7 thoughts on “SOTR 193 updated!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’ve said this before, but please, can you just tell us what changed? Sorry that I’m nagging, it just seems really strange there’s no changelog. Or you could withhold the chapter until it’s proofread? I once held off on reading an unedited version, waiting for an update to come, and none did. A new chapter just came out after it so now I read the unedited ones anyway because I don’t know if my waiting will be fruitful or just an effort in vain.

    1. haha yeah I was in the same boat waited for more than 24 hours when the next chapter was released. Since that first unedited chapter that got released had quite a bit in it that was changed so I’ve always waited since then

    2. Welp, mine honestly don’t have significant changes in them in terms of content. What’s changed is some wording and sentence structure. Ie:
      Dan Fei’s slender finger flicked and Jiang Chen caught it with a grasp, accepting it unceremoniously.
      was changed to
      With a flick of Dan Fei’s slender fingers, Jiang Chen caught it in his hands and accepted it unceremoniously.

      Those are the typical changes that occur throughout my chapters, so when you guys want me to tell you what changed, do you actually want me to go through every single comma? No actual content changes because I always TLC after I translate a chapter.

    1. I haven’t even gotten to play yet. Well partially for some other reasons, but seems the servers have lots of issues staying up so they can enjoy the instability a bit

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