People of Planet Skyfire

Zhou Xueguan – Or Minister Zhou, he is the Chief Minister and effective head of the Eastern Alliance. He makes his home at the peak of Skyfire Mountain, ever seeking to lead the Alliance in to better times of strength and prosperity. He is not a man to be trifled with, and is not above bartering even his own daughter for political gain.

Zhou Qianlin – Daughter of the Eastern Alliance Chief Minister, National Scholar of the National Eastern University, unparalleled beauty, sister to Zeus’ lost Hera, and Lan Jue’s employer. She hired Lan Jue as a bodyguard after their run in at her wedding where Zeus mistook her for his lost love. Since then, they have been inexorably tied by fate, and are subsequently driving each other crazy.

Bai Xiao – Wife of Zhou Xueguan and mother to Zhou Qianlin (in China, children take the father’s family name, but wives do not). She is the perfect trophy wife, and is not only supportive of her husband but also one of his most trusted advisers.

Tang Mi – A high-ranking bodyguard of the Zhou family, Tang Xiao’s little sister, and Zhou Qianlin’s best friend. The exceptional Mecha-Pilot is also an Adept, and would do anything to ensure the protection of her charge/best friend. She is often at Zhou Qianlin’s side as her friend and protector, though Zhou Qianlin rarely shares her troubles with her.

Jin Er Gou/Jin Tao – A deadbeat and troublemaker enrolled at the NEU. Until recently he was considered little more than a waste of space whose first-level Discipline of turning in to a pug was a joke more than anything. However, after coming under Lan Jue’s tutelage he has grown more powerful, determined and self-confident. It is assumed through memoirs that he later ascends to the rank of Army General, along with his rival Tang Xiao.

Tang Xiao – An exceptionally talented student of the NEU whose discipline involves turning in to metal. Tang Mi’s older brother is considered one of the most promising students in the university, though he isn’t without fault. He is self-centered, lacks the will to succeed and is morbidly obese (the result of a cruel joke from his classmates). Aftr accepting LAn Jue as his tutor, he has begun to improve significantly. It is revealed through memoirs that he later becomes an Army General along with his rival, Jin Tao.

Wu Junyi – Director of Student Affairs at the National Eastern University (NEU) where Lan Jue is employed as an etiquette teacher. He was originally skeptical of the man who got the position through the help of the Keeper, but has since been won over by his charm and ability.

Jin Yan – A co-worker of Lan Jue’s at the NEU who has developed a significant infatuation for the etiquette teacher. She enjoys attending his classes. She is Jin Tao’s older sister.

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