SOTR coming in the morning! (runs away)

Y’all must hate me lately, I hate myself too! Sorry for the delay in the chapter, there’s also going to be an announcement tomorrow which can partially explain why I’ve been so busy lately…

Sorry everyone! >< *cupped fist salute*

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    Volare is a company now? #spoilers
    Ok ok, but make it a double release? <3

    Really want to skip the face smashing, and get to the bit where Jiang Chen turns up and reverse smashes them

      1. Silly guys… you don’t stab etvo with the pitchfork, or else etvo can’t translate the chapter. You obviously threaten to use the pitchfork on pikachu or something of the like. 🙂

      2. not the place to say it but disqus wont open for me if i don’t use proxy 😐

        I just finished catching up to GDK on volaretranslation site Thanks a lot for hard work 😀 even though got fking eye ache !
        for unknown reason i could not change font size or anything in my mobile, ( Chrome built-in Android 7) reading 299 chapter in 3-4 day like that almost killed me lol

  2. Pikagirl isn’t allowed to hate herself. She must be cute and shocking!
    Translate and release when you can/will; ignore the voices of us shitposters.

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