Sorry for the hassle, guys

Sorry the website has been down.  It should be up for some of you now, and for the rest of you, it should slowly start to come back up over the next few hours.  For those of you who are interested in what happened; yesterday, I tested (and then disabled) a new CDN by a company called ‘SiteLock’.  Somehow, the disable didn’t totally go through, and although the DNS was back to the standard BlueHost DNS, the server was trying to route the traffic through SiteLock, which naturally started to block everything.  Ugh.  So a few hours later, the BlueHost guys and I finally figure this out when they did a server reboot and saw traffic was trying to go through Incapsula, the SiteLock CDN.  So they totally removed SiteLock from my account, and I redid the DNS, which is now re-propagating.

FYI, if you use Google’s DNS at and/or, you should get in no problems, since I just manually flushed it.

Long story short; in the next few hours, it should be back up for everyone again.  So sorry for the hassle, friends!

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    1. Ren just incase this happends again people can still read it on a computer not a mobile device by acessing the cached file of the page
      Just to let you know

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