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Chapter 199: Victory from the Jaws of Extreme Danger

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to curse at her or feel touched at this moment. She wasn’t a cold-hearted, vicious woman after all. She hadn’t left him behind to make good on her own escape.

Dan Fei was like one of those orchid flowers blooming in the night that were spoken of but never seen. Her slender body stood atop a large tree as she gazed anxiously in Jiang Chen’s direction. Deep anxiety was written all over her incomparably beautiful face. The surge of stubborness that was usually flittering deep around the corners of her eyes was now fully displayed.

“This crazy woman…” Jiang Chen knew that it was pointless to curse at her now as he prepared to stop and once again engage the enemy.

“Jiang Chen, take three steps to your left to avoid an area of 100 meters, then take another three steps right to avoid an area of sixty meters and finally, fly over an area of 30 meters without coming in contact with the ground!” Dan Fei’s deeply worried voice rang through the night sky like the startled calls of a nightingale.


Jiang Chen had planned on slowing down his footsteps when a thought struck him as he listened to these words. Had this crazy woman not made it far because she was laying traps here?

He was a resolute man and didn’t hesitate under these circumstances. He took a turn to the left, then to the right, and finally abruptly kicked off the ground at the thirty meter section according to the route pointed out by Dan Fei. His body flew just like a giant bird gliding through the air.

After entering the spirit realm, although he couldn’t yet fly, soaring through the air was no problem at all. Add to the fact that there were two big trees on the side that he could push off from, Jiang Chen landed on a branch next to Dan Fei after a few rises and falls.

“Why didn’t you escape when I told you to flee?”

Dan Fei’s sexy lips pursed as her feminine face displayed stubborn look. “Am I so disloyal in your eyes as to leave a comrade behind and flee?”

Jiang Chen had wanted to say that she’d wrecked his original plans, but thought that there was absolutely no point in bringing that up now. He rolled his eyes and grabbed Dan Fei’s hand, taking her on a glide through the air.

“Jiang Chen, this entire area’s been planted with Mind Enchantment Powder. I don’t believe that that big thing won’t fall victim to it again!”

Dan Fei’s body quivered slightly when her small hand was grabbed by Jiang Chen. A strange feeling like she’d been electrocuted spread throughout her body, but she still spoke calmly.

“What bloody use is that? The spirit creature’s fallen victim to it once and will surely be on its guard against it.”

The giant ape had tracked them to within the hundred meter area as they were speaking and actually used a large hand to cover its nose, making its way to Jiang Chen and Dan Fei with large strides.

“Do you see that?” Jiang Chen flung Dan Fei onto a nearby tree with a large swing, roaring, “Don’t tarry this time, go! I’ll catch up to you!”

Dan Fei was depressed to see her carefully laid out trap being seen through with a single glance from the giant ape. She hadn’t imagined that although the giant ape looked like all brawn and no brains, it actually had very sharp mind!

Jiang Chen grabbed the Da Yu bow as he couldn’t afford the luxury to pay attention to the fact that there weren’t that many arrows left. He had to make a final gamble. If he won the bet, perhaps they’d be able to break free.

If he didn’t win the gamble, they’d be in a great deal of trouble!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Three arrows in succession flew towards the giant ape. The giant ape’s speed was exceedingly fast, but the arrows could still slow it down.

Plus, one of its hands had to cover its nose, so it only had one giant hand left to freely move around.

Bam, bam!

Two punches fended off two arrows, but another remained right in front of it. The giant ape had no choice but to remove the hand covering its nose and throw out a punch.

Bam! The arrow close at hand was also brought down.

Jiang Chen took out all of the remaining six arrows at this moment, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Six arrows in succession locked onto the giant ape with the fastest speed and greatest strength Jiang Chen could bring to bear from six different angles, speeding towards it mercilessly.

The power and intensity of the six successive arrows forced the giant ape to halt its footsteps. The giant ape had just entered into the thirty meter area at this time.

Jiang Chen had fired the six arrows in unison precisely for this exact moment.

This area was certain to be where Dan Fei had set up most of the powder, which is why she had him travel through the air.

The attack from the six arrows arrived at the same time. The giant ape would either have to not use its boxing skills and use its body to block the arrows instead, or it’d have to throw its full strength into punching out the arrows.

If it used its full strength in boxing moves however, it would naturally have to use spirit power. When the spirit power circulated, the Mind Enchantment Powder in the surroundings would also circulate at greater speed. It’d be difficult for the giant ape to not take any of it in while it fought!

It would take in the powder whenever it breathed!

This kind of calculation was precise down to the most minute details, exact to the point of its execution being defined in the closest meter.

When Jiang Chen had thrown Dan Fei onto the branch, her heart had kept pounding. Even though Jiang Chen had once again told her to run, it was as if her feet had taken root and she couldn’t move, no matter how much she wanted to.


The giant ape was also quite fierce and it seemed to know that there was Mind Enchantment Powder in this area. Its entire body suddenly sped up as its thick legs stomped fiercely onto the ground. Its enormous body shot through the air like a round, silver ball.

Bam, bam!

The giant ape actually used its body to take the hits from two arrows.

The strength of this bound was extraordinary as the ape shot towards the big tree that Dan Fei was on.

When Jiang Chen saw this sudden development, a nameless anger grew in his heart. That idiotic woman hadn’t left yet!

Quicker than words could tell, Dan Fei’s heart leapt in fright when she saw the giant ape bound up and come careening towards her. She knew that this was because the giant ape had sensed the presence of the baby spirit animals and was rushing towards her without regard of its own life.


Jiang Chen was a bit far from Dan Fei at this time. If he rushed to save her and used his body against the giant ape’s in a contest of force, he would, without a doubt, be grounded into meat paste.

A blow at the peak of anger from a mid spirit rank beast, even though injured, was still a very frightening blow. Being hit with that blow through the air would likely result in immediate death after spitting out blood, not to mention being body-slammed by it.

In that critical moment, Jiang Chen’s hands raised slightly, the sun in one hand and the moon in another. His two arms were like two great trees as the shape that his hand was formed in shifted slightly, forming the concept of a cycle of blooming and wilting.

Two throwing daggers had also appeared in his hands at this time.

“Moonshatter Flying Daggers, I hope you don’t fail me this time!” Jiang Chen’s thoughts churned swiftly. He was finally going to use the throwing dagger technique that he’d trained arduously before the trials, the one that he combined with the concept of the Divine Aeons Fist. He was deploying the Flying Eagle Form with one hand and the Pouncing Tiger Form with the other.

Two completely different great techniques were being melded into one, using the true meaning of the Divine Aeons Fist.


The throwing dagger in his right hand first gave rise to a wave of qi as fierce as fire, transforming into the momentum of a ferocious tiger descending down a mountain and pouncing towards that furiously charging giant ape.

The throwing dagger in his left hand shout out at almost the same time, as if a clear breeze in the night sky, stealthily moving through the air —

Flying Eagle Form!

Pouncing Tiger Form in his right hand, Flying Eagle Form in his left.

The two vastly different dagger-throwing techniques formed two completely distinct forces and auras in this moment through the philosophy of life and death behind the Divine Aeons Fist. It was as if the radiance of the sun and splendor of the moon intersected in the sky!

The fur on the giant ape was like steel needles, and it suddenly stood on end. With the level of training the giant ape had, it could naturally discern the boundless killing intent shooting towards it from the side.

This killing intent was absolutely enough to threaten its life.

However, it didn’t have the ability to think of so much at this moment!

It only had one thought right now, and that was to take back the babies and slap this damned human female to death!

Dan Fei was still a woman who had seen great occasions after all. After starting slightly, she knew that there was no way she could withstand the giant ape’s momentum when she saw it heading towards her. She dodged into the air and used all the strength in her body to shift upwards and to the side.

The giant ape clawed viciously and connected with the big tree that Dan Fei had been standing on!


The big tree fell down with a thud as its entire trunk had been blown to smithereens and countless wooden splinters. The branches and leaves scattered every which way. Innumerable leaves were sucked into the air from the spirit power and then fell back onto the ground, pouring down like a rain of leaves.

The giant ape’s ruthless blow was still a bit too slow.

Dan Fei’s body had left the big tree and her face was filled with panic as she landed on a patch of empty ground more than two meters out.

Jiang Chen’s Moonshatter Flying Daggers attack also arrived at the same time.

The giant ape had completely overextended itself with this punch and repeated his move one too many times. It lacked stability as its body hung in the air.

Pfft, pfft!

The throwing daggers entered its body. One landed within its waist and the other into its head.

The strong force almost shot them straight through the giant ape’s body!


The giant ape couldn’t remain in the air after taking the hits from the throwing daggers. It roared in extreme fury after landing on the ground.

Suddenly —

The giant ape’s entire body suddenly started expanding like a balloon with a astonishing speed.

The giant ape’s body had expanded to the size of a huge balloon as all the steel needles of its fur stood on end, as if spikes stuck onto its surface. It appeared quite eerie and frightening beneath the moonlight.

Jiang Chen knew that something was wrong when he saw this strange sight and roared, “Dodge it!”


The surface of the giant ape’s body suddenly exploded as a tremendous force sent its skin, blood, and flesh flying in all directions.

Countless numbers of steel needle spikes also shot forth from its body due to the force of the explosion!


Although Jiang Chen was further away, he didn’t dare lower his guard as he instinctively crouched and covered his head with his hands.

Psst, psst, psst, psst!

Countless numbers of ape fur-spikes landed on the ground like steel nails.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes to discover that he’d been rather lucky to not get hit by any of these spikes.

After the giant ape’s suicidal blow, its entire body was a bloody, gory mess. It was like it’d lost a great deal of weight as its external skin and fur were completely gone. It looked like it’d been scalped alive as even starkly white bones could be seen.


After using its life in this final blow, the giant ape finally collapsed.

Jiang Chen didn’t have time to breathe out in relief yet as he hastily ran over to Dan Fei. Dan Fei was curled up sideways on the ground, more than ten ape fur-spikes nailed onto her body.

Arms, ribs, chest, and thighs.

“Doesn’t this idiot woman know to face upwards with her back?” Jiang Chen was quite speechless, but quickly figured out that she was curled up on the crowd instead of crouched because she didn’t want the baby spirit animals on her back to take the hits instead of her.

Jiang Chen really didn’t know whether to curse her for being idiotic or for being a fool right now.

Under these circumstances, if she crouched on the ground, the bamboo basket and baby spirit animals would’ve surely blocked most of the attacks.

At most, only her thighs would’ve been pierced.

However, she’d chosen such a position because she didn’t want the baby spirit animals to get hit. This resulted in more than ten places of her body being hit.

It was a good thing that none of them were fatal wounds when inflicted from such a distance. Jiang Chen helped her up. Even her butt had ape fur spikes on it, and so she couldn’t sit down. She could only lean against the side of a tree.

“Jiang Chen, are the baby spirit animals alright? Hurry and take a look for me.”

Jiang Chen paid no attention to her and plucked out some ape fur-spikes. His face suddenly changed, “Stop, don’t circulate spirit qi to heal your wounds. Stop circulating!”

Dan Fei was frightened by his sudden change in tone. “What? Aren’t they just some superficial wounds?”

Jiang Chen’s face was ghastly white, “These spikes are poisonous.”

Dan Fei’s body wavered as her face was drained of all color, “Poisonous?”

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