Sean presents UTS! (Prologue Chapter+Chapter 1.1)

Hi! It’s Sean here.

I’ve decided to take up The Unrivaled Tang Sect as my first-ever novel on Wuxiaworld! It’s an amazing story set in the Douluo Dalu universe! The main reason why I picked this novel was because I loved the general plot and Huo Yuhao’s ability, as well as his tenacity, so I hope you’ll enjoy the story with me as we finish this novel! 

My team will consist of four people: Quentin(Nat) and I as translators, with Kidyeon and GNE as editors.

We’ll be starting from scratch due to personal choice+certain reasons+term choices (basically life), so I hope that you guys will be fine with that!

There will be around 7-8 chapters a week, while the double(8th) chapter will be on Sunday.

Please do let me know if you spot any term inconsistencies, because we’ve been doing some switches.

Here’s the Prologue and Chapter 1.1!

Prologue: The God Realm! Tang San’s Family!

Chapter 1.1: The Youth With The Spirit Eyes

DISCLAIMER: Although UTS IS the sequel to DD1, DON’T be put off by it, since it barely has any spoilers! You don’t need to read DD1, since the only thing that remains constant throughout the entire DD series is the cultivation system. The Prologue is a HUGE spoiler to readers of DD1, but it’s not important for the plot of DD2. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, just jump to chapter 1! DD2 doesn’t spoil any major events from DD1, and all events are mentioned in passing.

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  1. i am soooooo happy ;i actually started reading the manga of DD2 first but when i couldn’t wait for next chapters i started searching for the novel, unfortuanly i couldn’t find anything well translated so i am sooo happy that it’s finally came to wuxiaworld.

    1. not necessarily its a story on its own, the story just sometimes mention characters from DD1 and the story takes place 10000 years after DD1

    2. No need to read it! Only thing that’s constant throughout the series is the cultivation system and universe. No major spoilers are mentioned so just go ahead!

    1. As mentioned by SilverReStar – bluesilvertranslations is currently translating the first DD. HOWEVER – at the rate that they have been averaging for the past few months (with the exception of the most recent release), it will take more than 1 year for the translations to be completed.

      If you’re planning to binge read the entire series again – I do not recommend it as you will not be able to finish it until (potentially) a year later.

  2. I’m going to wait out the year for bluesilver translations to finish DD1, hopefully by then I’ll have a good amount of catching up to do with DD2…Binge reading 2018!

  3. I suggest you to open a patreon. Not for the sake of dishing out more chapters but simply for the support you deserve. People here are willing to support you willingly even if there’s no “merit” to it. Tough it’s a minority.

    1. No worries, it’ll be setup soon. I just want to have more chapters out so that we have a fanbase to start out with. Maybe around July? My AS Levels will be over then, so I’ll be more free. We should have around 120 or so chapters out by then.

  4. Are Douluo Dalu and Douluo Dalu 2 novels any better than their respective manga? I’ve had a go at reading the DD manga about two years ago and I found it so bad that I couldn’t force myself to read it.

    I know DD is very popular but I just can’t figure out why…

    1. I will tell you my persinal experience
      Compared to novel DD1 manga is not that good as it skips the most of the details . So most of the manga is rushed.

    2. First of all I’ll just be frank about it and say the Manga’s are all trash compared to the novels as the manga are rushed and skip over some parts completely making it less interesting and immersive and the level of detail is so much worse than that of the novels. The manga are basically trash and should not be read but the novels are fantastic.

      Some of the reasons that Douluo Dalu is great is the in depth details and the deep character that the characters possess as well as how the story has a unique concept that makes it different from other novels and with the level of detail it has it makes it very entertaining to read. The world around the characters is slowly revealed as you read the story and as the characters grow and develope showing how they grow up and get stronger as time goes by. The characters state of mind, attitude and relationships slowly change over the course of the novel and the novel does not only focus of the main character as it gives the other character a greater depth and character while showing the character use logical plans which gives the fight scenes more entertaining. Don’t stop reading if you don’t like it at first because the novels definitely get better as they go along. Overall the DD series and the universe its in is very immersive and are definitely worth a read.

  5. I was waiting that someone traduce it scince a long time ! I was actually blocked at the 94th scan on mangafox, it was really annoying… Thank you <3

  6. Thanks and I love it that it was picked up here, now just to get Bagelson and his team of DD and WW would have the entire collection which is quite popular and will once DD finishes implode with view rankings!!

    Hehe with this kind of speed in 3 months cookie pastas translation will be overtaken such a fast speed!!

    Thanks again!!

  7. DD1 & DD2 manga are far ahead compared to the light novels, but it’s also true that its rushed. Read the manga if you want to know, how the characters look like.

    1. You say DD1 manga is far ahead of the translation? Where are you reading it? I’m reading it at mangareader but they’re far from catching the novel translation.

  8. Thanks for translating this! Gonna wait a bit before i pick this up, still waiting for Bagelson to finish DD1, the rate the translation is taking pace, it is gonna be a long time before it finishes.

  9. i don’t want to be rude or offend, but do you guys know of dd1 novel here in wuxiaworld? or can you help me find it in other sites while i am waiting for more chapters of dd2.

  10. My the heavens bless you!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Although I plant o finish the first one….I may end up starting this as well. This is DD2 right? (Judging by everyone’s comments it should be) Also I am rather new so, Hi everyone!

  11. Thank you! Not just for translating this novel (its amazing!) but also for starting over, the original translator for it either didn’t have an editor or simply didn’t care and there were mistakes in both spelling and grammar all through out his chapters. Thank you and your team again for picking this up I look forward to reading it.

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