Skyfire Lane – 天火大道, by 谭家三少, Tang Jia San Shao

I have been working on Coiling Dragon for almost a year now, and at a ‘full time’ level for almost three months, starting in mid-December of 2014.  I have enjoyed every second of it, especially with the awesome support that you guys have given me in every possible way, and I will definitely finish Coiling Dragon.  Bank on it!  In fact, another Coiling Dragon chapter will be coming in a few hours (it is currently 10 PM, March 16th, New York time) 😀

At the same time, I must confess that the hardest part of translating it, aside from the hours, is the fact that I know exactly what is going to happen, because I’ve already read it.  Like all of you, I’m a huge reader, but spending around 9 hours every day only reading something that I’ve already read once does get a little tiresome, and honestly, I’ve barely read anything else recently.  So, for my personal reading, I’ve been searching for something Chinese which would be a good change of pace for me.

Since the last three (extremely long) webnovels I’ve read have all been by I Eat Tomatoes (Stellar Transformations, Coiling Dragon, and Swallowed Star), that became my first requirement; no more IET.  The second requirement was that it not be Xianxia, or at least not too Xianxia, because again, Xianxia was the genre of the last three novels that I read.  The third requirement was that it would have to be long; I’m the type of guy that loooooves long novels (my favorite Western fantasy is the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Seriously, if you like fantasy and you haven’t read it before, read it.).  The fourth requirement is that it has to be something someone isn’t working on (or hasn’t done more than one or two chapters on).

So anyhow, I’ve been poking around a couple webnovels, glancing through a few here and there, and I found this gem: Skyfire Lane, the very newest novel by Tang Jia San Shao, the same author who wrote Duoluo Dalu (which Bagelson is translating). It seems to be exactly what I am looking for; a Chinese scifi/fantasy novel which fits all the above criteria. So, I have come to the decision that I am going to be reading (and translating as I read) Skyfire Boulevard, at the rate of probably about one or two chapters week. Now, before you rabid Coiling Dragon fans start getting agitated, hear me out!

1) I will NOT stop doing regular Coiling Dragon chapters each week.
2) I will NOT reduce the number of sponsored Coiling Dragon chapters I do (unless there are external factors, like my hand getting tired, girlfriend, work, health, etc.).
3) I will NOT accept donations for Skyfire Lane.  You guys will just have to be patient on this one.
4) I will NOT tolerate any spoilers at all (cuz I am reading as I translate!).

Okay, so no rabid agitation from CD fans, right?  xD  Now, let me bring you the ‘foreword’ by Tang Jia San Shao, as well as the synopsis he wrote for it.  I hope this will be an awesome journey, and that you’ll enjoy it with me!  First chapter coming…soon.


The conclusion of ‘Jueshi Tangmen’, without question, represented a new beginning for me as well.  My latest book, ‘Skyfire Lane’, is about to meet all of you.  ‘Skyfire Lane’ is a book which I’ve always wanted to write, and a work which I have been pondering for a long time.  This time, I am going to surpass myself and write a type of story I have never written before.

I’ve gotten too accustomed to this encouraging stories of struggling, developing youths.  This time, I’m going to let you guys get a sense of what it means to be invincible, tall, rich, and handsome.  Or perhaps this book can be described as the roadmap to becoming tall, rich, and handsome.  This book contains much of the knowledge I have gained from real life.  I believe that after you all read it, it will be of some help to you.  Mutant powers, mecha, the path to invincibility, and many other fun things.  I’ll put all of these things on display for you in this work.  I hope you like it.

———唐家三少 [Tang Jia San Shao – Third Young Master of the Tang Family]


Skyfire Lane is a street that is 2048 meters long.  There are 168 stores here, and each of the owners of the stores is an extremely powerful mutant.

Skyfire Lane doesn’t permit any vehicles or any robots to pass through it, much less mecha.  Even the patrolling police must patrol on foot, the most ancient of methods.  That’s because this is a street for pedestrians, a lane for nobles, hidden away within this high technology world.

Lan Jue, the greatest of the mercenaries, codenamed ‘Zeus’, has secluded himself here in Skyfire Lane after the accidental death of his wife.  The name of his shop is: “Zeus’ Pearl Store.'”  And here in Skyfire Lane, he has been given a nickname: The Pearl Master.

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  1. Ooh, seems like an interesting story 🙂

    How many chapters does it have?

    EDIT: Wheel of Time… that’s the one where the Author died, but left extensive notes so that another author could finish the series right?

        1. O.o I love Brandon Sanderson’s books as well!

          In fact, I just got finished rereading Stormlight Archive and it was every bit as good as I remembered.

          Ren, if you liked Mistborn, then you will probably like Elantris as well. It was his first book and I believe he is planning to continue the series. Not to mention it takes place in the same multiverse as Stormlight and Mistborn.

          1. You guys should read Steelheart and Firefight too!! They’re one of the few good urban fantasy.

          2. I’ve read Steelheart, actually I am about to reread that one too, haven’t been able to find Firefight though, I don’t think it’s really at libraries yet.

            Its pretty good, but that whole post-apocalypse vibe usually just doesn’t do it for me.

        1. there is at least 4 Tang Jia San Shao stories being translated now with this Skyfire Lane added to the list

          to the person above me, yes 狂神(Kuang Shen) is by Tang Jia San Shao, it is being translated at itranslateln

  2. Good luck translating more works… 😀 If you ever need help editing you can ask me! (English only though… Ik not as good D: but I know 0 asian langauges T.T). Thanks for all the hard work you have put into CD ST, the other Wuxia Novels on this site and now this new Series!

  3. Sounds good, i’ve been reading douluo dalu and i’ve enjoyed it very much so for you to start translating another novel from the same author is very good indeed. =)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Woo sounds interesting Ren =). Yet another novel to get addicted to xDxDxD.
    Edit: Lol I figured you for a Wheel of Time fan Ren after you came out with one of the famous lines when I made a reference to it =).

  5. Great work Ren thanks for your hard work in supplying me something to constantly read 🙂 on another note it is always awesome to see fellow fans that appreciate the wheel of time 🙂 one of the best western fantasy books I’ve ever read 🙂

  6. The description kind of reminds me of Kill no more. Hopefully it’s as good as that one. Also I know it woud be much easier for you to just read something on your own. So thanks for including this community by translating as you go along, shows how much you care. 🙂

  7. Ren, would it not be better to use that time to rest instead? You basically work 2 full time jobs a day, and I just hope your body and mind can handle adding a part time job into your already full schedule.

  8. Skyfire Lane looks great Ren! I look forward to your translations of the novel, but I hope it doesn’t in on your free time, and I hope you enjoy reading Skyfire yourself!

  9. I cant give you any recommendation on asian literature seeing i am still a todler on that front but seeing my favorite series mentioned i had to say something. WoT was also by far my favorite book until Brandon Sanderson took over… Well it still is but have close seconds now… I am not saying he is a bad writer but he clearly was a wrong man to finish the job… He even changed how the story progressed but i am not getting into it now…
    Anyway if you havent already you should take a look at deathgate cycle series when you have the time, I think it is an underappraciated piece… especially the 6th book of the series is still one of my favorites… let me know your thoughts if you decide to read it (or if you already read)

    oh before i forget the new novel looks great i have high hopes

  10. Thanks for the hard work. Coiling Dragon was my first Wuxia/Xianxia after which I have read all of what is currently translated of Stellar Transformations, Doulou Dalu, and Desolute Era.

    Just a thought on the topic of western fiction. If you haven’t read or passed on it yet I suggest you check out the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. The main series is finished at I think eleven novels of which the shortest is roughly eight hundred pages. It has it ups and downs much like WoT (Which I consider to have downs, even ending on one). Also the TV show doesn’t really do the story justice. It’s kinda like the coiling dragon manga, only slightly more faithful.

    1. Well i think sword of thuth is pretty good but at the moment im stimmt on the 8. Book but i keep on reading cause thats the only thing i can do as ling as i’m staying in a hospital

  11. You like long fantasy series right? ;3

    Assassin’s Apprentice + Royal Assassin Series by Hobb is in my top 10 series list. I also love tWoT and I’ve got to say that the two series is not inferior to it at all :3 A quaint favorite of mine is a series by Michael Scott Rohan called The Winter of the World but it’s not the massive 500-1000 page books that I deem to be “epics” but it still a very good read. The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud is a fun read for those who like monologues (heh) so it’s a good inbetweener for the heavy stuff of Hobb 🙁 [slight spoiler on “heavy”]

    As for The Sword Of Truth series, it’s a bit less fleshed out as tWoT or GoT or the Death Gate Cycle universe, and can be a bit episodic… so it isn’t as “epic” as other series.

    Speaking of Brandon Sanderson, he’s next on my booklist >;3

    1. Assassin’s Apprentice had some potential, but it got way too boring for me. And the MC’s stupid decision making always annoyed me. I dropped it with like 6 chapters left in the third book, cause I found I didn’t care what happened anymore.

  12. I only have positive things to say about more chapters to read. especially if the series is as awesome as CD, DD, ST, SS, ZL, DE….. etc.
    only, I begin to worry about your health. take care Ren.

  13. Daluo dalu, kuang shen, sywz, and now skyfire lane… Mr tang sure know how to make a good story. Anyway comparing to iet mr tang story is more down to earth, eventough the character is op but the char is humble and good guy except for kuang shen which he create the char more adult, more cassanova, cocky, and daredevil. Great ren and i was truly like all of his book. And i forgot to say thank for all of your translated book including those by master gu long i was raised by gu long story which in my time is alot translated into indonesian. Now theres no more chinese wuxia translated in indonesian or english. Thanks ….

  14. If you’re in the market for another western fantasy series I’d recommend The Dresden Files, it’s pretty long (for a western series) at 15 volumes and still going; I think it’s what got me into the fantasy genre in the first place.

      1. Been there,read them and I can`t wait for more.The series will atleast have 20 books and then the final trilogy on it(pretty sure that`s the way it will go).He is also working on Cynder Spyres,probably worth checking out.I know this has been mentioned,but thanks for the new project~
        Thanks for the CD chapters!

  15. I always give a new tale a good ten chapter start before I make up my mind (when a tale has many chapters). This one looks interesting, and I hope it turns out to be as addictive as Daluo dalu, CD or some of the novels others have mentioned in their posts that I have read. Just don’t overwork yourself man!

      1. Yeah, saw the same. In any event, they only have two chapters of Skyfire up, and not sure who even translated it. I’ll just do my thang. Thanks though! 🙂

    1. Oh my god, a novel about League of Legends (in this link)…
      I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. XD.
      By the way thanks for everything and good luck for this your new adventure, Senior Ren


    RWX, have you read the Riftwar Cycle? I tried Wheel of Time once, but didn’t keep at it for long enough to know how it is. I’ve heard more than once that it is a good read, so I plan to give it another shot sometime. But I’ve read the Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E. Feist and found it an enjoyable fantasy tale. The link has a few books that I gathered a year ago and have not touched since.

    Looking forward to Skyfire Lane/Boulevard.

  17. my request when u translating skyfire, can u stick with chinese name as it is, please don’t change it to western name, can u do that? i love san shao’s douluo dalu

    1. Hi Lisianthus, it will depend. Like Coiling Dragon, many of the names are Western names to begin with, only written out in Chinese characters. For example, there is a character known as 伊娃, which is literally how people in China write the Western name, Eva. It would actually be a BAD translation to change it to Yi Wa, which is how it sounds in Chinese. In Coiling Dragon nobody has a Chinese name; all the names are Chinese spellings of Western names. In Douluo Dalu, that isn’t the case. In Skyfire, some names are Western while others are Chinese, and I will translate accordingly 🙂

  18. Skyfare lane sounds interesting (though I can’t say that for Wheel of Time since I don’t like LoTR kind of books..but movies are awesome except for Hobbit…who makes movies that last longer than it takes you to read the actual book…greedy people that’s who :P) hope you don’t get tempted and read it all before translating 😛

    1. Sure! 天火 literally is sky fire, and 大道 literally means “big way”. I thought about using boulevard instead of lane, since that is closer, but in reading the story, the whole thing about it being pedestrian only and highly exclusive made me decide to use “lane” instead. Plus, lane is pithier.

  19. OooH! Nice! I’ve tried reading wheel of time but there’s too many characters POV. I prefer third person limited or first person kind of novel. I hate rotating POV jumps but it is a good book just not my style.

    Anyway, have fun reading! And take care of your health. 🙂

  20. The first four Wheel of Time books were good, the rest, not so much. Read Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. It’s the best fantasy series around now. Yes, at least as good as A Song of Ice and Fire.

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