Sorry, fell asleep after lunch

囧 Next CD chap coming in about 2 hours. Took one of those ‘thirty second’ naps; you know how it goes. Thanks guys!

52 thoughts on “Sorry, fell asleep after lunch” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. LOL Yours is a really mild case. Once, when I had stayed up all night, I remember lying down thinking 20 minutes would be enough to recover my mana … only to wake up 10 hours later. Good thing you woke up or we would be staring at the screen expectantly for a looong time 😀

  2. Catwoman: Come with me. Save yourself. You don’t owe these people any more. You’ve given them everything.

    Ren: Not everything. Not yet.

  3. Ren, i wish you would stop playing this tricks on us, we know you are not human, stop trying to makes us believe you are, everybody know you don’t need sleep in the day, don’t know if you are a robot or an alien, but this excuses don’t work, just saying.


        1. You are thinking to much about it. He didn’t use any space between anon till death, so it really is just a long confusing name and has no real meaning!

  4. its alright, theres worse than u not bringing out the chapter on time ;p

    and anyway ive said it before but ill say it again; personally i think u should take the sunday off every week, not just once a month, everyone needs a rest at some point, but hey ur choice 🙁

    1. I’ll be a torture to us addicts to have a compulsory holiday xD – but I second this. Your health is the of the highest priority

      1. most likely especially considering he stayed up longer yesterday to bring out the third chapter(as far as i understood from the comments anyway)

  5. It’s ok man you probably needed a good rest don’t forget your health because its better to lose a days worth of chapters than a weeks worth

  6. Lol I remember taking one of those 30 sec naps about 10 mins before I had to leave the house for a class.. needless to say I missed that class XD

    No worries, don’t wear yourself out 🙂

      1. Those kind of risk deserve at least three alarm clocks.


        Physical Alarm clock

        Portable Computer online alarm clock

        P.S I’ve been there 😉

  7. I’ve been at 70’ties party of my grandmother, so nothing lost for me 😀 Rest well if you need it Ren ~~ You are translating at an amazing pace anyway 😉

    1. he hasn’t, but that is his relaxation project. It only gets updated when he feels like it, as he does it to relax and read a book he hasn’t read before. So it is quite natural if it doesn’t get updated for over a month

  8. Oh.. Ren don’t I know….

    I say to myself, just going to rest my eyes under this warm comfy sun, but then I wake up under the cold moonlight. Really, my ‘cicada rhythm’ has long been doomed.

  9. Lol those 30 second naps have been haunting me all day. Only these are caused by the Oxycodine my dentist graciously per scribed me for ripping out all my wisdome teeth. Honestly, how can they legally prescribe this shit?!?

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