Sorry for the downtime

Sorry for all the downtime this week, guys. I’m pretty fed up too. I’ve probably spent around 8 hours on live chat with Bluehost. If I have another week like this, I promise I’m cancelling and switching to another host. So again – sorry. Meanwhile, check back in about an hour and you should see a new chapter.

EDIT: Also, before I forget, thanks so much to the donations from OB of Los Angeles, who just funded Chapter 24, and also our regular abhinav, who helped add to the queue for Chapter 25! Thanks so much, guys!

16 thoughts on “Sorry for the downtime” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I had a project last year where my team decided to make a web based application. I was in charge of things, I bought a domain, and got BlueHost as my hoster. BlueHost had a big update the week prior and things went downhill from there Orz in the end I had to switch to something else ><

  2. i believe you should open up a twitter acc or chatbox/channel or something, so in case of site unreachable (ddos or anything), you can still post up a temp one on pastebin etc and let us know.

    went into withdrawal syndrome for a while today 😀

    1. Thanks so much for the offer, jredd! I will seriously consider taking you up on that offer once I have some spare time. And thank you so much for your donation!

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