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Chapter 432: A Domineering Arrival

This gift made those of the other two sects feel that this trip was greatly worth it.

Forefather Ninelion swept his gaze in a circle and suddenly asked, “Daoist Thousandleaf, there are two stars to the induction ceremony, how come I only see one?”

The news of Ye Chonglou setting foot into the origin realm had long since travelled throughout the sixteen kingdom alliance. Everyone knew of him.

But Jiang Chen, the one who’d killed three Purple Sun Sect elders and been suppressed within the Eternal Spirit Mountain had yet to appear.

Forefather Thousandleaf smiled, “It’s an unfortunate coincidence that Jiang Chen announced that he was entering closed door cultivation a few days ago. He must have had some comprehension of martial dao and is facing a critical moment before a break through. Everyone will certainly be able to see him if you are able to linger in the Precious Tree Sect.”

It was indeed a bit of a pity that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to attend the induction ceremony. It was a bit of a flaw in an otherwise perfect occasion, as if the crown was missing its most brilliant gem.

“Daoist Thousandleaf, did you perhaps purposefully hide Jiang Chen, afraid that we’ll come steal him from under your nose?” Ninelion started joking.

“What? Does that petty villain Jiang Chen dare not show up at this induction ceremony and great fanfare that the Precious Tree Sect has put up?” A low and sinister voice suddenly traveled from midair.

Everyone was shocked to hear this.

Old monster Sunchaser?

The Purple Sun Sect hadn’t arrived earlier or later, but had come at precisely this time, just what did they intend with this?

Usually, when one arrived when the party was in full swing, the goal wasn’t to participate in the party, but rather to ruin it.

A shrewd light danced in Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou’s eyes when they heard this voice. Their gazes cut across the air like sword light as they looked outside the door.

Large numbers of Purple Sun Sect members descended from a red mass of clouds in the sky, swiftly approaching the Precious Tree Sect from the distance.

Judging from the looks of things, they too had arrived in full force.

Forefather Thousandleaf’s expression grew frosty. Those who had come were not friendly, and those who were friendly had not yet come. The Purple Sun Sect’s sudden appearance had been unannounced by the Precious Tree Sect disciples. What did this mean? It meant that the newcomers had barged in without the Precious Tree Sect’s approval.

Guests would normally report their arrival when they arrived at the foot of the mountain. The host would then go down to welcome them.

For someone to directly bypass the entrance and charge into the core area like the Purple Sun Sect—their intentions were quite clear. It was absolutely a provocation, absolutely here to stir up trouble.

“Daoist Sunchaser, is this how your Purple Sun Sect behaves as guests?” As good as forefather Thousandleaf’s countenance was, he couldn’t accept such crude behavior.

Sunchaser was out in front and laughed uproariously. “Who told you I’m here as a guest?”

When he said this, all those in the Precious Tree Sect surged to their feet in an aggressive and intimidating manner, glaring at Sunchaser with anger in their eyes.

If he wasn’t here as a guest, then he was here to pick a fight!

Sunchaser sneered haughtily as he looked sideways, sweeping his glance throughout the entire assembly. He said leisurely, “I’ve long since heard that the Precious Tree Sect has a Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn. Thousandleaf, an esteemed guest has arrived. Go and bring out some of its fruits!”

Thousandleaf was completely incensed by these words. Sunchaser’s odd posturing was actually concealing his covetous intentions towards the Precious Tree. Thousandleaf immediately displayed his stern self righteousness and his wariness increased greatly.

His gaze turned to those behind Sunchaser.

There were actually a few unfamiliar faces in the vanguard of the entourage. A blue-clad man was leading three gray-clad men. They were at obvious odds with the rest of the Purple Sun Sect.

The blue-clad man in particular, exuded a frosty and arrogant presence, as if those participating in the induction ceremony were like dirt in his eyes, unworthy of a single glance.

This person possessed an awe-inspiring demeanor without a need to do anything at all. He had a natural, stifling presence that made others fear and respect him.

“Daoist Sunchaser, my sect invited you to this wondrous gathering with good intentions, what is the meaning behind your brutish actions? Since this is the case, my sect no longer welcomes you. Send the guests out!”

Forefather Thousandleaf also burned with rage.

Sunchaser laughed heartily, “Send the guests out? It’s easy to summon a deity and much harder to send it off. Thousandleaf, cut the blather. I’ve come today to settle some old scores with you!”

Ye Chonglou slammed his hand on the table and shot to his feet, “Sunchaser, do you intend on behaving unbridledly in my Precious Tree Sect’s territory?!”

Sunchaser laughed coldly and flicked a glance at Ye Chonglou as if he was looking at an idiot. “You’re right, I’ve come today precisely to act as I will!”


Everyone in the scene erupted in an uproar. All those in the Precious Tree Sect started exhorting loudly.

“Shut up!” Sunchaser suddenly growled lowly, looking sternly at Thousandleaf. “Three matters. First, hand over Jiang Chen. Second, hand over the Precious Tree. Third, pledge allegiance to me.”

“Piss off!”

These three conditions made those of the Precious Tree Sect explode in loud curses.

“Screw off and go the hell back to your Purple Sun Sect to keep being ostriches with their heads in the sand!”

“Purple Sun idiots, haven’t you had enough casualties after those elders? Have you come here for more of you to die?”

“Screw the hell off, our sect doesn’t welcome crazed dogs!”

One of the gray-clad individuals behind the blue-clad man suddenly sharpened his gaze and shouted lowly, “How noisy!”

The gray-clad person flashed over like lightning and reached out to one of the Precious Tree Sect disciples. His speed was abnormally fast, even Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou didn’t react in time.


The disciple’s throat was crushed just like that.

“This will be your downfall if you keep making a ruckus.” The gray-clad person threw the corpse aside as if he was throwing trash away.

With that, the gray-clad person was about to dash backwards.

Ye Chonglou was enraged and slammed the table. His green robes rustled as he threw a punch towards the gray-clad person, “Die, madman!”

The gray-clad person chuckled and drew circles with his hands, calling upon all the strength in his body and punched out towards Ye Chonglou’s blow.


Enormous forces crashed against one another and the gray-clad person was sent backwards a few steps from Ye Chonglou’s force, landing precisely where he’d been.

A trace of surprise flashed through Ye Chonglou’s eyes as his body wavered.

He was inwardly stunned beyond belief. The other was only a spirit king, but he’d taken Ye Chonglou’s blow and suffered no injury!

However, Ye Chonglou’s rage only built up when he didn’t succeed with one blow. “Where do you intend to hide after killing one of my sect?”

He was about to follow up after these words.

But suddenly, the blue-clad man in front of the other three snorted derisively as a sharp gleam flashed through his eyes. He brandished his sleeves, “Stand back!”

It was as if the sleeve contained the heavens and earth as the force behind this flourish transformed into a momentum that roiled and churned up to the skies, crashing into Ye Chonglou.

Ye Chonglou was caught off guard and was sent flying from this force. His body involuntarily flew backwards and he crashed into a large pillar.


The tremendous collision sent the pillar trembling. A sweet taste welled up in Ye Chonglou’s mouth as he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone was stunned by this.

The blue-clad man had only shook his sleeves to call up enough momentum to send a bonafide origin realm cultivator flying. This was astounding even if Ye Chonglou was only of the first level origin realm.

There were many venerated experts from the four sects present, but all of them privately felt that they wouldn’t be able to do anything on this level.

Thousandleaf was taken aback and bounded to Ye Chonglou. He asked lowly, “Chonglou, are you alright?”

Ye Chonglou managed to take in a mouthful of air and slowly exhale it along with the impurities in his body and suppress the churning of his spirit ocean. He spoke after a short while, “Be careful brother Daoist. Those who have come are not friends, and those who are friends have yet to come. This blue-clad man is only stronger than Sunchaser, and definitely not weaker.”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

All those within the Precious Tree Sect rushed to gather behind the two forefathers after the fighting broke out. Whistles resounded throughout the Precious Tree Sect in that moment as the sect’s highest level of alertness was raised.

“Sunchaser, your Purple Sun Sect is thus domineering. Have you hardened your heart to set your foot over my sect?” Thousandleaf repressed the fury in his heart.

“Thousandleaf, are you always going to be this fussy like a woman?” Sunchaser jeered. “It’s still those same three three conditions. The Precious Tree Sect will be removed from the list of the sixteen kingdom alliance today if you don’t agree!”

It was an overweeningly dominant declaration, a completely naked threat.

Ninelion had kept himself in check for a long time and finally spoke angrily, “Sunchaser, it’s the Precious Tree Sect’s joyous day today. Don’t you think you’re much too out of line with your wild rampage? Even with the grudges between the two of you, you should decide on a day to settle them openly. Just what is the meaning of all this?”

“What? You want to stick your neck out?” Sunchaser snorted coldly. He was also ill-disposed towards Ninelion and could make use of this opportunity to vent his spleen.

Ninelion was enraged. “If it was just the grudges between your Purple Sun Sect and the Precious Tree Sect, then it would indeed be inappropriate for my sect to intervene. However, these friends don’t seem to be from your sect? I don’t care where you’ve invited these helpers from, but your actions is a blatant violation of the rules of the sixteen kingdom alliance. My Myriad Spirit Sect would never idly sit by for this. Venerated Icemist, what are your thoughts?”

Icemist sighed softly. She’d always taken the neutral position and didn’t like to become overly embroiled in conflict. However, she’d just accepted a gift from the Precious Tree Sect, and the Purple Sun Sect’s behavior was truly out of line.

If it’d just been a conflict between two sects, she would absolutely take no stance. But to involve outsiders into the sixteen kingdom alliance, this was absolutely breaking the rules and something that would never be permitted by the four sects.

“Daoist Sunchaser, what grudges exist that cannot be settled internally? To let outsiders intervene is upending the rules that have been set for a thousand years in our alliance.” Icemist expressed her opinions.

“Haha, rules? Sixteen kingdom alliance? Everyone, what are the rules? They’re standards that the strong have come up with to constrain the weak. Now that I am the strong, I set the rules. The sixteen kingdom alliance? That’s ancient history. Soon there will be no place for the alliance in the Myriad domain, yet you still chatter at me with talk of rules?”

Sunchaser’s words were so unorthodox that they flabbergasted those of the other three sects. They were all privately astonished, has old monster Sunchaser gone mad?

If he hasn’t, why would he utter such crazy words?

The forefathers of the other three sects all grew extremely cautious at this moment as they inspected at the blue-clad man, unease stirring in their hearts.

Could it be that Sunchaser had let the wolf into the house and wanted to betray the entire sixteen kingdom alliance?

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