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Chapter 334: An Insidious Plot

The Purple Sun Sect disciples all obviously looked to Guo Ren as their leader in the mystic quadrant. When they heard Guo Ren speak thus, they all enthusiastically offered ideas in a massive brainstorm.

Some proposed surreptitiously beating Jiang Chen up.

Others wanted to use poison to cripple Jiang Chen’s cultivation.

Yet some also advocated using profit and gain to buy off Jiang Chen, and have him purposefully lose a few matches. As the saying went, there were no eternal enemies, just eternal profit. They didn’t believe that Jiang Chen wouldn’t submit in the face of enormous profit.

Of course, there were voices that harped on about buying out those that walked with Jiang Chen, and use them to make a move against him.

There were quite a lot of ideas, but after close consideration, it seemed that none of them were viable.

It was a good idea to surreptitiously beat him up, but they first would have to be able to even hit Jiang Chen.

Using poison to cripple his cultivation sounded good, but who would go? If this didn’t succeed and the matter was exposed, everyone who’d be involved in planning this matter would be done for.

As for buying him off, it sounded feasible, but how much profit and resources would be needed to bring Jiang Chen over to their side? No one had any idea.

And, to be honest, they were all second or third rate characters in the sect. How much wealth did they possess to buy someone off?

As for buying off someone by his side instead, this was even more of a crappy idea. There was only one other by his side, and that was that candidate number two, who took completely after Jiang Chen.

That fellow’s temper was even worse than that of the perverse genius. Get him to become a turncoat? They were best off erasing this idea as early as possible.

Suddenly, a unlikely figure with a reddened face and white teeth chuckled, saying, “Senior brother Guo, I have a plan here that may succeed.”

“What?” Guo Ren flicked a glance at the person but didn’t think much of what he’d said. This guy relished in the pleasures of women and didn’t possess much ambition. What kind of good idea would he have? Therefore, Guo Ren wasn’t much enthused after this fellow offered an idea.

He also seemed to know that Guo Ren wasn’t too inclined to speak with him, but he didn’t grow irate. He smiled obsequiously, “I am indeed inferior to everyone when it comes to battle strength, but however, I truly do have a scheme.”

He spread out his hand upwards as he spoke, revealing a pill bottle that had appeared in his hand.

“Senior brother Guo, this is medicine that this younger brother uses to liven things up with plucking flowers. The powder in this bottle is without taste or smell, and is one of the newest and most precious things I’ve gained lately. Once this is activated, the masculine, yang energy within one’s body will be elevated to an explosive level. This cannot be easily used if there aren’t a handful of girls nearby. This is because this medicine can catalyze the yang qi within one’s body to an almost maddened state within a short period of time. If the user doesn’t pluck the flowers in time, it’s quite lucky that his blood vessels will burst and he’ll die from his body exploding.”

Guo Ren had furrowed his brow at first when he began listening to this long-winded explanation. He felt that it was an affront to his bearing. But the more closely he listened, the more he seemed to identify a possible path.

This medicine would be able to catalyze the yang qi within one’s body and make it roar to life in a short period of time.

This was the key!

This medicine that added to the fun was so domineering; what kind of consequence would there be if this fellow accidentally breathed some in?

Where would he find girls to pluck and vent his energies with on such a short notice in the mystic quadrant?

It wasn’t that there weren’t any, there were many female disciples from the Flowing Wind Sect in this quadrant. But as brazen as he was, would he dare openly pluck them?

This was courting death!

But if he didn’t find an outlet to vent his energies, then the raging yang qi would cause his blood vessels, and even his entire body to explode …

A sinister smile floated onto Guo Ren’s face in that moment.

“Xiao Yu, your idea is not bad. However, in order for this to succeed, someone must approach him and gain his trust. How would this be easy?”

Upon further thought, Guo Ren felt that although this was a good scheme, there was quite a bit of difficulty in executing it.

Xiao Yu was shocked and flattered by Guo Ren’s acknowledgement and smirked slightly, “Senior brother Guo, the amazing part of this medicine is that it is tasteless and odorless. We just need to dump a little bit somewhere he will pass by. Unless he doesn’t breathe, he’ll be in great trouble if he takes in even a little bit.”

“Oh? Just what is this that it’s thus wondrous?” Guo Ren’s interest was piqued.

“This medicine is called ‘Smile of the Goddess’ because it’s said that even the gods and goddesses will be unable to withstand it when they take it. It is comprised of nine items of extreme yang, all incredibly lewd in nature.”

“Mm, even if this is the case, a cultivator puts up high defenses when training. It may become apparent if you scatter it in front of his door.” Guo Ren thought for a moment and felt that some traces would be apparent if scattered in front of Jiang Chen’s door. With this fellow’s cultivation level, he may very well detect it.

In actuality, any medicine that was said to be odorless or tasteless would never be entirely so.

The perceptive abilities of a cultivator weren’t something that any ordinary person could aspire to.

Even the slightest hint could lead to discovery. Although he wasn’t afraid of failure, Jiang Chen would be on even higher alert once this failed and it’d be harder for Guo Ren to plot against him in the future.

“Everyone think, is there a way that he wouldn’t be on his guard at all?” Guo Ren looked around the group and encouraged everyone present to rack their brains.

Cheng Lan suddenly said, “Senior brother Guo, I think we can only target that candidate number two if we want this guy to be completely off his guard. Although this fellow is also strong, he’s not as inexplicable as that freak. These two are always seen together. If we can do something to that candidate number two…”

This suggestion gave Guo Ren quite a bit of inspiration.

He slapped his thigh as his eyes lit up. “Yes, Cheng Lan, this is a good suggestion. If this powder also takes effect on candidate number two, then he’ll issue a plea for help from his companion because he won’t know what’s going on once it takes effect. As long as that freak comes to investigate, the powder will also stealthily steal into his body. At that time, those two men might even take a tumble in the bedsheets bare naked, hahahaha…”

Guo Ren couldn’t help but laugh himself when he thought of the depravity that would ensue.

All the Purple Sun Sect disciples started snickering as well. It was apparent that they were all very excited by the thought of such a depraved and shameless scene.

“Cheng Lan, with your observation of them, how likely do you think that candidate number two will fall victim?” Guo Ren calmed down.

Cheng Lan thought for a moment, “Candidate number two seems to have a good level of cultivation, but he also seems to be bothered by some matters of the heart. He’s often lost in space with his attention wandering. I think there is great hope for success if we start with him. However, it’s not likely that I’ll succeed with my strength. Perhaps senior brother Guo should take the field to assure success.”

Guo Ren’s strength was absolutely the first amongst all the Purple Sun Sect disciples in the mystic spirit quadrant.

He sighed lightly when he saw everyone’s ardent expressions. He also knew that it would not be the best if he didn’t undertake this operation himself and had someone else do it.

“Alright, it looks like I should personally do this. Let’s talk about a plan first.” Guo Ren decided to do it himself after he thought about it.

However, even if he was doing it himself, he still needed a plan. It would be impossible to pull things off flawlessly without a perfect plan.


As for Jiang Chen and Dan Fei, they’d returned to their residence.

They pushed open the door to find that the six others were all missing.

Dan Fei smiled, “Those fellows seemed to have hardened their hearts to avoid us.”

Jiang Chen smiled back, “This is best. It will be less noisy this way.”

Their two rooms neighbored each other on the south side. Dan Fei squeezed out a smile when they arrived at Jiang Chen’s door. “I think I’ll go back to my own room.”

Dan Fei actually really wanted to go in, but she was afraid of being shooed out by Jiang Chen again. Although Jiang Chen didn’t know that she was Dan Fei, it still saddened her a bit when he showed her the door.

Jiang Chen smiled carelessly and nodded, not saying much and entering his room afterwards.

Dan Fei lightly bit her lip and stood at the door for a slight while before entering her room as well. She sighed faintly as her thin frame leaned on the door.

She felt quite conflicted right now. She truly wanted to reveal her identity and express her feelings towards Jiang Chen, but she also worried that this would impact Jiang Chen’s emotions and affect his upcoming matches.

“I can’t be this selfish and disrupt his current tempo because of my own wishes. He needs to soar to the skies right now, and if I impact his development because of affairs of the heart, I will not be at peace for the rest of my life. Forget it, forget it, if we truly lack this kind of fate in our lives, I will just look at him silently and support him, admiring his stunning talents. Isn’t it also quite joyous to admire his rise as a genius?”

Dan Fei suddenly heard the sound of knocking on the window as her heart dwelled in turmoil that was as chaotic as a tangled skein. Her heart leapt gladly, does he know it’s me and so is knocking on my window to come find me?

Her face reddened immediately afterwards and she lectured herself slightly. She truly was full of whims and fancies, thinking all sorts of wild thoughts. Why would he come knock at my window if he knew it was me?

However, upon closer listening, there was indeed the sound of someone knocking at my door.

“Who is it?” Dan Fei’s emotions were a tad disarrayed as she vainly tried to keep them in check. She walked to the window and asked lowly.

“I’m here on behalf of others to deliver a gift to you.”

Dan Fei cracked the window open a bit but saw a punch flying straight towards her face.

It was a good thing that her reaction was swift as she turned her head a bit and evaded it. She shouted, “What kind of mad villain are you to dare ambush someone on private property?!”

The voice laughed oddly and vanished without a trace, its whereabouts unknown.

Dan Fei felt rather baffled, who was playing a prank? Or was this a threat? As fierce as this punch had been, it obviously hadn’t held much malicious intent within it.

The person behind it had left immediately after sending this punch over, whether it’d connected or not.

It looked like a prank no matter how she looked at it. Dan Fei was perplexed as she shut the door, wondering if she should report it to the examiners.

She thought about it carefully and decided that this wasn’t a particularly important matter. She hadn’t been injured at all either. It was likely that the examiners wouldn’t be able to find much of anything if they came to investigate.

Jiang Chen had also come knocking at her door by now, “Brother Xiao Fei, I heard something from your side, is everything alright?”

Dan Fei calmed her emotions and opened the door to let him in. She described what had just happened to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen jumped out the window when he heard what had happened and investigated for a while, flipping back in through the window.

His brow creased, Jiang Chen said, “Whoever came possessed a high level of skill. He didn’t leave even a footprint behind and had completely concealed his presence. There are no traces at all, so it’d be futile to summon an examiner.”

Dan Fei nodded, “It looks like someone couldn’t hold themselves back and wanted to use these little tricks to disturb us.”

“Dancing clowns. They’re using some tricks that can’t see the light. Have no fear, if they come back again, I’ll make sure that he can’t leave.”

Jiang Chen walked up to Dan Fei and patted her shoulder, “Just a small interlude, don’t worry. I’ll go back first, feel free to summon me if anything happens.”

After a few days of coexisting through difficulties, Jiang Chen had grown more accepting of this brother Xiao Fei. He started walking outside as he spoke, but his nose suddenly twitched slightly and he frowned.

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