Skyfire Avenue, Chapter 467

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Chapter 467: Joint Progress

The Pharmacist eventually left, and Lan Jue could breathe again. She hadn’t seen him unclothed, thankfully. Embarrassment averted, he returned to the bedroom and released Qianlin. He covered her in a blanket.

Later, when Qianlin had changed clothes, she came bounding in to the small living room where Lan Jue waited. He was feeling much better since yesterday. Though he still ached, it was much better than it had been.

“I broke through.” Qianlin revealed to Lan Jue.

“Oh?” He looked at her in surprise.

Two delicate fingers popped up, and she waggled them at him. “Rank two.”

A look suddenly passed his face as he thought of something. If he himself participating in the tournament benefited her, then of course it would be that much better when she fought, too! He thought back to the battle, remembering that it was largely by virtue of Qianlin’s defense that he survived.

“What was that last strike you hit him with? It was strong! To me it felt like it was almost Paragon level.” Qianlin noted.

He nodded. “That was a crucial moment, Titan’s strength is incredible. Talk about Paragon-levels, my martial art could only deflect so much. Some of that attack had to be borne by my body. If he’d have kept it up, I would have lost. At that point there was nothing I could do about it. A Paragon would likely have to work to break through his Impenetrable Defense.”

“Luckily, I figured it out. Taiji is more than just deflecting, but reversing, too. I could turn that overwhelming power back on him. I was only going to give it a try, then I saw how effective it was. I couldn’t face him directly so I had to take advantage of everything I could.”

“I guess you can say I won with Titan’s help. His own redirected energy, thunderbolt and lightning, and all of that behind one of the nine strikes of Taiji. It almost reached a Paragon’s level of destructive force. That was the only way to get passed his defenses. And don’t be mistaken, he couldn’t get off the floor because he was exhausted – not because of any damage I did. I had only managed to break the shield. If anything, he might have felt a little numb. Thankfully, it looks like his sudden breakthrough had its limits.”

Lan Jue’s explanation, as well as her own experiences there in the ring with him, helped her understand just how dangerous that fight had really been. However, both had learned a lot, especially about force. It was the toughest fight Lan Jue had faced yet. He’d only barely avoided being ground to dust.

Lan Jue’s wrist buzzed and he lifted his communicator to see who was calling. The first thing he noticed was the number of missed calls flashing on the screen. He answered.

“Boss.” A woman’s voice, clearly trying to keep her excitement quiet.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Are you feeling alright?” Another voice asked from the other line.

“I’m fine, you can relax. How are things going?” Lan Jue urged.

“Taken care of. We’ve placed several bets and won one hundred and eighty-seven billion dollars. That’s over two hundred and seventy billion NED. Boss, we’re rich! We could buy a mothership and then some. Wa-hahaha, we’re rich!

Lan Jue chuckled. “Careful, not so loud – I know. No more bets. I need to get better.”

“Alright, I don’t want to push it either. The two of us will go shopping, there’s a laundry list to get through. With this much money there’s no excuse for anything but the nicest toys! Hehehe!”

“No doubt!” Lan Jue added, then cut the connection.

Qianlin had looked down at her own communicator, and was staring oddly at it.

“What is it?” Lan Jue asked.

She smirked back at him. “What else? Everyone knows who you are now. Little Mi has sent me over ten messages already trying to find out if it’s true.”

This made him chortle. “Things have a way of sorting themselves out. Revealing my identity may not be entirely bad. At least anyone thinking of causing you trouble will think twice.”

She turned her eyes back to him. “Are you still going to teach when we go back?”

He sighed. “That was my plan, but now the situation appears to have changed. At the very least I won’t be able to continue the etiquette classes. The A.R.C. classes shouldn’t be a problem since its small scale. It’s hard enough making sure these kids have a shot at being great.”

Qianlin nodded. “It would be best if you didn’t leave. Anyway, you’ve already agreed to the terms of service.”

He smiled at her. “I did! I am your bodyguard, by your side at all times – how’s that? Hell I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to, right? One thought and here I am.”

She couldn’t help but giggle. He was right, he had nowhere to run. Until they both became Paragons, each one was at the other’s beck and call.

“I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat.” Qianlin pulled at his hand, smiling prettily.

“Alright, let’s go foraging.” Lan Jue had already changed his clothes and was ready to go.

However, they only got so far as the lobby before they had to turn back. What he had managed to do was not something many were capable of, beating the Terminator’s disciple. To people in the East he was a hero, but to Northerners he was an affront to their pride! When it came to issues of nationalism, there were few with their heads screwed on right. An old woman even pelted him with some fruit when he dared show his face downstairs. Now he was starting to understand Hua Li’s misfortunes.

Luckily he also had the benefit of listening to Hua Li complain. Using power lines to sneak away from the hotel, the first thing he did was bring Qianlin to a nearby shop and purchase a hat, facemask and sunglasses for her. Once the pair were suitably incognito, they went out for a bite to eat.

They chose a nondescript restaurant serving sea-food. He ordered them a bottle of white wine, then set about answering the messages on his communicator.

“A-Li, come get some food and hang out.”

“A-Cheng, want some grub? Come and chill for a bit.”

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23 thoughts on “Skyfire Avenue, Chapter 467” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. You know, my view of the main character just changed with this arc.
    Because he’s a rampant cheater.
    He didn’t win the match against Titan. He lost. He had the help of another ninth level Adept buffing him and warding him. Even if you are generous and say he just got his power up to his original level (he didn’t, it’s higher), she was buffing and defending him from an unassailable position inside of him which Titan couldn’t interfere with (no killing the healer).
    On top of this, he made hundreds of millions of dollars gambling on his cheating.
    IF news of this merging ever got out in reality, all those bets would be nulled or reversed, he’d be disqualified for cheating, and likely the entire East delegation would be thrown out as complicit. His reputation would go into the gutter, and nobody would believe for the rest of his life that his acheivements were his own…because they aren’t, she’s buffing him into them the whole way.


    And likely the author didn’t see any of the hypocrisy involved in it. If you can cheat and get away with it cleanly, and make zillions to boost, it’s all right, I guess.


    1. How is it cheating to use your own power? He and Qianlin have become one, and that can’t be counted as cheating. Obviously there were two paragons watching the game and they would obviously be able to sense if anyone is cheating. For example when he used his Power stone, does that count as cheating? Not really because he is using power that belongs to him in the first place.
      Also you’ve only assumed that he told the girls to gamble, but it wasn’t actually stated. There has been no mention of him communicating with the amazons since he came to the tournament and before he left they were put in charge of handling all the shop finances.
      If Hua-Li or Chu Cheng had bet on him and become rich then shared a bottle of whisky with Lan Jue then would you call it cheating? It was also never stated that contestants weren’t allowed to bet on themselves.

      You’re entitled to believe what you want to, but I just think that you’ve made a lot of assumptions and come to a conclusion and then made the author seem bad for it

      1. First of all, none of the Paragons know precisely how his power up works. And obviously it’s proof against inspection by any of them. All they know is he suddenly got a lot stronger.
        Secondly, do you truly believe that if the Paragons of the North and West found out there was another level 9 adept inside him when he was fighting, they would consider it ‘his own power?’ for a tournament duel situation?
        I don’t think so. Sure, in the field, in a deathmatch, anything goes.
        In a tournament before the eyes of the universe, with all the fair play rules in effect? No. IF so, they shouldn’t bat an eye at Titan having some level 9 adept standing behind him buffing him up…it’s part of ‘his power’ as a high authority of the North, after all.
        Dumb justifications are dumb justifications that would never fly in reality.
        And it’s not ‘his power.’ Even in this installment, there is a clear line drawn between her ability and his. The fact they are linked is immaterial to the duel situation – bringing a second person in to both power you up and apply buffs DURING THE FIGHT is a clear violation of all good sportsmanship rules.
        Secondly, his girls don’t have the money to gamble with the amounts they put up, and they specifically said ‘we’re rich!’ and are going out and buying stuff. He definitely gave them the money to do so. You’re saying the author never says they talked, and yet it is obvious they got permission to come and have an agenda without nitpicking that the author isn’t tracking what he’s doing 24/7.

        Gear and items you bring into the ring have always been a source of power, no different then the guys who have mechanical adjustments. Power Gems can be attacked, addressed, and are obvious. If you can have them, so can I.
        Bringing a SECOND PERSON into the ring to buff you while you fight? And having them untouchable? Sorry, that’s not in the rules anywhere. He’s flat out cheating and he knows it. Nowhere in the tournament is she listed as a ‘second combatant’ in the ring. She’s not a listed fighter, she shouldn’t be in the fight, period.

        And I don’t have any problem with them betting on themselves, although I will point out that in professional sports it is NOT ALLOWED, since it is seen as match fixing (the other party can throw the fight to make you money). Granted, the Chinese are gambling crazy, but it’s still considered unethical. And when you are operating with the knowledge that your boss can cheat and power up through his girlfriend on demand, that is reason to void bets in ANY gambling house anywhere in the world.

        I would also point out that pro athletes today who only bet on themselves to win are fired as soon as they are found out, at least in America.

        But the Chinese might have a different moral outlook on things, after all.

        1. I agree that Zeus cheated, but you could argue without Qianlin there and Zeus having his original power level, he could still beat Titan. Its like athletes who are caught using steroids, but still perform well after they serve their suspension and they get off the “juice”. This is because Qianlin’s skill just improves his defense and not offense. “Her Queen of Heaven enhancement helped Lan Jue more perfectly join the yin and yang energy he already manipulated, offering him better security.” Zeus only used his own power and own skills to strike a blow strong enough to be a winner.

          1. The way I see it is that Qianlin is essentially a power stone for him much like the one in his hand that stores his energy. She isn’t actually fighting. He has full control while they are joined. She’s there passively so all she does when joined with him is increase his power and while separate they both have the other’s discipline anyway so she doesn’t even add any other abilities to him.

          2. Eh, no. He can use her discipline OR his. Not both. ANd the story specifically said she was using her power to help defend him and recover his injuries during the fight.

            That is plainly much different from having an item on hand to help you do so…the enemy could always trash your item. He also wasn’t using any actions to heal him…she was using actions to do so.

            Powerstones don’t use their own initiative to give you healing and defense buffs, and would be obvious if used.

            So, no, them being linked doesn’t mean her power is his. There’s a clear division, and he brought a third party into the fight to help him fight.

            Clear cheating. Meh.

            Really, all you have to do is consider the consequences of what would happen if the Paragons and people found out he had another 9th level adept inside himself giving him a boost.
            he’d be disqualified instantly. Nobody would buy the ‘his own power’ argument. By that standard, he should be walking into the circle wearing the gear his shop girls transform into. Surely, that sword and gun and crown is ‘just gear’, not more 9th level adepts.


        2. The gambling on yourself is ALLOWED if you bet on your VICTORY.

          It is only forbidden if you bet on a draw or a defeat, because in these case, you can keep up some of your “power” to make sure not to win.

          But there is no way to make sure you’ll win (otherwise, everyone would use that method to be sure of not losing). So if there is no way to voluntarly raise your odds of victory, there is no reason to forbid such a bet.

        3. if second person = cheating then the necromancer cheated when he summoned the bone dragon thingand the pharmacist too when she used the dragon sword. Now while you might claim those are skills, then him summoning and fusing with his girl is also a unique skill. Even if it was cheating, he can legut claim its his unique paragon path, maybe related to yin and yangl and no one deny it causr they cant explain/do it. Plus this torny has countless cheaters since by standard rules all west ppl are juicing and rvery northern has implants.

    2. Hahaha… This is how novels work.. they are made from imaginations and careful consideration..

      They are already using SUPERPOWERS here,, Hell, it is not quite wrong if he win billions of money just from gambling… hahahaha

      and besides.. it is still considered to be using all his capabilities.. considering the fact that she buffs his overall defence amd power.. zues also stated that he made used of taiji ..his technique.

      1. Someone else’s power does not qualify as ‘your own power’, however you want to spin it. Period. Gear is one thing. People are not gear. If that were the case, every adept there would be bringing along a buffer adept as part of ‘their power’.
        It violates every rule of gentlemanly fair play. He’s blatantly cheating, and simply ignoring the moral implications out of convenience for himself.


        And I’d find it amazingly more interesting if he was found out, lost all his bets, and his reputation went right down into the toilet as he was called out for cheating before the whole universe. He’d lose EVERYTHING. In the eyes of the universe, he’d be a cheater and slime forever.

    3. Soo let me get this straight but first i’ll clear something to you, him and qianlin getting the power to combine(call it whatever) was NOT him wanting it, it was FORCED onto him by that female paragon so that they can purify their powers even more to strengthen themselves so they got an upgrade. Secondly, why don’t i hear/read you saying about what titan did after he fought the wolf guy by getting a freaky ass experiment to STRENGTHEN himself even more? Titan even did this by HIS OWN WILL. He wanted to get an upgrade. My point, Zeus got an unwilling upgrade from the paragon and you call it a cheat but when titan did it you dont even bat an eye? I’ts being unfair if you only consider zeus as cheating since he got an upgrade from a paragon whereas ALL the northeners WANT to get scientific upgrades to sfrengthen themeslves. So if we go by your reasoning then all northeners are cheaters and they shouldn’t even hold this tournament. You gotta look at all sides before you gotta make about a judgement about someone being a cheater.

  2. I disagree.
    He BARELY won. And the only reason he did is that she gave him enough resistance and defense to withstand Titan’s blows. Without her there, Titan’s last blow would have flattened him even with the residual force, before he could return it. At the very most generous, both of them would have gone down…but remember that her ability buffs, defends and restores. She was doing that the entire match for him.

    So, yeah, he probably could have taken Titan down with his offensive power, if that was all there was to the fight. But he would never have survived long enough to do so, not to mention she buffed him to the 9-9 level, when he was only a 9-7 originally.

    Note that even with him jumping around and deflecting the blows and never taking a solid hit, he barely, barely manages to win. If all that residual damage had been accumulated instead of being healed and warded away, he wouldn’t have made it to the ‘throw his punch back at him’ stage.

    1. I feel that both are morally gray. For the gambling betting on himself can be more of a sign of confidence. But since he is purposely withholding strength and tips the odds it is less ethical.

      For the power up, since Qianlin actually makes no conscious decisions and can only observe while ‘inside’ Zeus, can’t exactly be considered a whole second person. She plays no active role in the duel besides being a stat boost and ability. Both of which are entirely under Zeus’s control. I see it more as Qianlin lending him her weapon than a 2v1.

      1. If you consider having a person there to buff you, defend you, grant you extra power, and heal you with their own actions (not yours) to be ‘loaning you a weapon’, I wonder if you went into a duel and someone was doing that to your opponent and you lost because of it if you would feel the same way.

        Nah. Nobody in their right mind is going to accept that explanation under open combat/fair play rules.
        Sure, in a deathmatch, anything goes. Under fair play? It would never fly.


          in all sense, external help is not allowed in individual competitions BUT if a contestant has the ability to superimpose their own discipline with another person’s and make it their own exclusive power then they’re free to utilize that ability.

          qianlin couldn’t really be classified as an ‘external help’ because access to her discipline is, by all means, lan jue’s capability. it’s no different from power gems just as lan jue’s earlier use of the gem in his arm.

          besides, the rules hadn’t specified the ban for such a situation so they can’t find lan jue at fault even if they did find out.

          and one more thing. is the fantastica genetica of the west and the machine thing of the north not a ‘cheat’ as well if we consider your viewpoint of it?

          titan used /EXTERNAL/ help to improve his talent and capabilities. compared to that, lan jue’s fusion with qianlin is more natural.

          if the alliances had the means to fuse adepts and their disciplines, do you think they’ll stick to fantastica genetica and machines? NO. because they’re unarguably inefficient compared to grany bess’ granted fusion. it can only be blamed on their own technology’s incompetence if they lost.

          about the bet. winning through your own efforts and enjoying your rightful rewards is called cheating now? he (asked others to) bet on himself cos he think he has a chance to win. he took a gamble. isn’t that how the business works? it’s called working SMART. who told the others not to do the same?

          seriously man. my god. all you do is criticize a point thinking you had it all figured out when you can’t even comprehend this much? i’m sorry i had to say this but seeing how you insisted on your bullcrap just to protect your fragile ego, i can’t possibly sit by and allow this novel–MY FAVORITE NOVEL NO LESS–be reduced to your level of thinking.

          if you can then write your own novel. i can’t stand ‘readers’ like you. honestly. we’re all entitled to our own opinions and views but yours are just crossing the line.

          1. and how exactly did you cross the line?

            simple. a true reader doesn’t do what you do.

            while others can’t be bothered with you well i’m not the same. you are hurting my muffin. skyfire avenue doesn’t deserve a reader like you. you’re spoiling the mood here.

  3. Though probably not fair play, I understand that she does no active healing and he is in full control of her discipline and abilities.

    And since she has almost no control on how the abilities are used I didn’t consider it as a 2v1. Unfair as it may be.

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