Some interesting Images

Hey everyone, here are some interesting images of Child of Light characters that I’ve found.

Unfortunately Ma Ke got shafted by the artist since he wasn’t drawn. Also, I highly encourage everyone to not search the source, as they contain major spoilers for some of the other characters. Here ya go!

CORRECTION: I believe these images are taken from some sort of TJSS trading card (game?).

Zhang Gong Wei

Mu Zi Mo

Zhan Hu

Lao Lun Di

Xiu Si Ma Li

Dong Ri Huo



26 thoughts on “Some interesting Images” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hm? It says some interesting images, but the post is blank…
    Edit: And immediately after posting this, that changed. Guess I loaded the page at the exact wrong moment.

  2. Ok, pretty much everyone already understood that Mu Zi was the perfect girl from the magic race but I have to ask. This image show her like the perfection, or it’s what it look like in school ?(because if this is average, I wonder how the perfect will look like).

  3. I imagine Lin Dong from Wu Dong Qian Kun to be similar in couple of years as Zhan Hu from this picture that Speer, and all ( magic and stuff ) 😀 I LOVE IT 🙂 Only if by his side would be picture of Little flame (wolf) THAT would Be Awesome 🙂 +1

      1. its just expression …And i agree Little Flame is awesome cant wait for next chapter for him to show us his New Op level 🙂 But you must agree lin dong and this picture = 🙂

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