People of the Western Alliance

Sylva Austin – Patriarch of the powerful Austin family and Prime Minister of the Western Alliance, after some cajoling he agreed to a unification with the Zhou family through marriage between his son Richard and Zhou Xueguan’s daughter, Zhou Qianlin. He is shrewd, direct, and vengeful – traits which undoubtedly helped get him to the position he now enjoys.

Richard Austin – The son of Sylva Austin, he is considered a ‘war hero’ for reasons unknown and is a staple of Western Alliance popular news. He fell in love with Zhou Qianlin instantly upon meeting her, and after lengthly efforts to woo both her and his father, they eventually agreed to a marriage.

The Pontiff – The uncontested leader of the Pontiff’s Castle lives in a special earth-like planet, in a building modeled after St. Peter’s Biscillica. His organization is largely based on the Christian faith, and he runs it as such. He is a Paragon, among the strongest Adepts ever known, and spends his days in conflict with his satanic counterparts in the Dark Tower.

The Angel of War, Michael – A ninth level ninth degree Adept whose holy powers are almost a match for the Pontiff… if the pontiff didn’t use his full force. He is leader of the Archangels in the field, the strongest warriors of the Pontiff’s Castle, who are charged with hunting down and kiling the heir of the Dark Tower – the Stygian Succubus, Mika.

The Angel of Healing, Raphael – One of the Pontiff’s Castle’s archangels whose healing powers are what allow them to live for hundreds of years and achieve legendary levels of cultivation.

The Messenger of Death, Gabriel – One of the Archangels, crack warriors from the Pontiff’s Castle who are tasked with hunting down and killing the Stygian Succubus. He is cunning, intelligent and observant.

The Cherubim, Uriel – One of the Archangels of the Pontiff’s Castle. Despite his cute moniker, he is a vicious and opportunistic man who would not blink at murder.

Satan – The shadowy leader of the Dark Castle, and father to Mika. All that is known is he is a Paragon, and needs his heir returned.

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