People of Planet Luo

‘Director Luo’ – President of the Heavenly Auction House. His company is a powerhouse on planet Luo, and is employed for many things – sometimes shady. One of their most lucrative endeavors is courier services.

Guo Xin – Head of Intelligence for the Heavenly Auction House, he reports directly to President Luo.

Leng Lingxi – Head of the Heavenly Auction House’s Arms Escort division. A First-Rank Mecha-Pilot and Sixth Level Talent with control over the Discipline of Ice.

Chu Cheng – The red-haired ‘brother’ of Lan Jue, it isn’t clear whether this assertion is meant to me actual family members or something else. Little is known about Chu Cheng other than his family’s involvement in the Heavenly Auction House as shareholders. That, and his affection and loyalty to Lan Jue.

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