Skyfire Avenue Update

Hello readers,

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to enjoy some SA together. I’m back stateside now (so expect strange posting times), and the holidays are over so work begins anew. Unfortunately, the evil satanic organization known as the Transportation Security Administration decided to use my computer to test the tonnage of a small airbus.

Unfortunately, all my translations were on that computer, and I’m using a friends to deliver this message. Hopefully, barring any bad news, my computer should be back in a couple days and I can start posting again.

I’m very sorry for the wait. You will get your injection of mutant greek god wanna-be’s ASAP!

Xiao Lai

18 thoughts on “Skyfire Avenue Update” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Unfortunately my translations that I had edited and prepared were on the trashed computer. I have to wait until my computer runs again to get them to you. I don’t have a computer of my own to work on yet, but when I do I’ll get translations out to you guys. Again, it should (hopefully) only be a couple more days, comp is in the shop as we speak.

      1. Thanks anyways! caught up to this series a few days ago and liking it a lot.

        As the other guy said i recommend working with a cloud service. If you like working in word or something you could download the dropbox desktop application and just save your files there and it instantly syncs up to the online version.

  1. Welcome back to the USA, and Happy New Year! We are all looking forward to more Skyfire Avenue, but everyone understands that no computer = no chapters. We’re just happy to see you’re still active 🙂

  2. They ran over your computer in an Airbus?!! I’m sorry Xiao Lai, that sucks, but on the bright side… it makes for a great story. Are they paying for the computer?

  3. Should be able to pull the drive to at least get your data back. I’m guessing your screen is cracked and such, but usually drives are fine.

    Welcome back!

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