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hey guys,

So my computer was built in China with a fake version of windows. I’ve been dealing with odd reboots and registry issues, and finally it bricked on me. Wont turn on or anything. So I’m in line at Best Buy now tryin to get it fixed, but it’ll take a few days. Just a heads up as to what’s going on.

Releases will resume ASAP.

Thanks for the understanding ladies and gentlemen.


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  1. uhm… you can PROBABLY format your pc and install windows XP instead… of course a fake one too… (i have been successful in installing a fake windows 7 too, just dont turn on windows updates..) good luck!… on another note.. you stopped at a cliffhanger, i think.. (^^,)

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but 9 times out of 10 BestBuy is going to completely screw you over. I used to work there as GeekSquad and all they do is up-sell you crap and use tools on your computer that are publicly available for free while charging you an arm and a leg for it. Now on to your computer not booting up, I build computers for a living now, your computer not even turning on has nothing to do with your OS, sounds like a bricked PSU or Mobo, both easily replaceable, also for the OS issues, you can get a LEGITIMATE copy of Win10pro/Win8.1pro/Win7pro OEM keys for 20-28$ the only other thing you need is to get the Windows ISO you want, format a 6gb (4gb min reqired 6gb recommended to be safe) USB 2.0 flash drive (USB 2.0 is important for better compatibility between different motherboards) to NTFS this allows you to use it as bootable media from the bios to install your new OS.

    1. Pretty what this guy said. If you have a psu that will work for your computer just laying around I would replace your current one. Or you could get one at best buy. If that doesn’t work it may be your mobo, or both.
      And for a new os if you need it, check out r/microsoftsoftwareswap.

      1. Price of computer fix parts = $20
        Software to fix computer issue = $0
        Time needed to fix issue (not including mistakes and wrong guesses) = 20 min
        Actually knowing what to do…… = Priceless!

        You are paying Best Buy for the expertise. Just like when you go to a restaurant and order a $20 meal that had about $3 of ingredients in it. Sure you could easily get the ingredients and attempt to cook it yourself. But… would it taste the same?

        If you read the above comment and had to look up what a “PSU”, “OEM” or “Mobo” was…. just pay Best Buy to fix it. And if it truly matters to you, start learning what to do for next time.

        1. My boss said something along the lines. Often our customers say: “Why do you charge XX per hour? I know of guys that do this for way less!”
          And my boss is like: “Sure. You can pick any random guy and they will probably be cheaper than us. But he will very likely require way more time and in the end, will be more expensive. Also, you get support and a warranty that everything works as promised. You won’t get that by some random guy.”

          1. Most of the big chains aren’t employing people with IT qualifications though.

            The entire computer sales and repair business is pretty much unregulated and there are no professional organisations that cover it, or tickets people working in the field can get.

            Anyone getting Cisco, Microsoft or other formal documentation can probably get a better paying job than working in a computer store removing viruses and doing basic hardware replacements if they want to work for a large company.

            So it’s typically only small businesses that are owned by people with qualifications & experience that provide decent repair skills. You are pretty much never going to get technical expertise in a large chain – they are typically paying those guys minimum wage.

        2. that would be true if the associates at best buys actually have formal training/expertise on troubleshooting computer problems but they don’t. You are paying high prices because they had spend so much on marketing their “Geek Squad” and that marketing cost is directly translated to higher prices for the consumer. Their expertise will consist of them fumbling around and googling the answers. Just your average consumers don’t know where else to go for fixing computer issues.

          1. Dunno about “Best Buy” – I’m quite sure we don’t have them here. But we too got guys that can only sell. And to “google” the answer is not always the wrong choice. You have to deal with dozens of different manufacturs with their products.
            One cannot know everything. Or could you tell me the QVL of any given mainboard from any given mobo? I kinda doubt that.
            But hey, hardware isn’t my point of expertise anyway. I’m a programmer and I guess I’ve seen (and tried) more programming languages than all of my classmates. And yes, I’m still a trainee that has to visit school from time to time.

      1. Learning how to use linux?
        My mother (51+ years; not much knowledge about computers) had no trouble switching from windows to linux. Especially if you use something like Linux Mint. It’s so straight forward, you actually get used to linux within a short period of time.

        The only “real” user groups that currently “needs” windows would be gamers. But with more and more big companies releasing their games onto linux, even this will change. Just to name a few games avaible on linux (just Steam)
        – Metro 2033 Redux & Metro Last Light Redux
        – Counter Strike: Global Offense
        – Portal & Portal 2
        – Other Source-Engine titles like “Half-Life 2” and “Left for Dead 2”
        These are not realy small indy games.

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