SOTR Chapter 281

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Chapter 281: The Purple Sun Sect’s Decision

Although Jiang Chen’s name was quite famous within the sixteen kingdoms, apart from within the Skylaurel Kingdom, anything that was known about Jiang Chen had all been built on rumors.

Since it was just rumors and gossip, many were still refused to accept Jiang Chen deep within their hearts. They didn’t believe the rumors, feeling that they painted a picture of Jiang Chen larger than life.

However, at this moment, the vice heads and sect head of three sects were setting aside their identities and openly extending invitations towards Jiang Chen in front of everyone!

The most crucial thing was, theoretically speaking, their actions weren’t against the rules.

The rules said that no cheating was allowed after the first selection had started.

They didn’t say that the sects couldn’t recruit before the first selection started. It was right and proper if someone recognized value where it lay right then and was willing to use rich rewards to recruit someone.

Although Xie Tianshu felt a bit awkward, he was the head of a sect after all.

After being pressured by Wang Tuo and Jiang Ruo, he smiled faintly, “A treasured blade’s edge is honed through repeated sharpening, plum blossoms that make it through winter smell even more fragrant. Although Jiang Chen has met some setbacks in the Skylaurel Kingdom, my sect was thinking of the greater picture and wanted to go to greater depths to test him. Reality has also proven that Jiang Chen is indeed suitable for the Precious Tree Sect, and is worthy of the sect recruiting him at all costs.”

At all costs.  

These were solemn words.

Wang Tuo and Jiang Ruo looked at each other, seeing worry in each other’s eyes.

If the Precious Tree Sect was willing to do whatever necessary to recruit Jiang Chen, then their offers wouldn’t be able to compete with that.

After all, Jiang Chen’s foundations were in the Skylaurel Kingdom, his connections lay there as well. If the Precious Tree Sect paid no heed to the cost in recruiting him, then they would have a great advantage.

Wang Tuo grew worried, “Jiang Chen, you have such extraordinary potential in raising spirit creatures, and can be described as a rare genius that comes around once in a thousand years. The Myriad Spirit Sect alone is the most suitable sect for you. The Precious Tree Sect allowed you to languish in the shadows, not only not helping you, but suppressing you all around as well. How is that the proper attitude towards a genius?”

Jiang Ruo didn’t back down either, “Jiang Chen, perhaps your potential isn’t limited to just raising spirit creatures. Our Flowing Wind Sect is most adept at unearthing hidden talents. Perhaps there are other potentials and great powers hidden within you. Only the Flowing Wind Sect within the sixteen kingdoms can uncover the utmost limit of your potential.”

Everyone’s words made sense.

They each emphasized their advantages and were extravagantly florid with their words, as if flowers were raining from the sky.

However, Jiang Chen’s prime target was the Precious Tree Sect. He was participating in the selection because of that sect’s spirit medicine resources.

Although the Myriad Spirit Sect was quite strong in training spirit creatures, he didn’t think that he’d be able to learn much from them.

It was true that the Flowing Wind Sect was skilled at unearthing potential, but Jiang Chen was well aware where his potential lay and was even more so aware of his advantages.

His worry wasn’t how to unearth his capabilities, but that he had too many of them.

As for the Purple Sun Sect, it never entered Jiang Chen’s consideration, no matter how he looked at things.

Although he’d long since decided on the Precious Tree Sect, he didn’t intend to declare his tendencies at the moment.

To do so now would make the Precious Tree Sect think less of him, and think that he was only worth this much. They had only asked offhandedly, and he had come running as soon as they’d beckoned.

This didn’t fit Jiang Chen’s personality.

If he were to enter a sect, they would have to be fighting each other for the honor.

The sect head putting in an appearance?

Jiang Chen didn’t give a rat’s ass about that at all. You’re the head of the sect alright, but isn’t it too late for you to express your sincerity now?

Where were you when the Iron family was making trouble for me again and again?

You want me to run to you with gratitude now that you’ve come and shown your old face?

Think again!

Since the master of the Precious Tree Sect was forefather Thousandleaf, then he was the one who had to extend the invite!

Besides, Jiang Chen didn’t want to give rise to rumors that he’d entered the sect using a backdoor.

I, Jiang Chen, can enter the sect on the basis of my own strength. What need have I for you, Xie Tianshu, to play the good guy now?


Over where the forefathers were, apart from Sunchaser, the other three were in a stunning accord with what was transpiring over there. No one stood out to object.

It would’ve been ludicrous had the three forefathers stepped out to fight over a mundane disciple. Even though Jiang Chen had already left an impression on them, things had yet to progress to the final stage of the selection. With their positions as an origin realm forefathers, they wouldn’t step out to fight over a disciple.

Even though Jiang Chen’s performance was quite stunning and had made some eye-catching moves, showing off some extraordinary potential, but at their current stage on the path of martial dao, they had seen too much already.

They had seen too many geniuses with potential.

Yet how many of those had been able to make it to the origin realm in the end?

Only the four of them had appeared in nearly a thousand years.

Although they thirsted for talent, they still trusted only their eyes as proof and wished to observe the true talents of the various geniuses through the first selection.

Sunchaser from the Purple Sun Sect wrinkled his brow slightly when he saw this scene.

The other three had sent their sect head or vice heads, and only the senior executives of the Purple Sun Sect were notable in their absence.

This made forefather Sunchaser feel a bit disgruntled.

Even if you don’t care about this young man, at least put on an act? Four hundred thousand ordinary disciples represent four hundred thousand pairs of eyes.

What will they think of our sect when they see how enthusiastic the other three are towards this young man?

People could possibly think that the Purple Sun Sect was too arrogant.

“Zixu, what’s going on over there?” Sunchaser couldn’t help but send a mental message to Purple Sun Sect head Spiritual Master Zixu.

Spiritual Master Zixu also felt quite awkward when he witnessed this scene.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to recruit Jiang Chen, but once he heard of the feud between Jiang Chen and his sect’s Shuiyue faction, he resigned himself to give up on that notion.

This Jiang Chen had come from the Eastern Kingdom and had a death feud with the Long Juxue genius of the Shuiyue faction!

When he heard the name “Long Juxue”, Zixu knew that there was no hope for Jiang Chen to enter the sect.

Although it’d been less than two years since Long Juxue entered the sect, Master Shuiyue had used a monumental amount of effort to push Long Juxue from the peak of true qi master to the earth spirit realm half a month ago!

Long Juxue, a genius girl less than twenty years old, was already in the earth spirit realm!

This wasn’t to say that the Purple Sun Sect lacked geniuses with this level of training, but Long Juxue was different. She’d entered the sect only less than two years ago. Her rate of improvement was truly the definition of leaps and bounds.

The advantage of the azure phoenix constitution beneath the attentive care of the sect pushed Long Juxue forward at such a rate that the other preeminent geniuses within the sect could only tsk in amazement.

Even though her level of training wasn’t in the lead of the geniuses within the sect, her potential laid bare. Everyone was well aware that the second selection was three years long.

In these three years, Long Juxue’s level of training was certain to see a significant increase!

Master Shuiyue’s expectations for her were the peak of the earth spirit realm at the lowest, meaning the sixth level spirit realm.

And that was only her lowest estimate.

With such incredible potential like the azure phoenix constitution, if she had enough resources and fortuitous encounters within these three years, it was possible that she could break through to the sky spirit realm.

She could even continue further into the sky spirit realm as well.

The azure phoenix constitution, a genius found once in hundreds of years, was practically born for the martial dao. Her potential, her powers of comprehension, her bloodline – they all enabled her to take to any technique and method like a fish in water. Once she successfully practiced them to perfection, her power would also far exceed that of her peers.

Although Long Juxue was now only at the fourth level spirit realm, the executives of the Purple Sun Sect had long since listed her as one of the six most likely to make it into the final sixteen.

Apart from Long Juxue, the other five were almost all at the peak of the earth spirit realm, even with those incredible existences of the sky spirit realm.

Long Juxue was only at the fourth level spirit realm and was treated as on par with the premier geniuses within the sect. From this, it was obvious how extraordinary her potential was.

It was because of this that when Spiritual Master Zixu heard of the death feud between Jiang Chen and Long Juxue, he had given up the idea of recruiting Jiang Chen without a further thought.

Although Jiang Chen had a great reputation lately, from Zixu’s perspective a few talented tricks still paled far in comparison to Long Juxue’s azure phoenix constitution.

Zixu could only answer honestly when the forefather asked him, “Forefather, Jiang Chen and Long Juxue of the azure phoenix constitution both hail from the Eastern Kingdom and a death feud exists between them. One mountain cannot hold two tigers, so our sect can only give up on this Jiang Chen.”

Sunchaser immediately understood once he heard this explanation.

He mentally put Jiang Chen on his blacklist. If he had a feud with Long Juxue, then he was the Purple Sun Sect’s enemy.

Even Sunchaser had to admit that Long Juxue’s potential made him want to take her as a true disciple.

He was merely waiting for Long Juxue to emerge from the masses during this time’s great selection before taking her as a true disciple.

In this regard, Sunchaser’s mentality grew detached, and he settled on the attitude of watching a good show as he watched the three sects fight one another. He was quite disdainful of them. Is it worth fighting over someone destined to die?

“I say, you three, to send out your sect head and vice heads to recruit a mere mundane disciple, don’t you think you are raising a great fuss over nothing and damaging the repute of your sects?” Sunchaser chuckled.

Ninelion from the Myriad Spirit Sect barked out a laugh. “Old monster Sunchaser, don’t take such a high and mighty tone. Who doesn’t know that Jiang Chen has a death feud with one of your geniuses and thus you can’t take him. What are you acting so aloof for?”

Ninelion’s personality was a bit disagreeable as he mercilessly exposed Sunchaser’s sham.  

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