SOTR Chapter 448

Testing a-one, a-two, is this thing on?

Chapter will be edited by: Crimsonguard

En route whilst traveling and posting in a moment of free time! I sadly lost everyone’s comments from yesterday, I really adore comments too. T_T

Quick term change — thank you Discord readers for notifying me that we already have a saint rank for creatures that states that makes them similar to human origin realm. I was debating between the use of saint/sacred/sage for the realm after origin, so the realm for humans after origin is now changed to sage! Here ye, here ye, make sure you make note of that because this title comes up again in this chapter!

<3 etvo

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  1. it works it works, 5/5 ! Thanks for the chapter, do you read me if I say that cliff hanger is going to kill me before tonight? (yes it’s morning here and I usually have your chapter in the evening)

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