Skyfire Avenue: Chapters 101-200

So much can happen in a hundred chapters! So many new faces and angles to consider. Threats and intrigue and politics and romance. An epic space opera that’s just getting going.

Chapter 101: Bodyguard, Where Are You?
Chapter 102: The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 103: The Arcane Magnate
Chapter 104: Lili
Chapter 105: The Superstar
Chapter 106: Ma La Tang
Chapter 107: He Returns
Chapter 108: Professor Lan is Back!
Chapter 109: The Secrets of Style
Chapter 110: Secrets of the Collar Stays
Chapter 111: Gobi Entertainment
Chapter 112: Pointers
Chapter 113: Poseidon, the Sparring Partner
Chapter 114: The Power of Poseidon
Chapter 115: Dreamburg
Chapter 116: The Audacity!
Chapter 117: Fantascia Genetica Decoction
Chapter 118: Consent
Chapter 119: Sorry Richard
Chapter 120: Teacher’s Benefits
Chapter 121: Jin Yan’s Trust
Chapter 122: Lan Jue’s Doubt
Chapter 123: Have Someone Special
Chapter 124: Shui Zhongdie
Chapter 125: Diamonds
Chapter 126: College Exchange Competition?
Chapter 127: Skyfire Necklace
Chapter 128: Roasted Tang Xiao
Chapter 129:The History of Richard and Zhou Qianlin
Chapter 130: Another Encounter With the Savage Goddess
Chapter 131: Planet Taihua
Chapter 132: Group Leader Tan
Chapter 133: Fantascia Injection
Chapter 134: Some Unknown Danger
Chapter 135: The Violet Creature
Chapter 136: Thor’s Watch
Chapter 137: Peace of Mind
Chapter 138: Army of Two
Chapter 139: A Forest of Lightning
Chapter 140: Drink Medicine! Break Out!
Chapter 141: Divine Salvation
Chapter 142: The God and the Goliath
Chapter 143: The Cosmagus
Chapter 144: Phylactery Stone
Chapter 145: Treatment
Chapter 146: Gold 3rd Grade
Chapter 147: I Can Save Him!
Chapter 148: Open Your Core
Chapter 149: The Power of the Silkworm and the Mystic Raiment
Chapter 150: Hera?
Chapter 151: Aftermath
Chapter 152: Lan Jue’s Confusion
Chapter 153: The East’s Sorrow
Chapter 154: Ninth Level Seventh Rank!
Chapter 155: The Benefit Concert
Chapter 156: To Go, Or Not to Go?
Chapter 157: Discipline Awakening?
Chapter 158: Comparing Notes
Chapter 159: The Spirit of Hades
Chapter 160: Unspoken Cooperation
Chapter 161: Fusion of the Amazons
Chapter 162: Girly Music
Chapter 163: The Gourmet’s Story
Chapter 164: I Am Just the Gourmet!
Chapter 165: Goddess, Friend
Chapter 166: Still Worse Than Trash?
Chapter 167: The Driver
Chapter 168: Body Check
Chapter 169: Hand-Rolled Noodles
Chapter 170: Big Boobs. No Brain.
Chapter 171: Le Zi Qian
Chapter 172: Switching Seats
Chapter 173: Poseidon’s Sounds of Nature
Chapter 174: Chu Cheng Goes on Stage
Chapter 175: Shocks and Curtain Calls
Chapter 176: Overburdened Bicycles
Chapter 177: Competition Arrangements
Chapter 178: Last Minute Preparations
Chapter 179: Mecha Skirmishes
Chapter 180: Let the Combat Begin
Chapter 181: Flogging Corpses
Chapter 182: Trainwreck
Chapter 183: Concealment, Assimilation Gems
Chapter 184: A 1% Victory
Chapter 185: Miraculous Victory
Chapter 186: What Wretchedness!
Chapter 187: I’ve Picked a Master
Chapter 188: Tang Xiao’s Home Turf
Chapter 189: Wisdom and Cunning
Chapter 190: I Beg You to Help Professor Tan
Chapter 191: Miracle? Masterstroke!
Chapter 192: Lei Feng!
Chapter 193: THIS Is God-Ranked!
Chapter 194: Lei Feng Appears!
Chapter 195: Don’t Move!
Chapter 196: Diffusion Blade
Chapter 197: Biting the Hand That Feeds
Chapter 198: The Old Man Beckons
Chapter 199: Results and Hypotheses
Chapter 200: The Keeper’s Request