Skyfire Avenue, Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: The Second Discipline


Blinding flashes of electric light preceded Michael’s inelegant tumble forward as the disembodied hand found it’s mark. But as the strike landed a plume of golden fire issued forth from the splayed wings to fall over Lan Jue.

As the fierce flames consumed him, a flash overtook Lan Jue’s body and he vanished. He reappeared in the air a short distance away, covered in golden flame. Little by little they died away as lightning crackled around him.

Michael had already recovered by the time Lan Jue reappeared, and the snaking bolts of lightning that had been coiling around him were burned away by the holy fires. Shock and confusion were behind those flaming eyes.

“That speed…”

No ordinary Discipline had produced that speed, or else he wouldn’t have lost the Adventus hold. It was as though Lan Jue simply tore apart space to appear elsewhere, folded reality. Whatever it was, it didn’t fall under the domain of Thunder Discipline.

Lan Jue glared icicles at Michael, as his arms raised slowly on either side of his body. Slowly the violet bolts of lightning around him vanished, but with each passing second his body grew more and more luminous. He shown with a glaring, white-hot splendor.

In all of the Three Alliances there existed ten Great Paragons, absolute masters of their Talent. They were possessed of a power so great, so terrible, that they were known to be capable of facing down warships by themselves. Both Lan Jue’s Ascension and Michael’s Adventus temporarily pushed them to the boundaries of a Paragon. Others of the Archengels weren’t capable of reaching such a level.

But Michael, at the cusp of Paragon himself, was stunned as he watched Lan Jue. He had underestimated him, this man who he knew not to be greater than a seventh-rank. It was a mistake that lost him his edge. And he wasn’t even employing his supreme form!

Michael beat his twelve marvelous wings, launching him forward. His holy blade stretched forth towards Lan Jue as the air around the angel shimmered with ghostly shadows. As he drew closer, the shadows became great whirling tornadoes of holy light that filled the skies, threatening to devour Lan Jue.

A mocking sneer turned the Jewelry Master’s lips. The white light encapsulating him pulsed, expanding tremendously as the tornadoes of holy energy fell upon him. He melted in to a pillar of light, shooting up in to the air. Despite the number and ferocity of Michael’s blasts of energy, none could compete with Lan Jue’s speed and he escaped unscathed.

The skies above were washed in white light. A single peal of thunder washed over them as a streak of lightning plunged from above.

CRACK! Michael’s body flashed white, and lightning coiled around him like a hungry serpent thrusting him backward.

He toppled back with another figure, awash in rose-gold light. Lan Jue. None but Michael had been able to see where the attack had come from.

The Angel’s wings began to fade from sight. The dancing fires surrounding Lan Jue slowly started to extinguish. Both figures plummeted towards the ground in free fall.

They didn’t manage to gain some semblance of control until they were a hundred meters from the rapidly approaching ground. Lan jue stabilized, stopping the descent and casting free the golden fires that had surrounded him. Michael, too, recovered. Embraced by an orb of holy light, the electric tendrils that had sent him falling crackled in to nothingness.

Lan Jue looked silently at his enemy, his features cold and calm. Michael looked back, dark and imposing.

“The speed of light. So, it’s not just thunder you command, but also electricity. 1 It’s no wonder, then, that you were capable of achieving your supreme form. That you were such an illustrious figure in the mercenary world. In truth your power is no less than mine. Thunder and lightning. They complement each other – and that’s how you’ve reached ninth-level, ninth-rank.”

Lan Jue listened as Michael ruminated on the situation, and offered words of his own in a calm, quiet voice. “I was interested in finding out just how long you could hold the Adventus. Your form’s specialty isn’t speed, but overcoming fortifications and disadvantages.”

Michael’s face was hard and mean. “So this was all part of your plan. Right down to using your Ascension. All to get me to employ Adventus. I imagine it didn’t even drain you all that much, if you drew on both your Disciplines. All you had to do was endure… wait until my Adventus was spent. Then you’d have your victory, am I right?”

A smile finally crept on to Lan Jue’s face. “Life’s easier when you don’t have to explain everything.”

“Worthy of the name Zeus,” Michael stated. His face had once more adopted a calm mask. “As smart as you are powerful. Good… very good. A man can only use the supreme form once in a period. Now it looks like you have the upper hand. But our fight isn’t over.”

As he spoke the undulating rays of red and gold diminished until they were no more. His majestic wings were once again that pure, unblemished white of origin.

Lan Jue’s eyes flashed and, without hesitation, his vanished once again in a column of light.

Michael raised his right hand. Thereupon there rested a golden bracelet, bearing a golden angel charm.

The sky thundered, and lightning flashed. But this time no bolts of electricity assaulted Michael. His shield of light remained intact. The world behind the hovering angel grew dark as a black hole quietly rent reality asunder and opened. From within emerged a colossal figure, glimmering golden red. The white light that had warded him from harm shone bright, glowing from the center of the massive figure’s chest.

Lan Jue appeared once again, looking down upon Michael with a biting glare. “The Angel of War – a fine mecha. Very fine.” He responded by lifting his left hand, looking towards the ring on his little finger.

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  1. So here, my head exploded. All throughout the former chapters Lan Jue has been using lightning. His moniker – Zeus – was the gold of lightning. Thunder is simply the sound that accompanies it. Here, however, the author reveals to us that his Discipline was in fact thunder, which makes no sense, while his second discipline is in fact lightning/electricity. Sooo… yeah, dunno what to do with that there.


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    1. The skies above were washed in white light. A single peel of thunder washed over them as a streak of lightning plunged from above.

      FYI, it’s a ‘peal of thunder’, not a peel. 🙂

  1. As I understand it. Discipline is the use of an element. The level of the element corresponds to the mastery and power u can utilize with it. Ascension is a short burst of power. Ur appearence changes and u step one or two power-lvls up. Lan Yue has two disciplines. He used the power of his first discipline but his second remained untouched so now he can use both and they even complement each other. So in other words. He nearly used up the power of the discipline of thunder but his second discipline has his own reserve of power. So he has now a clear advantage against Michael but now they are using their mechas. So now we will see how their disciplines effects their mechas and their fighting-style or if Lan yue keeps his advantage cause we dont really know the concept of mechafighting with with the usage of their disciplines. Perhaps the Mechas have a own power reserve which their users can use for their disciplines and Michael could have the larger power reserve. So lets wait for the next chapter and we will gain the answers for the questions which are bugging us.^^

    1. You’re mostly correct. Zeus’ Ascencion is the name for his particular god-like transformation. It’s like going super-saiyan. Adventus in the name of Michael’s, where he becomes the golden twelve-winged angel. A little more information regarding how these work will be provided in subsequent chapters – as will a lot of the logic behind why these fellas reacted the way they did. Keep reading!

      1. As far as thunder/electricity being different, I assume thunder is more of an elemental control, ie Storm from X Men, where electricity certainly has certain similarities, it would be more of like Static Shock kind of electric power, more of a refined man controlled type of power instead of raw nature.
        Ultimately the author is making us view the two in a more profound manner and is taking liberties of them representing two sub classes of basically the same thing.

  2. From what I know, thunder has the same connotation as lightning (thunder types in various series). Electricity may refer back to the state of light. The speed of electrons are actually fairly slow but maybe he meant that? Or perhaps he means photonic speed in conjecture to lightning. Well this is just getting confusing..

    1. In most mediums when we talk about thunder we mean lightning and thunder together. This is confirmed by the fact that – until just now – he was only shown (at least via author explanation) using his thunder disicpline which has resulted in literal seas of explosive lightning.

      I chose to go with electricity because of it’s wider usage and differentiation from the explosiveness of a bolt of lightning. Still, it is confusing because you figure they’re essentially the same thing. I think what he was going for what that thunder is the explosive quality of thunder and lightning, whereas lightning would be literally light, and the electrical currents.

    1. Lightning would be more correct to Lan Jue’s discipline, as thunder is literally the sound of lightning passing through the air as the air heats up and expands. In other words, it’s just a noise.

      Electricity, I assume, is exactly as the name states. A form of voltage/wattage (not entirely sure there), much like what powers our own computers.

  3. as i see it, thunder is produced by friction between clouds so thunder meant weather, so an outside force that does that affect himself. While lightning means he can become lightning, instead of using weather to strike

    1. That is correct. The Angel of War is both Michael’s title and the name of his mecha. As far as I’m aware, all of the angels’ mechas are named after their status.

  4. The author put so much effort into researching wines and food that he forgot that lightning is a negative energy discharge whereas thunder is just the sound that comes from it.

    One Does NOT Simply Say THAT He Was Only displaying his thunder discipline until now when he shat lightning bolts to crash a wedding in style…

  5. Thanks for the chapter Xiao Lai! Dear WuxiaWorld, many thanks to the Author, Translator(s), (Editors), (Donors) for the awesome chapter! With lots of love, Jack ❤
    Thanks to Ambi senpai for the comment.

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