SOTR coming tomorrow

Just wanted to drop a quick note for you guys since I having gone this long without posting a chapter in a while. I don’t have an edited chapter to release yet, so SOTR will be coming tomorrow!

For anyone interested in what I’ve been up to in the last three days — I’ve moved in, unpacked everything I brought with me on a 20 hour flight, went out and settled all my furniture (bought everything for the bedroom and living room), bought everything I need in the kitchen and bathroom, and had an epic Pokemon Go session with a lady reader one night. 😀 Oh, and I got over jet lag! But I am well and pooped, looking forward to continuing releasing tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “SOTR coming tomorrow” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. gratz! 😀 btw, you can level faster if you stack evolutions from ratata, pidgey, caterpie, weedle and other common pokemons + lucky egg. so once you get a whole stack of candies for the required evolution, use lucky egg and evolve as many as you can.. 😀 hehe also, curveballs can increase the catch rate so razz + curve + small circle = almost guaranteed catch. 😀

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