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Chapter 132: It’s So Hard to Keep a Low Profile

The opinions of this group clearly conflicted and everyone gazes finally rested on the tall, stocky youth with a high nose bridge.

This person was obviously the leader.

“Senior brother Kuang, what do you say? Do we arrest this group of rampantly cocky people?”

“Senior brother Kuang, according to what this little brother thinks, those two frauds have long since made their escape. It will be hard to find them amidst the mountain of clouds and sea of mist.”

“Yes, this group of people swaggered and strutted as they flew over our heads, and the presence of their steeds will surely cover the presence of those two frauds. How then,will we chase after them?”

“Indeed, if we can’t catch those two frauds at the end of the day, it’ll largely have to do with this bunch of bastards. If it wasn’t for them passing by and washing away the frauds’ presence, it wouldn’t have made our search so difficult!”

The band of people actually transferred their anger onto Jiang Chen’s group, completely pushing off their own incompetencies in the search operation onto the latter’s head.

The tall and stalwart senior brother Kuang smiled amusedly, sizing up Jiang Chen’s group with an unfriendly gaze, as if a butcher measuring sheep for slaughter.

“You there, who are you? I’ll give you one last chance. If you don’t answer immediately, then don’t blame us of the Azure Blue Northern Palace for not giving you face.” Senior brother Kuang finally opened his mouth.

He’d actually wanted to take action long before this, but he’d had to find an acceptable reason for taking action.

Jiang Chen flicked a diffident glance at this senior brother Kuang and laughed coldly, completely indifferent as he waved his hand. “Let’s go.”

“You want to leave?” Senior brother Kuang was incensed upon seeing Jiang Chen disregard him. “You’re in Palace territory, and you want to leave without giving me a full report of who you are?”

Jiang Chen’s body suddenly halted as he shot a piercingly cold look at senior brother Kuang. “Just who the hell are you? Are you part of the Dragonteeth Guard? Or are you perhaps a royal expert? What right do you have to interrogate me?”

“Ho, brat, you’re quite cocky?”

“Senior brother Kuang, don’t continue on blathering with this kid, let’s capture him first. No one dares act so wildly in the territory of our Azure Heaven Northern Palace.”

“Yes, he needs to die just because of his attitude!”

Senior brother Kuang received support from his comrades and felt even more emboldened. “Brothers, you are right. This band of people has unknown origins and are likely the accomplices of those two frauds. Take them!”

Within this group, each person was a true qi master, and although they could not be counted amongst the most elite existence in the Azure Heaven Northern Palace, they still had it in the bag when bullying outsiders within their territory.

Besides, there was the mammoth Azure Heaven Northern Palace backing them up.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to start a fight in someone else’s territory either and he transmitted his voice to Gouyu, “You and my father lead the way and take the group away first. I’ll hold off these people and follow you shortly.”

Princess Gouyu swept her gaze across these people and displayed a contemptuous cold smile in her eyes. Even without Jiang Chen, she, Gouyu, wouldn’t have been afraid of these people.

Since Jiang Chen was going to restrain these people, that was great as well.

They were ultimately still at a disadvantage when they picked fights in other people’s territory. Gouyu understood this and waved her hand, silently exchanging an understanding with Jiang Feng. They led the group and flew away swiftly without another word.

“Eh? You really want to leave?”

“Don’t leave, halt!”

Jiang Chen blocked the way by himself as he raised the Da Yu bow he was holding. He did not touch the arrows that came as a set with the Da Yu bow and instead, took out three ordinary arrows.

“What’s the rush? I haven’t left yet. Since you want to play, I’ll play with you.” Jiang Chen’s aura suddenly flared and strong vast waves of true qi surged forth into great true qi torrents, embroiling the nearby clouds around the mountains and sea of mist. It appeared truly impressive and gave off the feeling that one man could hold out against ten thousand.

That bow was not one to be underestimated. With this bow in hand, those Azure Heaven Northern Palace disciples who wanted to rush over and stop the group all halted in their tracks.

They weren’t fools. They were all true qi masters and had seen many battle setups.

It was apparent from just one move whether one had true skill.

When the aura of Jiang Chen and his bow was released, the presence was that of swallowing the heavens and taking the earth. This kind of aura was not empty bluster, but one that had been honed again and again through blood-soaked battles.

It was the aura of someone who’d once killed a spirit dao practitioner!

None of them doubted that if they brashly rushed over, they’d become ghosts beneath the other’s arrows!

Senior brother Kuang stared coldly at Jiang Chen. He hadn’t anticipated either that such an expert would be concealed amidst this unassuming group of people.

‘You’re also a true qi master!” Senior brother Kuang’s tone was awe-inspiring. “You dare draw your weapon first within my Palace’s territory. Very good, you’re dead meat!”

“If I recall correctly, your Azure Heaven Northern Palace is merely one of the Precious Tree Sect’s ritual sites in the Skylaurel Kingdom. But it sounds like you’ve more rules than the Precious Tree Sect?”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, how would he not know the vain personality of someone like senior brother Kuang?

People like this had a bit of strength but were absolutely not amongst the top within the sect. Nevertheless, they liked to seek out the limelight and cause trouble, swaggering about with borrowed influence from the sect’s name.

Jiang Chen disdained this type of people. They’d initially been chasing after two enemies, but when they suddenly saw others along the way, they could actually abandon their mission and plan to rob someone else halfway through.

To put it nicely, these people were sect disciples. To put it in a not so nice manner, they were buffoons, bandits, and evil scoundrels. Even if you clearly and thoroughly answered all their questions, they would still find some excuse to create trouble for you.

Jiang Chen couldn’t be bothered to waste empty blather with him as he locked on with his Da Yu bow. He would shoot whoever dared to venture a step forward.

Even if it was Azure Heaven Northern Palace territory, Jiang Chen couldn’t be confined by so many reservations. He’d never been someone who meekly accepted insults and absolutely couldn’t become someone who placed himself at the mercy of others.

Since the thought of highway robbery had occurred to the other party, they naturally would’ve had the urge to kill. Killing and looting were always connected to each other.

To only rob and not kill, Jiang Chen didn’t think the people of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace were that benevolent.

“Whoever crosses this line, dies!” A hint of a faint smile spilled out from Jiang Chen’s lips.

This wasn’t an empty boast. Out of this group of people, the most powerful was senior brother Kuang. Although this senior brother Kuang was strong, he was only a bit stronger than Long Yinye and absolutely not on par with Long Yi.

Jiang Chen had been able to kill Long Yi previously.

Now that his training had already advanced two levels and joined the ranks of eleven meridians true qi masters, leveraging that to the advantage provided by the Da Yu bow, there was no difference between killing someone of his own level and slaughtering chickens.

Senior brother Kuang stared intently at Jiang Chen with the eyes of a hungry wolf. He didn’t suspect Jiang Chen’s words. He could also sniff out the feeling of danger from Jiang Chen.

Although senior brother Kuang had committed a considerable amount of murder and banditry, he truly didn’t dare take the risk today.

If he did run the risk and charge in, what welcomed him would very possibly be a fatal arrow.

Senior brother Kuang had experienced multiple battles and exchanged blows with many true qi masters, winning and losing his fair share. He had accumulated innumerable real battle experiences over the many years.

But he had never once met an opponent before whom he dared not make the slightest move against.

The instinct of a wolf caused him to clearly understand that if he rushed past that line, his opponent would surely shoot him to death!

Senior brother Kuang threw a glance at his comrade. The comrade understood and didn’t charge past the line, starting a descent instead and prepared to call for reinforcement on the ground.

“Take another step and die!”

Jiang Chen’s arrowhead locked onto that descending disciple.

Senior brother Kuang called out raspily, “Brat, looks like you want to thoroughly offend our Azure Heaven Northern Palace.”

“Cut the blather! Stay there obediently and don’t move. The tables have turned, whoever moves, dies!” How could Jiang Chen not know what plans they were cooking up?

They couldn’t win in a fight here and couldn’t split off in hot pursuit to rob the others. Thus they wanted to call in reinforcements instead.

Although these folks looked fierce, but each of them knew their place better than anyone else when it came to moments of life or death. They all froze carefully, deathly afraid that they would be shot and killed if they moved.

This impasse continued for roughly fifteen minutes before Jiang Chen laughed heartily and estimated that Gouyu and the others should be quite a distance away.

This group of people wouldn’t be able to catch them even if they tried.

He flicked a glance at senior brother Kuang that contained a few hints of mockery, “Well, aren’t you being nicely behaved. I don’t want to kill anyone, and you don’t want to go rushing to your deaths either, alright?”

Jiang Chen urged the Goldwing Swordbird onwards when he’d finished speaking. He turned into a stream of golden colored light, heading in the direction that Gouyu and the others had taken.

Senior brother Kuang and the eight total people in the party heaved a long sigh after this. That senior brother Kuang’s expression was dark and ruthless, “Number five, go notify senior brother Yi. The rest of you, follow me and chase after them!”

“Alright!” One of them descended below the cloud layer and flew off to notify his companions.

Senior brother Kuang grit his teeth. “Not matter where this fellow is from and who he is, the humiliation of today won’t be forgiven just like this.”

“Yes, he can’t be left off the hook this easily.”

“Their steeds seem to be of even higher quality than our green wyverns. The golden colored feathers look as sharp as the blade of a sword and exuded such glow. Tsk tsk, not bad at all.”

“And there’s so many of them. If we can seize them, even one of those creatures would fetch a whopping price. Our Skylaurel Kingdom doesn’t have those beasts, a thing is valued if it is rare!”

“Cut your blather, after them!” Senior brother Kuang spurred on his green wyvern and grit his teeth as he rushed to the very front.

“Heh heh, it looks like you guys didn’t give up after all!”

A cold laugh suddenly traveled from the clouds.

A frightening sound broke through the air at almost the exact same time, piercing through the clouds and penetrated the mist, turning into a terrifying curve and shooting straight for senior brother Kuang’s head.

This arrow came exceptionally suddenly and swiftly, practically a shooting star.

Senior brother Kuang didn’t even have time to react in his panic.


The arrow connected unerringly with his head!

“Ah!” Senior brother Kuang gave a ghastly cry, but he immediately discovered that his head hadn’t gone flying. The thing that had flown off his head was the simple helm on his head.

“This arrow was a warning, if you keep chasing me, the next arrow will definitely kill you!” Jiang Chen snorted coldly.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that he’d just entered the Skylaurel Kingdom for the first time and didn’t wish to randomly kill people, with senior brother Kuang’s actions, Jiang Chen would’ve killed him three or five times over by now!

Senior brother Kuang was frightened out of his wits as he ran his hand over his head again and again, confirming that his head hadn’t moved house. He finally exhaled a long sigh as cold sweat poured out on his head, neck, and back.

This arrow had been too fast and too fierce; it had been impossible to guard against.

If the other hadn’t restrained himself a bit, it would likely be a foregone conclusion that his head would’ve long been pierced and made into a meat paste. How would he still be alive?

“Senior brother Kuang, do we still chase after him?”

Senior brother Kuang’s gaze was ferocious as the viciousness in his bones was utterly aroused. He clamped down on his teeth and said, “Let’s head down first and wait for senior brother Yi so we can pursue this person together! If we don’t kill him, I will never be able to stomach this insult!”

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