People of Skyfire Avenue

Lan Jue/The Jewel Master/Zeus – The owner and proprietor of Zeus’ Jewelry Store on Skyfire Avenue. Lan Jue has lived on the Avenue for three years, in that time becoming an important member of the Skyfire Avenue Council. Little is known about Lan Jue’s history before arriving at Skyfire, but his mood and exceptional abilities hint at a rich backstory. Among his peers on Skyfire Avenue he is known officially as the Jewel Master. But others know him as Zeus, an old moniker he abandoned for unknown reasons. He is considered a Ninth-Level Genetic (Intuitive) Talent with power over the Discipline of Lightning and Thunder, and a God-Ranked Mecha-Pilot.

The Wine Master – An elderly gentlemen who has lived a long time on Skyfire Avenue. He is a master of fine liquors, and is the proprietor of the Old Gothic Winery. Beyond that, there is a distinct sense of important underlying his harmless old-man exterior, hinted at further by his close relationship with the Clairvoyant.


Later it is revealed he is one of the Ten Paragons, the strongest Adepts known to history.


The Gourmet – Skyfire Avenue’s resident master cook, his knowledge of foods and cooking methodology is unmatched. Beyond that, he plays as a sort of intermediary in the sometimes-strained relationship between Lan Jue and the Wine Master.

The Coffee Master – The Coffee master is an acquaintance to the Wine Master, Lan Jue and the Gourmet, sometimes accompanying them for drinks and conversation.

The Clairvoyant – Very little is known about this man who makes his home in the Skyfire Museum. He clearly holds a position of power and respect, and as his name suggests possesses the ability to see things others can’t. He is the chairman of the Skyfire Council, and a man even the haughty Wine Master comes to for advice.


He is one of three Paragons living on Skyfire Avenue, and among the strongest of of the great masters.


Xiuxiu – Lan Jue’ assistant and worker at the Jewelry Shop, she has worked with him from the beginning – even before he retired, and before the other three who count themselves as Zeus’ Amazons. She is kind, diligent and respectable – and also harbors a secret love for her employer. She is also known as the Asura Blade-Maiden, and her Discipline is enough to challenge even harrowing enemies.

Ke’er – Lan Jue’s second hire, Ke’er works together with Xiuxiu to maintain the shop and greet guests. Flirtatious, sometimes juvenile, and with a sunny disposition she often speaks before she thinks – but that isn’t to say she’s stupid. Like the other Amazons she is also at least eighth level in her Discipline, though what that is is unclear. She hails from the Northern Alliance.

The Barber – An ex-assassin from the Northern Alliance who was well known for his murderous capabilities. He joined Lan Jue, the Beautician and the Wine Master as part of the ‘welcoming committee’  for the Pontiff’s and Dark Citadel emissaries to Skyfire. His discipline is Speed.

The Beautician – An enigmatic character and member of the Skyfire Council, who joined with Lan Jue, the Barber and the Wine Master as part of the ‘welcoming committee’ for the Citadel emissaries to Skyfire. Flirtatious, coy and dangerous, her discipline is Illusion, a particularly rare ability.

The Keeper – Skyfire Avenue’s resident scientist, and possibly the most accomplished Adept there. He is second only to the Clairvoyant in seniority. He rarely gets involved directly in problems or the day-to-day of the Avenue, content to run his cultivation shop in Skyfire Underground and do whatever research he deems interesting.


He is the third Paragon who calls Skyfire Avenue home. Known as the Arcane Magnate, his pure destructive power is only matched by his callous disregard for the damage he causes.


Lin Guanguan – Undergound Skyfire’s answer to Ke’er, she helps run the adept-centric sections of Zeus’ Jewelry Store together with Mika. Lin Guanguan is also known as the Psychic Tide – a moniker she earned as one of Zeus’ Amazons. Her discipline is as rare as it is powerful – psychokinesis.

MikaLan Jue’s fiery second-in-command-, at least when it running the store. Mika has the wisdom and experience to make decisions without Lan Jue’s input, which makes her integral for the health of his shop while Lan Jue is out having adventures.


It is later revealed she is the heir to the Dark Tower, a powerful sect of adepts living in the Western Alliance. Mika is known as the Stygian Succubus, and is hunted by both the Dark Tower and their enemies, the Pontiff’s Castle, for the power she possesses – the power of a Paragon.


The Accountant – A largely disliked figure in Skyfire Avenue who works as an accountant for the various shops. He is talkative, impulsive, curious, and invasive. This often gets him in significant trouble, especially with Lan Jue. He is the grandson of the Keeper, and it is implied that is how he’d come to earn his position. But he is also exceptionally smart, and talented with machines.

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