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Chapter 546: Temptress Wei Xing’er

Wei Xing’er?

An alluring face immediately surfaced in Jiang Chen’s mind. Wei Xing’er exuded a naturally seductive presence, one that came from deep within her very bones. Her every movement and gesture gave others the feeling of an intimate seduction.  

When Ling Bi’er heard Wei Xing’er introduce herself, her brows knit together as her face grew cold. She was obviously not kindly disposed to this name.

“Senior sister Ling Bi’er, do you know this woman?” Jiang Chen asked in a low voice.

Ling Bi’er was silent for a moment before responding, “We shouldn’t talk about people behind their backs, but junior brother, you should be careful of this woman.”

She wasn’t the sort to gossip about others behind their backs. Even when she found some matters to be the height of distastefulness, she still wasn’t willing to voice her opinions on them. In reality, Wei Xing’er had the reputation of a damnable temptress in the Myriad Domain. She possessed a fair face, but a foul heart.

Opening the door, Jiang Chen was greeted by Wei Xing’er leaning on the doorframe, a hint of a tantalizing smile on her face and the look in her eyes so piteous that it seemed as if tears would fall any second. Her sinuous waist was resting on the side of the door, further showing off the curves of her body and exuding amorous charms. Her body was perfect no matter what angle one assessed her from. When combined with her gorgeously stunning face, she was a head turner that everyone yearned after.

However, when her limpid eyes caught sight of Ling Bi’er behind Jiang Chen, she instantly froze. Her alluring posture instantly fled from her body, only to be replaced with the hostility of a fighting cock. It was as if there was a quality to Ling Bi’er that made Wei Xing’er spontaneously overflow with enmity.

“Tsk tsk, I hadn’t thought that the Myriad Domain’s acclaimed icy beauty would be here feasting on meat close at hand. Ling Bi’er, don’t tell me you’re longing for love!”

Ling Bi’er seemed to know of Wei Xing’er’s madness as she flung a quick riposte, “Impossible person.” She ignored the weighty hostility emanating from Wei Xing’er after speaking and spoke to Jiang Chen, “I’ll be going now, junior brother, you be careful.”

Wei Xing’er instantly glared ferociously. “Ling Bi’er, exactly what do you mean by that!?”

Ling Bi’er ignored her and drifted away after stepping through the door, leaving behind a furious Wei Xing’er. She’d never liked Ling Bi’er’s proud stature. She’d always felt that Ling Bi’er was just putting on an act and pretending to be all high and mighty just to attract male attention. Yet somehow, all those men were suckers for abuse and fought each other daily to draw closer to Ling Bi’er.

Although Wei Xing’er was equally a man’s lady, many liked her for her open personality. To put it bluntly, they just wanted her for her body. There was even a saying amongst the young folks of the Myriad Domain, saying—take Ling Bi’er for your goddess, take Ling Hui’er for a wife you can groom, and take Wei Xing’er for your whore.

Even with her reputation, she’d never actually known a man, but her reputation and popularity was on a completely different level than Ling Bi’er’s. But whether she was jealous or angry, none of that would change the truth. This was why she’d exploded with enmity at the sight of Ling Bi’er.

Wei Xing’er smiled charmingly after seeing Ling Bi’er drift off. “Jiang Chen, are you interested in chatting for a bit?”

“About what?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly and showed no desire to keep her at arm’s length.

“What would you like to chat about?” Wei Xing’er focused her eyes on him with great tenderness, light dancing on her brows as her words filled with some ambiguous hints.

Jiang Chen spread his hands out. “Miss Wei has come to find me, yet asks me what to chat about. This is posing a difficult question indeed.”

Wei Xing’er chuckled. “Don’t be so serious!”

Jiang Chen smiled casually, but was unwilling to relax his guard. This temptress had a natural sense of seduction to her, and her every dimple and laugh was designed to catch one off guard. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s Boulder Heart and his solid strength of heart, he likely would’ve succumbed to her temptation already. How could he not tell that she was trying to seduce him?

“Jiang Chen, Xing’er might actually be older than you by a year or two in terms of age. You can call me older sister Xing’er. Do you know? I once swore a vow that if a man can beat me in the Pill Battles, I would give myself to him and be his dao partner.” Wei Xing’er’s voice was sweet and soft, with every word and phrase possessing a kind of unique charm that gently pressed each syllable into the other’s heart. She leaned slightly forward as she spoke, sending a cloud of fragrance over and causing the glorious scene beneath the nape of her neck to come tantalizing into view, showing half of her cleavage.

To a hot-blooded cultivator, this kind of situation would’ve been fatally tempting. But her actions didn’t seem enough in front of Jiang Chen. He just seemed surprised, “Then it seems that both Ding Tong of the Tristar Sect and Wei Qing of your sect are lined up in front of Miss Wei as well.”

Wei Xing’er burst out in laughter. “You little imp who doesn’t understand flirting! If Xing’er liked them, would I be here talking to you?”

“Eh…” Jiang Chen was speechless.

Wei Xing’er rolled her eyes at him and stuck out a slender finger to poke at the air above Jiang Chen’s forehead. She pouted, “I knew it! Ling Bi’er must be talking about me behind my back and made you biased against me. Hmph, all of those dirty men out there who want to sleep with me, but how would I be the type of person to let them succeed!”

She extended her pure-white arm as she spoke, showing that its skin was as flawless as a white lotus root. There was a spot of red on her arm. “This is my chastity dot. If I lost my virginity, I would lose this dot as well. Jiang Chen, Xing’er also struggled for a long time before coming here. Xing’er knows that you may look down on me because of rumors from the outside world, but Wei Xing’er is someone who dares to love and hate passionately. I happen to like young geniuses like you, and those so-called men of the Myriad Domain aren’t worthy of conquering me at all.”

Wei Xing’er’s tone became a bit dejected as her words came to this point. “Look into my eyes if you don’t believe me. They won’t lie if I speak the slightest false word.”

She stepped in front of Jiang Chen at this time and exhaled a fragrant breath. Her firm and perky chest was almost touching Jiang Chen as she looked deeply into Jiang Chen’s eyes, as if not allowing him to look away.

Jiang Chen’s face was coolly composed, and his eyes didn’t evade her gaze. Their eyes met, and emotions rippled through her eyes as if her grievances were wrestling to get out. There were three parts sorrow, three parts passion, and a few more parts of a seductive beauty that invited pity. That tender gaze was like the strongest alcohol, as if to look at her eyes was to become drunk. Her gaze became even more blurred over after a while, and the seductive look on her face even more intense. The fragrance emitting from her lips seemed to be capable of melting the entire world. Jiang Chen’s body swayed and wavered, his gaze fogged over as if he was under a spell. It was almost as if he’d lost his soul.

Wei Xing’er retracted the seductive look on her face as a smile curved her lips. “Hmph, as much as a genius as you are, you’re still a little unlearned. A man who hasn’t known the pleasures of women is at most just an unweaned brat. You’re a little too young to be playing cool with me.”

She smiled arrogantly as she reached out and patted Jiang Chen’s face lightly. “Little fellow, you should rejoice that I actually like your face. Otherwise, things wouldn’t as as easy as becoming muddleheaded for a few days. You’re the luckiest person out of all the victims to fall for my Azure Smokesnare Powder.”

She started dragging Jiang Chen as she spoke, planning on placing him back on the bed. But as she pulled at him, she realized that he wouldn’t budge at all. She seemed to be hauling on an enormous boulder that weighed hundreds of kilograms. She actually stumbled herself and fell back into his embrace, with those half covered globes crashing on his broad chest.

“Ah!” Wei Xing’er cried aloud and realized that a hand had been clamped tightly around her wrists in a death grip.

“Now that wasn’t very nice, Miss Wei!” The bespelled Jiang Chen had firmly caught her with arms like steel as a sharp look blazed out of his eyes. How was this someone who was enthralled?

When Wei Xing’er had flung an art of seduction at him earlier, she’d thought that she had Jiang Chen in the bag and so had relaxed her guard. This move had always worked on males both young and old. She’d never failed, so who would’ve thought that Jiang Chen would be completely fine after she’d employed the Smokesnare Powder?!

In terms of cultivation, Wei Xing’er was close to the sage realm. Her level was much higher than Jiang Chen, but here she was, immobilized by him!

“You…” Shock filled her eyes. “Why are you perfectly fine?!”

“What do you think would happen to me?” Jiang Chen’s tone turned frosty. “Using the Azure Smokescreen Powder to make me spend the next couple of days in a fog so I perform below my standard in refining pills—you thought you’d benefit then, didn’t you!”

Wei Xing’er possessed an indolent nature, and when she saw that even her Smokesnare Powder couldn’t do anything to Jiang Chen, she knew that he was different from the others. She tittered, “Alright, Xing’er concedes. I can’t seduce you, I can’t poison you. You can do whatever you want with me now.”

Her eyes looked up at him, a throbbing seductiveness back in them as she gave off the impression that Jiang Chen could punish her any way he wanted to. He was immediately left speechless yet also inwardly on his guard. This temptress had a very flexible personality, and a tough character to break. This move of allowing Jiang Chen to do whatever he wanted looked like a lazy way out, but it was one that was difficult for him to respond to.

There wasn’t enough of a crime here to kill her, and if he punished her or injured her in any way that impacted her performance in refining pills, the Walkabout Sect would surely use this as an excuse to make trouble for him.

A gentleman did not bicker with a woman. It wasn’t that he was unable to use poison in kind on her, but how would he resolve the situation then? He stared blankly for a while, but couldn’t think of how to proceed.

Wei Xing’er smiled alluringly. “If you can’t think of what to do with this older sister, then let me tell you something. My body is pure, and if you’d like, just take me. I’m a weak woman and will have to find shelter in a man’s embrace sooner or later. Why not let you take the advantage? I already like the way you look. I couldn’t even bear to use too much poison when I used it against you. How else do you think you escaped the strength of my Smokesnare Powder?”

Jiang Chen remained at a loss for words, but suddenly reversed his grip and reached around her, spanking her butt three times in a row. He didn’t hold back his strength, so the three smacks damaged her skin and flesh, but not her bones or tendons.

“Wei Xing’er, your moves are useless on me. I’ll let you go this time, but if there’s a repeat occurrence, I won’t let you off the hook then!” He pulled open the door and made a gesture of showing his guest the door. “You can see yourself out!”

Wei Xing’er stood there, stunned after her spanking. Although she gave the outside world the impression of a lascivious and scheming woman, she’d never really been touched by a man before. The sensitive areas about her body were even more of a taboo area, and if any man tried making moves on her there, they would quickly be dead or crippled.

But today, the taboo zone that was her butt had just been spanked crisply, like teaching a child a lesson!

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        If you wonder what Traits lead Jiang Chen to his choice that you may lack, which in turn lead you to your conclusion, here are just some: Respect, Self-Pride, Honor (as in having and upholding principles), Kindness, Patience, and most importantly Self Control.

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