Skyfire Avenue: Chapters 1-100

The first hundred chapters have been enshrined here for your reading pleasure. The story begins at an unassuming little shop – which is home to a very special young man. Enjoy the ride!

Chapter 1: Zeus’ Pearl Shop
Chapter 2: The Old Gothic Winery
Chapter 3: Previous Era, New Era
Chapter 4: Romanee-Conti
Chapter 5: Heavenly Treasure
Chapter 6: Letter, Pearl, Hera!
Chapter 7: Leng Lingxi
Chapter 8: Womanly Secrets
Chapter 9: The Four Divine Monarchs
Chapter 10: Red-Haired Chu Cheng
Chapter 11: The Cloudless Storm
Chapter 12: The Clairvoyant
Chapter 13: The Beautiful Bride
Chapter 14: The New Bridegroom Richard
Chapter 15: I am ZEUS!
Chapter 16: The Mecha Epoch
Chapter 17: Let Me Be Your Antidote
Chapter 18: A Place Called a Hospital
Chapter 19: Same Clothes, New Person
Chapter 20: You Owe Me
Chapter 21: Tang Mi
Chapter 22: His Story
Chapter 23: The Mercenary King
Chapter 24: He Doesn’t Like Women?
Chapter 25: Bodyguard?
Chapter 26: Sat on by a Pig
Chapter 27: Be a Teacher?
Chapter 28: Skyfire Avenue Council
Chapter 29: Beautician and the Barber
Chapter 30: Another Skyfire Avenue
Chapter 31: Harlequin Silver
Chapter 32: The Sparring Arena
Chapter 33: Never Told a Lie
Chapter 34: The Power Gem
Chapter 35: Mika’s Fire
Chapter 36: Capital Punishment
Chapter 37: Etiquette Teacher
Chapter 38: The NEU
Chapter 39: The Office
Chapter 40: Mr. Lan
Chapter 41: Before Class
Chapter 42: The First Class
Chapter 43: This is Aristocracy!
Chapter 44: Telling Tales
Chapter 45: Genuine Nobility
Chapter 46: DreamNet
Chapter 47: Prometheus
Chapter 48: Whiteboard Nooblet
Chapter 49: Abuse
Chapter 50: Nooblet vs. the Ace
Chapter 51: Fresh Meat
Chapter 52: Outrage and Oscillation
Chapter 53: Lose Weight!
Chapter 54: Generals Memoirs
Chapter 55: Little Elf Girl
Chapter 56: Kindness Should be Preserved
Chapter 57: The Mundus Crystal
Chapter 58: Phantom of Lightning
Chapter 59: The Moonfiend Empress
Chapter 60: Gravity Manipulation
Chapter 61: Professional Ethics
Chapter 62: Spirit Caller Power Gem
Chapter 63: The Shattered Starfields
Chapter 64: Hera?
Chapter 65: The Gourmet’s Boutique
Chapter 66: Bluefin Tuna
Chapter 67: Gluttonous Feast
Chapter 68: The End?
Chapter 69: The Three Gods of Wine
Chapter 70: Possibilities
Chapter 71: Zeus-1
Chapter 72: The Voyage
Chapter 73: SOL Jump
Chapter 74: The Shattered Starfields
Chapter 75: Pirates?
Chapter 76: The Psionic Tide
Chapter 77: Planet of the Moonfiend
Chapter 78: The Moonfiend Palace
Chapter 79: The Daughter of Satan
Chapter 80: Clash of the Seven Stars
Chapter 81: The Pontiff’s Castle
Chapter 82: Ascension
Chapter 83: The Variable
Chapter 84: The Asura Blade-Maiden
Chapter 85: Asura
Chapter 86: The Duel
Chapter 87: The Second Discipline
Chapter 88: Thor Joins the Fray
Chapter 89: Vacuums and Positron Cannons
Chapter 90: Electro-Squall, Thor’s Starfall
Chapter 91: All Accounted, All is Well
Chapter 92: The Man in Black
Chapter 93: Lan Qing
Chapter 94: The Eastern Alliance Super Soldier
Chapter 95: The Astral Phantom
Chapter 96: Brothers
Chapter 97:Lan Qing, Lan Jue
Chapter 98: Returning to Work
Chapter 99: The Savage Goddess
Chapter 100:Apprentice?