SOTR Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Ye Chonglou’s Strong Attitude

Ye Chonglou walked slowly out of thin air with his graying hair, billowing sleeves, and riding his trademark Five Winged Lesser Dragon.

He didn’t seem to have any particular attitude even when facing an elder of the Precious Tree Sect. His expression was noncommittal, as if he didn’t care in the slightest.

“Shangguan Yi greets the noble tutor!” Shangguan Yi hastened to come forward and perform a bow.

“Tian Shao greets the noble tutor!”

Jiang Chen also smiled faintly to see Ye Chonglou appear out of thin air and walked up, “Lordmaster, it seems that I’ll owe you a favor again this time.’

“Haha you devious boy. When it comes down to it, it is I who owes you a favor. Otherwise, the problems with this Lesser Dragon would’ve made me worry to death.’

Ye Chonglou laughed heartily as he looked at Jiang Chen with a meaningful look. The old tutor had actually arrived a long time ago, but hadn’t made an appearance because he wanted to see how Jiang Chen would handle this matter.

He’d discovered to his surprise that Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest inclination to run even when faced with Elder Iron’s oppressive aura!

Even the old tutor couldn’t quite figure out just what was giving Jiang Chen so much confidence. What other trump cards did he have up his sleeve?

Although it’d looked extremely easily for him to shoot Xin Wudao and the other first level spirit realm practitioners dead with Jiang Chen’s level of training, the levels between different martial dao training were clearly defined. It was absolutely impossible for him to make a stand against Elder Iron at the sixth level spirit realm.

Even the Da Yu bow would be unable to threaten a practitioner at the peak of the earth spirit realm!

This was a difference in foundational strength that would be unable to be bridged with just mere tricks.

As strong as one’s martial dao potential was and as domineering the mysteries of one’s martial techniques possibly were, all was as empty as the floating winds in the face of an absolute power gap.

It wasn’t impossible for one to challenge someone a level higher, nor was it not allowed.

But there was a limit to such challenges. Overreaching a level or two was possible, but challenging upwards a difference of four to five levels was the daydreams of an idiot.

Did Jiang Chen possibly not know that the difference in strength between him and Elder Iron, was something that tricks wouldn’t be able to compensate for?

Or was it that Jiang Chen, with his extraordinary sensitivity, had long since guessed that Ye Chonglou would appear?

The old tutor was quite confident that with his level of training, not even Elder Iron would be able to discover him hiding in the shadows, much less than Jiang Chen who was at the first level spirit realm. Therefore, there was no way that the latter would’ve discovered him.

“If he had only guessed that I would come, then Jiang Chen’s confidence and absence of fear in the face of danger, his courage and charisma is enough for him to look down on all his peers.” The old tutor sighed with emotion in his heart. Regardless of what reason it had been, it was already a miracle that someone of the first level spirit realm could maintain his own heart and will, and also not flee when faced with the strong aura of a earth spirit realm practitioner!

A sense of humiliation surged to the fore when Elder Iron saw that Ye Chonglou had inserted himself into the matter and was laughing and talking with Jiang Chen, completely ignoring him, an elder of the Precious Tree Sect.

He controlled the flames of anger in his heart with effort and said faintly, “Lordmaster, today’s matter is a private grudge between me and Jiang Chen. Are you trying to interfere?”

“Private grudge?” Ye Chonglou smiled a small smile. “Lu Wuji colluded with outside enemies and invited disaster into the capital. Jiang Chen killed him out of consideration for the capital’s security and was implementing justice. The Precious Tree Sect is a patron of the Skylaurel Kingdom and should be lauding Jiang Chen’s righteous act, so what kind of private grudge can arise here? Could it be that Elder Iron is still seething over what happened after the Autumn Hunt and is making use of this opportunity to seek revenge?”

That was an obvious given.

Elder Iron flew into a rage when he heard these words, “Implementing justice? Bullshit! Lu Wuji is my wife’s nephew and thus he has to call me uncle when it comes down to it. He was killed without reason by Jiang Chen and you tell me that I don’t have the right to even ask about it?! Lordmaster Ye, I’ve always respected you and didn’t want to start anything with you. If you want to intervene in even my familial affairs, that means you’re putting yourself down as an enemy of my Iron family and one of the entire Precious Tree Sect!”

“Don’t you use your sect to try to bully me. Others may fear your old man, this pile of old bones doesn’t!” Ye Chonglou rolled his eyes. “You want to bullshit with me and talk about family ties, fine. Jiang Chen is my savior and I quite admire him, to the point that I view him as a nephew. Your nephew committed a crime and was executed for it, that was his just desserts. If you’re up in arms about this, then come at me. I’ll take whatever you have the ability to send my way!”

The lordmaster’s words were neither spoken in a great rush nor with a raised voice. He didn’t put on a menacing expression or speak with an overbearing manner. However, his attitude was clearly defined as he expressed to Elder Iron that Jiang Chen was someone he valued, and anyone who wishes to lay a finger on Jiang Chen would have to go through him first!

When he voiced these words, even Shangguan Yi who was watching by the side was greatly astonished, not to mention Elder Iron. The former knew that the honored tutor thought highly of Jiang Chen, greatly valued and admired Jiang Chen, but he’d never thought that the honored tutor was willing to erupt in open hostilities with Elder Iron over Jiang Chen, to the extent that he would even verbally warn the elder.

The honored tutor hadn’t been moved at all when Elder Iron had brought out his heavyweight of a father.

How was this just normal admiration?

This was basically the attitude towards one’s own son!

If it hadn’t been for Jiang Chen’s background being thoroughly investigated, Shangguan Yi almost suspected that Jiang Chen was the honored tutor’s bastard son.

Tian Shao was even more flabbergasted! He’d never thought that a lofty noble Tutor Ye, at the existence of a god, would be willing to offend a heavyweight of the Precious Tree Sect for a foreign youth!

One had to know that even the Crown Prince wouldn’t have the fortune to receive such treatment!

The entire Dragonteeth Guard descended into mass speechlessness in that moment.

They suddenly understood that Lu Wuji’s death had been in vain.

How would they obtain revenge when Ye Chonglou was backing Jiang Chen up? So what if vice director Yang was making a stand? So what if Elder Iron was doing so as well?

Hadn’t everyone seen that even Elder Iron’s old man had had no effect?

Those Guards who’d been swayed and wanted to betray Shangguan Yi began to hesitate.

Could vice director Yang really win out over Jiang Chen?

If it’d been before the honored tutor had appeared, no one within the Guard would’ve believed that Jiang Chen would win.

In their eyes, as much furor that Jiang Chen could kick up, he was just a locust of late autumn, destined not to live long!

However, the events that had then taken place had caused the situation to take a hundred and eighty degree turn.

The honored tutor was willing to insult even the esteemed elder of the Precious Tree Sect to personally protect Jiang Chen and emphasize that he viewed Jiang Chen like a nephew!

The weight of these words changed everything.

Anyone who wanted to form any grudge with Jiang Chen would have to thoroughly consider if they could hold up beneath the honored tutor’s rage on the basis of these words alone.

Even vice director Yang may not have the courage to be enemies with the honored tutor!

The Precious Tree Sect was strong and a titan, but it still didn’t have many ties with the mundane world. Ye Chonglou however, was the legend of the kingdom who had been revered for generations, a living legend and undying monument!

Such a character was the Skylaurel Kingdom’s god!

How many would take the long way around when passing by the spirit king protector’s manor for fear of bumping into him, not to mention become enemies with him or run afoul of his taboos?

“Lu Wuji that idiot, of all people to provoke, he had to pick Jiang Chen.”

“Ai, Xin Wudao and Qi Fengxian were also kicked in the brains when they were young. They dared to publicly rebel against the general director in order to accomplish some achievements, but this resulted in their heads being taken off. Well deserved, well deserved! It looks like there will be a massive house cleaning after this matter. With so many empty positions, it seems that there will be many chances for us!”

The internal of the Dragonteeth Guard had a subtle change of heart in the span of a second.

Those who’d looked like they were on Yang Zhao’s side all involuntarily took their place by Shangguan Yi again.

They were heaving inward sighs of relief that they hadn’t been impulsive just now and hadn’t stood out to express their stances or been in a hurry to curry favor. Otherwise, the general director would be sure to take them to task after this matter!

Elder Iron’s words were all forcefully stopped in his mouth. His face turned red with his effort in holding things in as he was greatly enraged but didn’t dare erupt.

If his strength allowed him to do so, with his personality, he wouldn’t mind beating the old tutor to death.

However, he didn’t dare do so and didn’t have this strength either.

He was well aware that this mysterious old man’s reputation as the spirit king protector wasn’t the result of bluffing. Even his father couldn’t quite define Ye Chonglou and felt that they should avoid offending him if possible.

Elder Iron didn’t feel that he had what it would take to go head to head with someone whom even his father feared.

However, if he backed down just like this, he wouldn’t be able to swallow this hit to his pride as a Precious Tree Sect elder!

“Lordmaster Ye, why is this? I’ve also investigated this kid and he’s just a savage bumpkin from the Eastern Kingdom. He has no impressive background or any awe inspiring abilities, he just has a bit of uncommon potential. Our Skylaurel Kingdom has young men like this by the dozen. If you like youth like these, I’ll select eight or ten from the Sect and send them to your manor. Give me Jiang Chen and I will owe you a favor. My father will also admit to this favor!”

Elder Iron was someone who could bow and rise at will. When he saw that taking a tough attitude wouldn’t get him anywhere, he decided to try a softer tactic.

Yang Xiaoqian also wept, “Lordmaster, as many faults that my nephew had, he shouldn’t be beaten to death just like that. This Jiang Chen is so rampantly unbridled and yet you protect this foreign tyrant. What are we of the Skylaurel Kingdom to make of this?”

This woman knew how to put on a good act alright. She could cry at the drop of a hat and put on quite a convincing act.

However, her actions were like those of a clown in front of the lordmaster.

The lordmaster smiled faintly, “Elder Iron, I don’t want eight or ten of anyone else. I admire Jiang Chen. Even thousands or tens of thousands of others would be unable to replace him. If you want to keep discussing, then leave now and I will let bygones be bygones. They can settle their grudge between themselves. As long as you older generation doesn’t intervene, I promise I won’t as well. If you want to use your power and influence to force your hand, then my apologies, although I am quite old, I have truly never been crushed by anyone before.”

As for Yang Xiaoqian’s fake sobbing, the lordmaster couldn’t even be bothered to give a response.

Elder Iron fully erupted into a rage when he saw that the lordmaster wasn’t giving him any face at all. “Tutor Ye, does this mean that you’ve hardened your heart to protect this kid?’

“You can take it that way if you want to.” Tutor Ye’s tone was noncommittal.

“Good, good, good! Jiang Chen, you listen up! You have a strong backer today. I don’t believe that you’ll always be able to hide behind your backer and never be caught out!”

Elder Iron’s tone was vicious as he continued, “You’d best pray for yourself that you don’t end up in my hands. Otherwise, I’ll make it so that you can’t live even if you pray to live, and that you can’t die even though you wish to die.”

His eyebrow then flicked as he looked at Ye Chonglou. “Tutor Ye, you’re the one who said that you won’t interfere if we don’t. They will take care of this themselves. Do you stand by your words?”

“Of course.”

“Good, then you won’t suppress Yang Zhao either, right?”

“I have no interest in mundane battles.” The honored tutor said faintly.

“Good, very good! Since this is the case, then let’s have Yang Zhao and this brat fight it out and see who falls to the other. If you break your word and interfere, then my Precious Tree Sect will never stand for this!”

The honored tutor smiled slightly and wasn’t even interested in responding to threats.

It was Jiang Chen however, who had a hint of a meaningful smile appear on his lips.

The honored tutor couldn’t help but ponder when he saw that smile. With his knowledge of Jiang Chen, that smile meant that something was about to happen!

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    It always makes me so excited to see what comes next. I wonder how much of his rat and bird army he plans to use (also maybe rats riding swordbirds).

  2. Found a mistake:
    Elder Iron fully erupted into a rage when he saw that the lordmaster wasn’t giving him any face at all. “Tutor Ye, does this mean that you’ve hardened your heart to protect this kid?’

    “You can take it that way if you want to.” Elder Iron’s tone was noncommittal. <– Should be honored Tutor Ye here.

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  4. Elder Iron had brought over 3/4 of the Precious tree sect to deal with Jiang chen. The precious tree sect would not be mobilised like this usually however due to the elaborate deceit and promise of compensation, many flocked to the call even elders were persuaded.

    The Patriach of the Precious tree sect was origginaly against this Idea. However, Elder Iron’s father had enlisted the help of his friend; another elder with the same same status and cultivation as himself. Between the two they were able to gather a force that rivaled an entire nation.

    The entire army stood ready for combat outside the city walls. The constant release of their combined aura’s besieged the guards stationed on the walls. The weaker guards fainted on the spot while the stronger guards were struggling to stay conscious.

    The dragonteeth guard had also been stationed on the walls although they wanted to avoid the war and just surrender Jiang chen it was impossible. With the support of the honoured tutor even the king was hessistant to speak on the topic.

    The two armies faced each other. It was clear wich side was stronger. Both armies knew what the outcome would be… however, Jiang Chen’s thoughts on the matter were different. Because only he knew the trump cards that he possessed. Even if they had mobilised the entire precious tree sect it wouldn’t guarantee victory.

    At this point Elder Iron made his way to the front of the army. Utilizing his cultivation he amplified his voice so that everyone within a 100 Km radius could hear him.

    Elder Iron : “Jiang chen I have brought the majority of the Precious tree sect with me, lets see how you avoid death this time! Hahaha!!” Laughed elder Iron menacingly.

    Jiang chen had also stepped foward and utilised the same method to project his voice.

    Jiang chen: ” Elder Iron, I have been patient with you, even when you had come repeatedly looking to make trouble. However, I will give you this one last chance. You and your father will resign your positions in the Precious tree sect, and then bow down to me in front of everyone in the Skylaural kingdom. Only then will I let you sever your own cultivation.”

    Both armies were speechless. Before long, laughter could be heard from within the ranks of the precious tree sect wich then spead throughout the entire army.

    Meanwhile the Skylaural kingdom army was looking at Jiang chen like a madman. Chatter begun in their own ranks.
    “Am I really gone die for a madman like him”
    “We’re doomed”
    Similar discussions broke out.

    Only people that remained calm where the people who had personally witnessed Jiang Chen in action and knew of his unending mysteriousness.

    Elder Iron: ” Jiang Chen, I realise there is no point in speaking with you anymore.

    My fellow cultivators of the precious tree sect!! Who ever kills Jiang chen will become my personal disciple to wich I will spare nothing to cultivate.”

    The precious tree sect disciples eyes gleamed with greed. Everyone knew the benefits of becoming a disciple of a renowned elder especially one who could mobilise such a force. Thus the precious tree sect army moral soared with battle intent.

    Jiang Chen was riding a top a swordbird unfazed by the incoming army. He stood unmoving accompanied by his personal guards who lacked the slightest bit of hesitation.

    It was at this point that Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder as if this war was not related to him. Speaking in a calm voice turned and spoke to the honoured tutor “I tried”.

    Honoured tutor: ” haha looks like I will get to see you personnally in action”

    Jiang Chen: ” not necessarily ”

    The honoured tutor just remained silent towards Jiang Chen’s reply. He had bassically given up on deciphering Jiang Chen and chose to just observe. He had witnessed numerous new experiences in the time that he spent with Jiang Chen. The honoured tutor enjoyed this. To a person who has experienced much, there a very few things that excited him. This was the reason why he rarely involved himself in matters related to the kingdom

    He watched as Jiang Chen perked his lips and wistled. The honour tutored was unsure of what Jiang chen was doing.

    A short while later piercing crys could be heard coming from every direction. Closing in towards the Precious tree sect disciples. Leaving the Precious tree sect disciples stunned causing them to halt there advance.

    The elders of the precious tree sect were shocked. They had not expected the skylaural kingdom to be in possesion of such a vast amount of beasts. The cultivation of the beasts themselves did not pose a threat for the elders, but if the disciples of their sect fought it would lead to a massacre greatly reducing the amount of disciples within the sect.

    However they had no time to think as soon as the swordbirds appeared they begun their descent.

    Everytime a swordbird dived it would take a disciple either killing or heavily injuring them. The disciples who managed to survive the first attack were immediately assaulted by another swordbird until they could not retaliate and in the end were killed. If that was not enough there was also another squadron of swordbirds wich were being rode by a squad of people being led by a certain Vice-general.

    The soldiers of the Skylaural kingdom. Were greatly moved. They had now been given the hope of victory as they fought.

    It did not take long for both sides to suffer significant losses.

    The elders of the precious tree sect gave looks of anger towards the father and son pair.

    The battle they had described was different to the situation that was taking place. They were promised a swift victory wich would be accompanied by titles of nobility, vast terretories and slaves wich were the currently citizens of the skylaural kingdom.

    The Iron family father and son pair had no choice but to offer a substantial increase in compensation. This was the absolute limit. They had offered up all the resources their family had accumulated since it’s creation.

    The elders agreed to the sum and with the father and son pair entered the fray.

    Jiang Chen had anticipated this scenario would occur and was ready. Jiang Chen wistled again and 3 more squads of swordbirds swooped in. These Swordbirds were trained in Jiang Chen’s special formation and were proficient in it’s use. Thus they were able to occupy the two elders and the father while Jiang chen personnaly fought with Elder Iron.

    The war was a battle of attrition. The longer they fought the more disadvantaged they would be. The elders of the Precious tree sect knew this. Thus tried their best to finish the battle with the swordbirds as quickly as possible. However, they soon realised that this was not possible even when they uttilised their full cultivation and attacked it would be suppressed by the formation.

    The war went on for another hour. At this point the precious tree disciples were being killed at astonishing rates. The original army they had brought was reduced to less than half.

    Jiang Chen was fighting on even terms with elder Iron. Trading blow for blow. Suddenly a mysterious profound aura appeared 3 meters behind Jiang Chen. This mysterious figure was the leader of the hidden hand. He brought his entire force wich were in hiding waiting for the opportune moment to strike. They had intended to wait for the situation to reach a critical point then reveal themselves turning the tide. This would allow them to avenge their comrades and earn a significant reward from the precious tree sect. Killing two birds with one stone.

    The leader of the hidden hand was on the same culltivation base as the elder Iron’s father. If that was all Jiang Chen would be able to manage but it was at this time that the members of the Hidden hand assimilated into a formation.

    This forced Jiang Chen to suffer setback after setback. Although Jiang Chen knew the formation and the method to break it. Knowing did not mean he could break it. With Jiang Chen’s current cultivation it was near impossible to break it.

    The Honoured tutor seeing the situation promptly entered however he was also suppresed by the formation. Although they were starting to get used to the attacks breaking the formaton would be difficult.

    Jiang Chen then thought if he could create a false oppening the leader of the hidden hand would surely strike. Jiang Chen knew that he would be hard pressed to fool the Leader of the hidden hand. That was why Jiang Chen purposely restricted his fighting power to 70 percent . As the battle went on Jiang Chen received more and more wounds. Ranging from light cuts to cuts that left the bone bare. Jiang Chen had to make it believable.

    Elder Iron found himself elated as he was able to deal damage to Jiang Chen aswell. A lot of the severe wounds on Jiang Chen were made by Elder Iron. Although the wounds looked severe Elder Iron purposely aimed for non-vital points and nerve clusters wich would deal the most pain.

    Jiang Chen now looked very hideous. His eyes were dyed red, blood would constantly seep from his body running over the old blood wich had started to dry. Jiang Chen looking like he was no longer able to support himself dropped from the sky.

    The leader of the hidden hand used this opportunity and dived down directly after Jiang Chen. The honoured tutor and Elder Iron followed straight behind. The Honoured Tutor forced his way through the formation while receiving many attacks desperately trying to save Jiang chen. Jiang Chen’s perfomance had fooled even him.

    Jiang Chen crashed into the ground and was laying in a 3 meter deep hole.

    The leader of the Hidden hand smirked and retrieved a sword from his back. The sword was descending while being directed towards Jiang Chen’s neck.

    10 meters, 6 meters, 3 meters… Before it was even 1 meter away from Jiang Chen’s neck a blur streaked across the leaders vision. The leader was shocked to find that his right forearm holding the sword was missing and what remained, was a wound similar to a bite mark. He was stunned for a while however he snapped out of it to then defend from the honoured tutor. With only one arm remaining the leader had to focus all of his attention and energy into his left arm. As soon as the leader deflected the attack he jumped to the side darting back towards the formation. While approaching the formation the leader felt more at ease. However as he was closing in. He discovered the pale looks of his followers.

    Their faces turned even worse the closer he got. The leader was speechless, wondering what was wrong he tried to speak but found that he couldn’t. He then tried to come to a stop but his body wouldn’t respond. The leader was constantly falling he felt extreme fear this was a feeling of helplessness that scared him. As he was falling he was slowly turning so that he was facing the direction in wich he had just come from.

    Immediately the leaders eyes went wide with a look of dread and disbeleife.

    Where he had just stood were now three figures.
    One was tall and elderly. One was drenched in blood holding onto the third… the third was the one that caused the leader to regret his decision to seek revenge, it caused him absolute despair. The Third figure was missing two things… A head, and a right forearm.

    Eh… I was trying to write a short little glimpse into my wild imagimation. It was suppose to be short. But then bam. I can’t be bothered anymore so here .

    JC fights 3/4 precious tree sect -》sect attacks -》 swordbirds reveal/ attack -》 P.T.S elders attack -》 formation swordbirds -》 hidden hand attacks-》 Jiang chen destroys hidden hand -》 rest of the P.T.S arrive -》 Patriach of P.T.S talks about not wanting this outcome but has to because he has to for the sect -》 Patriach of P.T.S tells all elders to attack. -》 Elder Iron ” O Jiang Chen, now U die” -》 Jiang Chen shows Goldbitter rat king -》 Goldbitter rat king squeeks -》 Elder Iron laughs… makes fun of J.C and Goldbitter rat king -》 cut off before finishing -》Cracks appear in ground. Millions of auras explode out combined with the swordbirds encompass everything (no end of auras) -》 Patriach of P.T.S surrenders father son pair and original elder involved. -》P.T.S now serves Ye Rong.

    See the plot was short but detail and elaboration made it long. Explain stuff here and there to make it relevant. Also…. yeah now I’m making it longer so I’ll just shut up. And forgive any mistakes Engrish is not my first language.

  5. Ye Chonglou walked slowly out of thin air with his graying hair, billowing sleeves, and riding his trademark Five Winged Lesser Dragon.

    How does this make sense? He walked but also rode out of the air lol . Think you should fix that. Unless he’s got a clone

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