, then I’ll cut to the chase. I propose that us Myriad Domain sects make use of this time’s ceremony to swear oaths of blood to make it through these difficult times together.”

“An alliance?” Wang Jianyu bursted out laughing. “There have been many alliances since old, but how many of them have actually succeeded? Not to mention, who’s the alliance head of this following? Who gives the orders? Everyone has their own thoughts. I don’t think that this alliance has a chance of holding.”

“Indeed, everyone has their own desires. I too think an alliance isn’t very reliable.” Wei Wuying shook his head.

“Tian Ming, what do you think?” Xiang Wentian looked at Honored Master Tian Ming.

The old sect head had the personality of a nice guy, so he smiled, “I can accept an alliance as long as it benefits the Myriad Domain.”

Old fox! Everyone cursed inwardly.

“What about you, ole brother Dan Chi?” Xiang Wentian then looked at Dan Chi.

Dan Chi thought for a moment before speaking, “We can consider such an action, but this covers too much without specifics. For instance, will everyone truly unite as one when enemies invade, and fight back valiantly without fear of death? What if the enemy seeks to take us down one by one, will other sects support the ones that’ve been attacked with their full force? An alliance is a good thing, but I’m afraid of a situation in which everyone will still keep to their own after the alliance is made. At that point, there’s not much of a point in creating this alliance.”

Dan Chi’s question was a practical one, and one that quite precisely described the current situation of the Myriad Domain.


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