SOTR in the morning!

Hey guys,

Apologies, stockpile issues lately. I’ll post in the morning!

9 thoughts on “SOTR in the morning!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I never know what that even means, this site has people from so many different time zones (not just translators but other commentators too). If I payed attention I could probably remember who is in which zone but I’m far too lazy for that.

  2. Oh noes! Not the stockpile! We don’t want a panic to occur if your a little late adding to it after you post a new chapter! XD

    Maybe you need to bring out the fluffy sledgehammer to motivate Lemon an Mt Pillow to translate faster?

  3. Your apology is not acceptable. Add in some formations, a few sky rank herbs, a certain number of hearts you ran off with and some 10,000 year old pepper, and we’ll think about it.

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